Interview with DIG CS:GO Fe player, milk



Sat 23rd Feb 2019 - 10:52am

While getting ready for Intel Challenge Katowice, we had the chance to ask Kiara "milk" Makua about the team's preparations, their approach to the incoming bootcamp, how she handles the pressure of such a big tournament, and her picks for the Major. 

Hello Kiara! Intel Challenge Katowice is rapidly approaching. How are you feeling?  

milk: I feel really excited knowing that the Intel Challenge Katowice is right around the corner, my teammates and I have been super hyped for it for months now, and we can't wait to show everyone all the hard work we are accomplishing. 

How does it feel to be playing in Katowice for the second year in a row, especially after winning the previous one?  

milk: It feels good coming into this one, and we're going to strive to win. 

Does having won last year's event puts more pressure into you? Is that good or bad for you, personally?  

milk: I personally don't feel any pressure from winning last year's event. We’ve been talking about this event for a while now, and we're ready to try and win again. 

What are your expectations regarding the team’s placement going into the tournament? 

milk: Our team expectations are to win the event. We're all feeling really confident and just ready to take that trophy home again. 

How are the preparations going for the event? 

milk: The preparations are going very well and we're feeling good all-around about it. 

You're going to do a small bootcamp prior to the event. How will that differ from regular practice?  

milk: It differs from regular practice because at bootcamps you're not online with your teammates anymore. You're with them in real life, so there's a different feel to it. It's more hyped and exciting to play with your teammates side by side. 

What is the main focus of the bootcamp? Are you working on specific details of your game of just improving your map pool in general?  

milk: Our main focus of the bootcamp is to really perfect our communication and paying attention to key details happening in the game to adapt to them. 

How do you see the growth of the female scene during this last year 

milk: I noticed a few more tournaments than last year, but I feel like the female scene is always scarce. 

The Major is also happening in Katowice, with the Legends Stage happening around the same time of Intel Challenge Katowice. What are your favorites to win or at least get to the final stage? 

milk: I'd have to say either Astralis or Team Liquid. We watch a lot of their demos and we really like Astralis. 

The fans always love underdogs stories, like Gambit's run to victory in the PGL Major Krakow 2017. What Major underdog would you say has the biggest chances to surprise everyone and go further than some favorites?  

milk: I'd say ENCE. They have some really young players and I believe younger players have a great reaction time. 

If a fan would ask you for a single advice to become better at CSGO, what would you say?  

milk: I'd tell them to first try to get on any team and keep trying from there, learning over and over and having a lot of experience. 

Would you like to say some final words to your fans and supporters? 

milk: I'd like to give all my milk carton fans a shoutout, my teammates and coach. Let's get this bread! 

I want to thank milk for answering my questions and wish her good luck at Katowice. Make sure to keep up with her on social media: