DIG CSGO Male & Female in DH Austin Qualifier



Sat 14th Apr 2018 - 8:00pm

In early June, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community will look towards Texas as top teams from all over the world will convene for Dreamhack Austin 2018. One North American representative will be decided this weekend: after a two-day open qualifier, four teams will join the likes of Rogue and compLexity in Sunday's closed qualifier. Only one team will have secured its spot in the main event by the end of the week.

Both our male and female rosters signed up for the open qualifier, and will dive into action starting Friday at 9pm EDT / Saturday 03:00 CEST. Tune in to the stream below to catch some our games live!

- Bracket

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Single Elimination
Round 5: [04:16] vs the pioneers
Round 4: [22:20] vs Sovereign Shot
Round 3: [16:03] vs opia
Round 2: [16:06] vs MIZESQUAD
Round 1:     BYE



Single Elimination
Round 2: [14:16] vs GiantGoopGock
Round 1: [16:12] vs Fearless Reborn