Interview with DIG CS:GO Fe player, milk



Tue 7th May 2019 - 9:22pm

Having returned from Copenhagen Games a couple weeks ago where the team ended up in 3rd/4th place, Kiara "milk" Makua told us about her and the squad’s feelings towards that placement, the semi-final match, and the map that got added to the pool, Vertigo.

You just came back from Denmark, where you end up at 3rd/4th place at Copenhagen Games 2019. What are your thoughts regarding the tournament and the final placing?

milk: We all knew when going into the tournament that it would be a bit unorganized. We could have done way better, we are capable of winning any tournament, I think we just beat ourselves in the semi-finals.

You reached playoffs after a very dominant group stage, with a 5-0 record. How confident were you for the remainder of the tournament? 

milk: We were all really confident. Like I said, we are capable of winning every single female tournament, but it is a very mental game and we just got into ourselves. We all felt confident, I honestly don't think that was it.

You got up to the semi-finals without dropping a single map, having very dominant wins on the majority of them. You ended up losing 0-2 against Assassins, the same team that won against you at Intel Challenge Katowice back in February. What makes them so hard to play against for you?

milk: It's not that, they don't do anything special, it's more that our communications were really bad that day, and we just couldn't get back into it. We could have won many rounds that we just threw away.

How did the team react to the defeat?

milk: The majority reacted very well, we're really good at losing while also being really good at winning - that's what makes us such a good team.

What key takeaways do you have from this tournament?

milk: We learned a lot and it just gave us that extra motivation and drive to work even harder for the next tournaments that are coming up.

You generally talk about having a “Copenhagen Games” curse, because you keep being unable to win the tournament. Although I believe you’re mostly joking when saying it, is it possible for that to have some kind of mental impact on you?

milk: Maybe, I would assume so, just because whenever we go there, we don't feel as good. We have different vibes at Copenhagen compared to, let's say, an IEM tournament. We really tried to put that aside and play it like any other tournament, but in the end we just beat ourselves.

As you know, Vertigo is now in the map pool. What is your opinion on the map? What do you like or dislike on it, compared to other maps?

milk: I really like the map, it's very fast-paced and I'm a really fast-style player. What I dislike about is, I guess... I don't know yet!

Being a particularly small map, most of the engagements will be on close quarters, which is slightly different from what we’re used to, at least in general. How do you think you’ll do in those kinds of situations?

milk: Since it is a small and fast-paced map, things tend to happen very quickly. I think that we can react out of it pretty well and understand what’s going on, enabling us to win the round and there’s not much thinking to do, I guess, since it’s very basic. We have to play it a lot more still.

What’s next for you and the squad?

milk: I’m pretty sure our next tournament will be Fragadelphia in August. It’s somewhat of a mixed tournament, with both male and female teams invited.

Any final words to close up the interview?

milk: Yeaaaah, #DIGWIN.

I’d like to thank milk for the interview and want to wish her good luck with the team endeavors. Don’t forget the check her social media: