Emuhleet featured in The New York Times' The Rise of Live-Streamer Style



Fri 26th Apr 2019 - 11:05pm

The New York Times has published an article talking about how popular apparel brands treat esports players as athletic stars, proving how strong the industry has become. Our own CS:GO Fe captain, Emmmalee 'Emuhleet' Garrido has shared her experiences cooperating with Champion, our official jersey and performance wear provider.

The Rise of Live-Streamer Style, The New York Times

When Emuhleet started on her esports journey, she used to make jerseys by herself. Now the team wears high-quality jerseys made to fit their needs. "Champion sat me and my team down, and they listened about how long we game for, and what we need fabric-wise," said Emuhleet while sharing how the style of 76ers and Champion have made her think about fashion more.

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