CSGO TIPS: How to Execute de_train on B Like Team Dignitas



Sat 11th Nov 2017 - 1:39pm

Today we will take a look at a more complex map in the mappool: de_train. Due to it being featured in CS 1.6 already, you could call it an old map, even though playing and seeing this map doesn't get old at all. It gives you many possibilities on both sides, including fakes, tactical outplays, big flank plays, and smoke executes.

Team Dignitas did one of those smoke executes in their T-side pistol and they did it well, using little utility to maximum effect in order to shut the CTs out of the round. We will take a look at this three-step execute, and we will start off by looking at the whole execute which I have condensed into one summarising video.

As you have probably realised, all you need for this effective execute are two smokes and two flashes, but if your team, for whatever reason, decides it can only afford one flash then that is fine as well. Said smokes and the entry flash will be shown in more detail in a video at the end of this article.

Let's summarise this execute with a small list first:

  • (Take Brown Halls control)
  • Smoke positions off
  • Flash for four people Lower
  • Weak retake potential by getting in between the CTs
  • Keep behind clear

For this execute you will need three types of players: 

  • Lurker, keeping the Brown Halls clear and providing backup fire from Upper
  • Planter, who is not trying to seek fights, as an early bomb plant means less time for the potentially kit-less CTs
  • Proactive afterplant players, starting as a three-men entry unit who then divide the CT forces in order to delay and finally destroy the retake

Even though you will need a player daring to jump in first, the classical roles (like entry) of an execute are not as necessary in this execute as they normally are, which has to do with the way de_train is built.

Now, let's take a more detailed look at what is happening in this execute!

In order to fully start with this execute, you need to make sure that the Brown Halls are clear and that no CT is coming around the corner leading to Upper during your set-up or your initial push. It is, however, advised to clear out and set up fast, since CTs like to push Ivy or T-Mid and rotate fast in the pistol round, which would leave you with a fast flank behind you or four CTs waiting for you on B.

Step 1: Set-up

During this step, you will set yourself up in the Brown Halls, getting ready to throw the Connector and Red-Yellow train smoke.

(Red = Proactive Afterplant, Yellow = Lurk, Green = Planter, Yellow marker = take and never lose control)

This will allow no CT to have an advantageous long-range duel without having to climb on top of the trains and exposing himself to Upper and other angles. After the smoke, the planter will throw a flash in front of the Lower exit, blinding any close-by CTs.

Step 2: Initial push

Right after the flash pops, the 3 proactive afterplant players, as well as the Planter will leave Brown Halls through the Lower exit.

The Proactive afterplant players will push beyond the first train, positioning themselves behind potentially hiding CTs, with one of the said players trying to get between Yellow train and Tanker with line of sight (dotted lines) to the back of Inner and a potential CT pushing the Planter, who went straight to the default plant spot to plant.

Meanwhile, the Lurker will try to keep the backs of his teammates clear while providing a potential distraction by peeking and shooting from Upper, even helping out by taking duels if things don't go as planned.

Step 3: Afterplant

After the successful plant, the planter should throw his second flash from behind the Bombtrain through the smoke between the Yellow and Red train. This will allow at least two proactive afterplant players to push through said smoke and disturb the CTs who should be setting up for the retake at this moment.

The third afterplant player can stay where he is, leaving no room for the CTs to navigate to without fighting. During all of this, after throwing the flash, the planter should move into the Brown Halls again, enabling the planter as well as the Lurker to keep the flank clean and provide backup or distraction if needed, being in the perfect position to clutch the round if their teammates fall.


As you can see, even though de_train is definitely different from all of the other active duty maps, an execute does not have to be breathtakingly complicated. You just need to take advantage of the alleyways that the trains create and the fact that you will always find a hole in a CT set-up or retake.

You can, of course, change this execute so it suits your team more, but I would keep the smokes since they are simple and probably the most effective part of this execute.