Interview with DIG CS:GO Fe player, rain



Mon 2nd Jul 2018 - 12:18pm

We caught up with Amanda "rain" Smith to ask her a few questions about their promotion to ESEA Main, the recent changes in ESEA Divisions, and their upcoming tournaments, as well as how the squad is preparing for them.

Hi Amanda. You’re now in ESEA Main Division! After so many seasons of trying to qualify, how does it feel to have made it to Main?

Rain: I'm so glad we made it to Main this season! It's nice to play a variety of higher caliber play in matches and scrims.

You now have a new division before eventually reaching MDL – the Advanced Division. What are your thoughts on this recent change?

Rain: There are so many teams playing in the ESEA league now, it was inevitable that they would have to make a new division. I think it was a good move and will make each division more competitive!

Do you feel that the squad has what it takes to reach MDL?

Rain: Yeah, I definitely feel like we have what it takes to make it to MDL. It's going to take time and a lot of practice, especially having just switched out our 5th, but I feel each player has the ability to compete at that level, and we have the potential to reach our goal.

Please describe your practice routine, what does the team do and what do you personally do to improve.

Rain: It varies day by day, but we generally play five days a week for 5-6 hours, with a few breaks. We'll start by going over notes on the maps we're going to practice that day, play 3-5 scrims, and review at the end. I usually watch demos and DM on my own time to learn new tips and keep up my aim.

Is there any other competition you are focusing on right now, whether it is one where you still have to qualify or one you’re already confirmed?

Rain: We're currently focusing on the GirlGamer Festival coming up July 21st & 22nd in Portugal as we look to defend our title! After that, we're going to Philadelphia in early August for Fragadelphia. We're always excited to compete in mixed tournaments, plus we get go see our Sixers!

What are you and the squad working on at the moment to get to the next level?

Rain: We're working on minimizing our mistakes and getting more consistent.

Thanks to your recent winnings, you have been catching the eyes of numerous fans. How does it feel to be such an inspiration for aspiring Counter-Strike players? Any words of advice for them?

Rain: It's always nice being able to inspire those who have a passion for the game. My main advice is to be your own biggest critic. Truly hold yourself accountable for mistakes and work at all aspects of the game that you can control.

Do you get approached by fans in a normal day of your life (outside tournaments and in your city)? Does it still surprise you when that happens?

Rain: I have been recognized in public and at my old job before but it's very rare that it happens! It's always a pleasant surprise to meet someone in public who is into the esports world.

What would you say to your fans if they asked for tips on how to improve their gameplay?

Rain: A few tips I would give are to keep your settings consistent and to try to improve small aspects of your game daily.

Any words you would like to say to finish up this interview?

Rain: Thanks to all the fans who have been with me for these past few years! It means a lot to have your support <3 and special shout-out to my Team Dignitas and Sixers fam.

I want to thank Amanda for taking her time to answer my questions and wish her and the team good luck! Don’t forget to follow and keep up with her and the team in her social media: