Interview with DIG CS:GO player, hallzerk: "I want to be able to show myself on the bigger stages"



Fri 20th Mar 2020 - 9:47pm

Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli is the upcoming star on the Dignitas roster alongside with some of the game's greatest legends. We’ve reached out to him to talk about this opportunity, the Minor qualifier and the unfortunate events that led him to miss the first season of FLASHPOINT.


How do you feel playing in Dignitas with some of the greatest Counter-Strike legends?

hallzerk: It feels amazing! They've taken me in very well, they're treating me like I'm one of the group... it's just amazing being able to play with some of the biggest legends in the game, I can learn a lot from them, which I'm trying to do as much as possible.


How did this opportunity come around from your perspective?

hallzerk: I feel like I've been playing good for a while in Nordavind and other teams, but i didn't expect to get such a good offer, so I just had to take it, there was no other way!


Although the languages are similar, are you noticing any difficulty communicating during practice and official matches?

hallzerk: In the first week or so it was a bit hard when they were talking so fast and over each other, but I've been playing with swedish and danish people for a while, so I kind of understand really well both, so it's not a problem, at least not anymore. We have been playing with each other for a few weeks now and all the initial problems have vanished - I can talk with them and understand what they say without any issue.


Out of curiosity, in what language do you speak when playing?

hallzerk: I try to speak as much swedish as possible, around 80-90%, since most of their communications are fully swedish.


Was the transition from your previous team in Nordavind to this one a hard transition?

hallzerk: I wouldn't say hard but of course it is a new challenge, we had to start everything from scratch, It's not like I came into an old team where everything was already set and they would just had to adapt me to certain positions... no, we had to start everything from scratch and build ourselves up. It's a bit hard, but I've done it before and it is fine.


Do you all have the liberty to play your own game here in Dignitas or are you trying a more strict approach?

hallzerk: I'm able to do what I want as a star player, that I would say I am, if I want to do something I can do it. Of course, if xizt calls something I'm not going to overcall him and do my stuff, so yeah, I'm trying to do what he wants whenever he wants. When we play default I will try to do my thing and get some entries.

Image courtesy of Black Molly Entertainment and Kim Eskilsson.

Let’s talk about the qualification for the Minor. How do you feel?

hallzerk: None of us expected to qualify for the closed qualifier because we just had a week of practice at the time, so it was a big boost, at least for me. After that, we just practiced really hard for the closed qualifier and we were able to play good and get the Minor spot. It feels amazing, it's going to be my first Minor! It was my third time trying to qualify and I finally did it, so it feels really good.


Although the last map against fnatic didn’t go the way you wanted, what do you take from those 2 close first maps?

hallzerk: I feel that in the first map, Vertigo, I had a really good game, everything was flowing for me, so I just did my thing and it worked well, it helped us being able to close it out on overtime. The second map, Inferno, they've played really good as a team, especially on the T-side and we're a bit unlucky in the last few rounds, I would say. That stung a bit for me on Overpass, I couldn't reset my mind, I was just stuck on that Inferno game... but that comes with experience I guess. I feel there's nothing to take from that third map, at least for me.


You had a rough match against Nordavind, where you were unable to show up as usual. Being your older teammates, did that had a mental impact on you?

hallzerk: I would say a bit, yes, because they know how I play and how I like to play, it was a bit hard to me. I think I overthought it a bit, because I was trying to do things I haven't done before to catch them by surprise. At least the rest of the team stepped up and we ended up winning!


Do you feel ready to play against top tier opponents like you did against fnatic?

hallzerk: Yeah, I feel that we're ready to play against that level of teams. I think my individual skill is good enough to play against top teams, so I'm just waiting for that opportunity. I've been waiting for it for a while and hopefully I can get it now with Dignitas!


Unfortunately, you’re unable to participate in FLASHPOINT, initially due to visa problems and now COVID-19. How does the team feel about it, after you had such a major impact on the results achieved so far?

hallzerk: I don't think they're happy, of course, it's sad for me not being able to play with them... I know they want to play with me, just like I want to play with them and hopefully they can win the matches and the whole tournament!


Is there still any possibility for you to play in FLASHPOINT?

hallzerk: If I get my Visa, it could be possible, but right now the american borders are locked, so I can't go anyway. But, if everything gets corrected and the coronavirus just disappears I may be able to play!


Are you still somehow participating in the team’s preparation for the FLASHPOINT matches?

hallzerk: No, not at all. I'm just staying home, trying to stream, improve my individual level... I'm not helping them at all, they're all by themselves in Los Angeles (laughs).


Do you have any final words you'd like to say?

hallzerk: I really want to thank Dignitas and the guys for the amazing opportunity to being to play and learn from them and hopefully being able to show myself on the bigger stages!


Don’t forget to check hallzerk’s social media to keep up with him and the team!