Interview with DIG CS:GO Fe player, milk



Tue 13th Nov 2018 - 7:45pm

We spoke to Kiara "milk" Makua about the end of the ESEA season, what they are working on for the next season, and the latest major updates to the game.

Hello Kiara. The team is currently focusing on ESEA. How have the matches been going for you and how is the team spirit?

milk: Our record this season on ESEA does not reflect on our true potential. We have been working on certain mistakes and getting better with our overall gameplay. Next season will be a lot easier for all of us. The team spirit is always great! Everyone is always supportive and positive.

What are you focusing on the most in practice and scrims to improve your current position and climb back for a playoff spot?

milk: Unfortunately, we can't make playoffs this season. Next season is ours! In scrims, we have been focusing on our defaults a lot instead of doing strategies right off the bat, and I must say we have improved incredibly at a fast rate.

What are the squad’s expectation towards the next season, considering the latest results and performances?

milk: Our expectation toward next season is definitely to strive to make playoffs as we can't this season, but we're still trying to win out from here!

Where do you personally feel that the team could improve the most in the short-term, gameplay wise?

milk: I really feel like this team could improve in our utility usage and knowing when a teammate needs something or not just by looking at the radar/knowing where the teammate is.

Your next LAN event will be DreamHack Atlanta, from the 16th to the 18th of November. What is the main goal of the event?

milk: The main goal for this DreamHack Atlanta LAN event is to really go as far as we can in it, which is definitely doable!

What are your expectations coming up to the tournament?

milk: I expect to get pretty far in this upcoming tournament with the team. We have improved so much lately and really feel like we're headed in the right direction quick.

It’s been a few weeks since the economy update. What are your opinions on the initial round’s money bonus update?

milk: At first it was a bit confusing, but we have scrimmed a lot since the update and are really catching on to the economy. I think it's a nice change.

And what about the reduction in price of the SG 553 and the AUG? Are you finding yourself using them more or are you still loyal to the AK-47 and M4?

milk: I think the new reduction in price for the SG 553 and AUG is really nice. I think they could be useful on certain maps. I still stick to the AK-47 because it still is the most powerful rifle with an instant headshot kill. I'll switch to the AUG instead of M4A4 occasionally depending on map and situation.

With the introduction of the new Cobblestone map in the game, it’s expected for it to replace one of the current competitive maps in the future. What map would you like to see leaving the map pool to make way for this new iteration of Cobblestone?

milk: That's interesting, I'm not sure what map I’d like to see leave as I'm a huge fan of all the maps.

Have you had the chance to test this Halloween version of the map that is currently present in the game? If yes, what are your opinions on it?

milk: No, I unfortunately haven't had the chance to test it. I did hear that A site is more open which sounds interesting.

Would you like to leave a few words before wrapping up the interview?

milk: #DIGWIN

I want to thank milk for taking the time to answer my questions. Make sure to keep up with her on social media: