Welcome a2z, roca & shinobi to #DIGCSGO!



Sat 14th Apr 2018 - 2:23pm

Today we welcome two new players and a team coach to our North American CSGO squad! Joining our starting lineup is Armeen 'a2z' Toussi and Daniel 'roca' Gustaferri. The veteran duo have replaced xCeed and mCe after the team fell short of expectations in the ESL Pro League. 

a2z most recently played for Torqued where he became champion of the WorldGaming Canadian Championship Series 2017. Roca played for teams such as Splyce and Echo Fox where he competed in the ESL Pro League. Together with these two talented players, we would also like to confirm the signing of Josh 'shinobi' Abastado as team coach. Shinobi played several seasons of ESL Pro League with the likes of compLexity, eUnited and most recently, Rogue.

Shinobi, roca and a2z will bring a wealth of veteran experience to our young, aspiring squad as they strive for improvement. The team's ESL Pro League season resumes Tuesday, April 24 with a must-win match against OpTiC Gaming.