Improve your Rifling with f0rest



Tue 5th May 2020 - 6:43pm

Rifles... one of the core parts of CS:GO and statistically the most used class of weapon in the game. Also one of the reasons why Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg became so well-known in the worldwide scene of Counter-Strike. Considered by many one of the best Riflers and all-around players in the world through many years, he was one of the first to master the weapon class.

But knowing how to aim and shoot isn’t everything when it comes to playing effectively. I’ve had a talk with f0rest to gather some tips that may be help you achieve the next level in your rifling game.

This article is for those players that already know their way around the game and it’s not focused on aim or crosshair placement. This is more for those that want to learn how to maximise potential with some not-so-common tips.

To get a good introduction and pave the way for the tips presented, it’s important to know f0rest’s opinion on the current Rifling meta of the game:

“I think the rifling is in a good state right now. The SG is gone and I think most people are happy. Now we're going to see again more duels between AK-47 and M4, and that's how people want to see Counter-Strike. Definitely it's going to help the CT side a bit more, knowing that the Ts can't take the same duels that they could with an SG. For a Rifler, this is a good meta right now and everyone should be happy tapping away with the AK.”

CS:GO’s competitive meta was plagued by the rise of the SG over the last few months, but Valve finally heard the community and decided to nerf it. Which means the meta is back to what it used to be for so many years. AK47s and M4s reign supreme and the meta revolves around these two, one for each side.

But What About the M4A4 and M4A1-S? 

There has been a recent update that made the latter cost $2900, $200 less than its counterpart. Although it may seem a small difference, it’s enough to make some players change. $200 can be used to buy an extra Flashbang. But f0rest seems to have a different opinion.

“In my opinion, the M4A4 is still way too good. I don't think the economics change to the M4A1-S does not make up to how good the other one is. Unless you're an AWPer, which maybe then you could use it to save some money to buy the AWP later.”

The situation presented by f0rest is just another that makes players think whether it is best to switch to the silenced version or not. Remember that although that one has a less punishing recoil, it also has fewer bullets in the magazine (25 while the M4A4 has 30) and a lower fire rate, essentially outputting less damage per second.

The recoil disadvantage that the M4A4 presents over the Silenced version can easily be countered by practice. Take your time to practice the recoil, especially at different distances - remember that the further you are from your target, the harder it will be to control the recoil effectively. You also have very good resources for it, such as the Recoil Master map, created by uLLeticaL. Just subscribe to the map on the Workshop page, let it download, and launch it. Remember, it takes time to master a spray pattern and there’s always more to learn and improve.

Galil and Its Usability After the Buff

The Galil was another weapon that was changed recently, having its spray tightened and its cost reduced. There were noticeably more Galils being seen during matches, not only on professional settings, but also on PUGs. But f0rest seems to have a very strong opinion towards the Terrorist’s budget rifle.

“Personally, I won't touch the Galil unless it's absolutely necessary. That weapon for me never worked out as good as I wanted, I would much rather use a Deagle and a full set of grenades or maybe an MP9 or UMP. But Galil... no, I don't see myself using it.”

Have in mind that topic is purely a matter of opinion and preference. Some players like the gun, others don’t. It’s exactly the same with the Famas, the CT counterpart. My tip here is: don’t blindly follow what you hear from the countless players this game has. Instead, get on a server and practice with them, learn the recoil, learn how they act and make a decision on which guns you like the most.


Utility - One of the Most Important Tools in CS:GO

Utility, also known as grenades, is easily one of the most important things to succeed in Counter-Strike. Knowing how to use them is crucial, but so is knowing which ones to buy when the money just isn’t enough. I’ve went and asked f0rest about this and which type of utility players should prioritize when playing in different roles.

“If you're entry fragging, I would say a Smoke and a Flashbang definitely, because if you're going in first you might need to extinguish a Molotov and a Flashbang will always help you out clearing angles if you don't have a teammate to do it for you.”

But what if I’m playing other roles, such as lurker or support?

“In different positions, I would say that the priorities are the same, a Smoke and a Flashbang. Ideally you want to have them all, but those are the better options if you don't have money.”

Being the more tactical grenades of the set, f0rest choice speaks for itself. Remember that your utility is not just yours alone. Use it to help your team, use them when your teammates want, play together as a unit. The same ideology goes for the money - it is not just yours’, it’s the entire team’s.

There aren’t that many utility choices, which means pretty much all players will have the same. What you should think about is how you’re going to spend what you have. If you’re entry-fragging maybe you shouldn’t be the last to use them, as you’ll probably be the first to die.  The same train of thought applies even if you’re lurking - since you’re watching for rotations and most likely avoiding being spotted, the utility gets secondary priority. But then again, it can be used to fake pushes or even help your teammates to delay rotations. You just need to get creative, and there is no better role for that.

Mastering the Role - What’s the Most Important Asset?

“For me, it's recognizing when you should tap and when you should spray. Recognizing that moment it's going to make you a much better rifler, and also learning the recoil is another key part of the role.”

And there you have it. In f0rest’s words, knowing when to switch between shooting styles is the key to reach the next level while Rifling. Naturally, you will want to prioritize spraying over tapping on smaller distances, because the further your target is from you, the harder is to precisely control the recoil of the gun. Forget it, there’s just no way you’ll get all your bullets in your target at long distances… but you can do it by tapping.

Tapping also has a learning curve - different weapons have different tap reset times. If you tap way too fast, the bullets won’t go to where you want because the recoil system kicks in. Use the same workshop map I recommended earlier in the article, you’ll be able to practice tapping and understand how fast you’ll be able to shoot accurately while tapping.

Practice makes perfect. CS:GO has such an high skill-ceiling that you’ll always have something to improve and work on. Persistence is the key. Get out there and play!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article! You can reach out to me for suggestions or feedback through Twitter.