Interview with DIG CS:GO Fe player, rain



Wed 11th Dec 2019 - 9:55pm

With the year nearing its end, we talked with Amanda “rain” Smith about this past year, its best and worst moments, the possible loss of motivation after failing to qualify for WESG, and the evolution of female esports.

Hi Amanda. You’re now about to go on holidays. How much time will you take off, both you and the squad?

rain: We're going to be taking about 2 to 3 weeks. I'm going to be taking a full week off for sure, I'm going to be visiting my family, but other than that I'm still going to play on my own time and I'm sure the other girls will too. It's mostly just taking a break from practice.

Let’s talk about this past year. What do you take from it regarding the results you’ve gotten throughout these last 12 months?

rain: The year started out good. We ended up winning IEM Katowice this year. That was really good, and we kind of slumped after that. We ended up picking Theia up, we had a really good first ESEA season with her and then we couldn't play the playoffs for that season due to having a tournament in Valencia, which was a disappointing tournament for all of us. I don't think we've played up to our potential. I personally did not at all and after that we definitely did kind of slumped. This last ESEA season wasn't that great, but I think these past few weeks that we've been practicing in the off-season have been good and the next season is looking good for us.

What was your favorite moment from this entire past season? I'm thinking it was probably IEM Katowice...

rain: Yeah, it was definitely IEM, for sure! That was the highlight of the year!

Did you ever feel that the team was losing the will to improve when you failed to achieve the expected results, especially on the WESG qualifier?

rain: Yeah, the WESG qualifiers was pretty disappointing too, I felt like we should have had a better understanding of what was going on, but we were just slow to adapt, and everyone didn't seem that were on the right mindset at the moment. And yes, we were losing some motivation for sure. I mean, it's always sad to lose and especially in a tournament like WESG, you really want to qualify for something that big. And this was the first year that I was allowed to play with my team even, so I was really excited for that possibility. It just didn't work out for us, but we're going to keep working hard.

milk told me in a previous interview that she’s moving into the mainland next year to improve on her ping issues. How much do you think that will help the team?

rain: milk playing with a 100 ping is pretty hard for her. She doesn't really complain about it ever, but I know it is a struggle. I mean, playing with over a 100 ping is never easy for anyone. So, it's going to be a really good change for her if she is able to move to the mainland next year. I think it would help her improve a lot.

We’ve talked about the growth of female esports in the past. How do you think the scene has evolved in the past year?

rain: I mean, I don't think things have changed dramatically, but as you can see, this year's DreamHack added in the Showdown tournament, which was, I think, a really good improvement. Also, WESG changing their ruling so you don't have to be restricted to just your country, only the core. But other than that, there hasn't been too much [of a] change, I don't think.

What would you change in the current structure to make it evolve for the better in the future, if anything at all?

rain: It would be nice to see some good promotion for our tournaments, even from the organizers and stuff. Like maybe just having some more advertising for them. I think that some of the girls in the scene would be really popular! I'm surprised that over the years we haven't got that much improvement. Even the players themselves. We definitely could do more on our own personal social media.

So, you think there's ways to improve on both ends, not only on the organizers' side?

rain: Yeah, definitely!

Any new year’s resolutions regarding CS towards 2020?

rain: Yeah, for sure, I definitely have some personal resolutions, like breaking out some bad habits, breaking out of my shell more, try to have more impact, and I would like to have the three-peat next year!

Any final words?

rain: Yes, thanks to our sponsors, Dignitas, and fans!

I want to thank Amanda for the interview! Don’t forget to check her on social media: