Interview with DIG CS:GO Fe player, EMUHLEET



Sun 16th Dec 2018 - 9:24pm

We sat down with Emmalee "EMUHLEET" Garrido to know her thoughts and conclusions about this past year and to understand where the squad stands about the goals they’ve set up for next year.

Looking back at 2018, what are the thoughts that come to your mind regarding the squad and the results you accomplished together?

EMUHLEET: I'm very proud of the team and our performance in 2018. I mean... we got 2 champion titles… that's great! Our biggest goal of the year was to prove we can play well in mixed tournaments, not just win female tournaments. I think we did a very good job proving ourselves there by doing extremely well at Fragadelphia and placing 3rd at DreamHack BYOC. Next year I just want to set the bar up a little higher by continuing to win female tournaments, getting top 8 at Fragadelphia, and making it to the finals at another DH BYOC.

What was your proudest moment this past year?

EMUHLEET: My proudest moment of the year would have to be when we were at Girl Gamer Festival in Portugal. We didn’t play well the first day, so we had to work our way back up the bracket. That’s not easy. But I think since we play so much, we have finally gained the experience to never give up even if the score/odds are against us. And what do you know! We stepped our game by learning from our mistakes from Day 1 and won the event! So proud. 

And what was the result the made you sadder and that you think that you could have done better?

EMUHLEET: I think I definitely could have done better at DH BYOC to make it to the finals. Sometimes I just have to take a loss as a learning experience to be better at the next event. I learned so much as an in-game leader from our coach at this event. It’s so important to just keep the communications up even when down. Prepared for the next event 100%!

Now looking forward to 2019, what are the main goals you’re aiming for?

EMUHLEET: Top goal... is to keep our title at IEM Katowice. That is the tournament of the year right now. Nothing will get in my way of getting that title again with the team. 

How is the motivation and chemistry in the team for the new year?

EMUHLEET: We have been getting on earlier for practice which is making us play a lot more CS. Everyone has been working so incredibly hard, so we definitely deserve a fun, relaxing Christmas break. This will refresh us all and be even more ready to start our grind mode again at the beginning of 2019. 

Will you make any major change to the practice regimen you had during 2018?

EMUHLEET: The past 2 weeks we've changed the way we practice... (I can’t give away too many secrets), but we have been getting on a lot earlier. I want to go into the next year with this same type of practice because it has been working out really well for us so excited to see what changes it brings.

As the captain of the team, is there something you want to change in your way of working with the girls to improve your gameplay and communication?

EMUHLEET: I feel so confident in myself as a captain and a player, but of course, I must stay humble and realize there is still much room for improvement to be even better. The biggest thing I will be changing when working with the girls is pointing out more positives than negatives. If we keep thinking negative, then negative things will happen. If we keep a positive attitude at all times, then the outcome will be positive.

With CSGO becoming free to play, what is your opinion in the direction being taken by Valve regarding our game? Do you think it will improve the competitive scene in the short and long term?

EMUHLEET: I think it’s a little late for Valve to be making the game free to play... finally. It worries me a little bit in allowing there to be more cheaters in the MM system of the game that doesn’t have a good anti-cheat system. I’m all about fair game. I do, however, think it’s a great opportunity to allow more people to check out the game, and hopefully bring more viewers & casual players into CSGO. More players in the game can only be more beneficial to the competitive scene in my opinion. We are already lacking several women that play, so maybe this would encourage more girls to try out the game.  

Valve just released a new battle royale game mode, Danger Zone. Although it seems like a more casual approach compared to other BR, do you see it taking off in the future and maybe directly compete with other BR esports titles?

EMUHLEET: Hate to say it, but I absolutely hate the new CSGO BR. At first, I was so excited about it, then once I played it, I was instantly filled with disappointment. The game looks unfinished and needs a lot of work. It’s almost as if Valve released the game as fast as they could without checking it for imperfections. I have a worry that since the game is free to play, and since BR is a trend right now, new people are going to come to CS and try the BR and think, "Wow, this game is bad." But I really hope they play the MM system and fall in love with the game that I am also in love with. It’s a great idea with adding money system in BR and the drones, but there is just something really missing about it. 

Do you want to leave a message to the old and new fans that will follow you throughout next year?

EMUHLEET: Thanks for taking the time to read my interview. Please go into 2019 thinking positive vibes and sharing love around you. Everyone can use a hug.

I would like to thank Emmalee for answering my questions and want to wish her good holidays. You can stay connected with her on social media: