Interview with DIG CSGO player, Goosebreeder



Sat 4th Nov 2017 - 9:11am

In our latest Team Dignitas interview we return to Mounira "GooseBreeder" Dobie. Currently the top fragger for the team sitting at a whopping 1.54 HLTV Rating. With 2017 coming soon to a close we discussed the team's plans for the upcoming quarter (1Q 2018), the re-introduction of Dust 2 and China's CS:GO Perfect World. Here is what Goosebreeder had to say.

The team has enjoyed its time as one of best female teams out there, proving once more by winning the GIRLGAMER esports festival. What are your upcoming plans in terms of CS:GO tournament?

Goosebreeder: We plan to attend the next IEM Katowice & Copenhagen games starting 2018; there may be a few other LANS unnanounced yet we plan to attend but per usual we will be competing in online tournaments & our ESEA league in the mean time.


What about the team? What are the plans for the team for the upcoming future in sense of what you want to achieve?

Goosebreeder: Our goal has been the same for quite some time now, we'd like to move up a league on ESEA; we want to be good enough to not just dominate female tournaments but to bring that same fire to the mixed tournaments we play in. Our plans to achieve that is just a lot of hard work; practice 5-6 times a week with "homework" everyone has to do in their own time (DMs, demo reviews, movement practice & simply just putting time into getting better as individuals outside of team practice).


Staying with the topic of tournaments. What is your opinion, as someone who hasn’t been directly affected by this, on the whole drama surrounding the organisation of the qualifiers for the ELeague major?

Goosebreeder: It didn't really affect us too much but I think ELeague/Valve could have done a better job on giving the community a more advanced notice so that teams can prepare better.


Moving onto valve and more specifically the recent update. What are your overall thoughts on adding distinctive noises to landing on different surfaces?

Goosebreeder: I haven't had any complaints just yet. I just recently found out there's a new command to pinpoint noise more accurately at a distance; I've been using it and so far no issues. As for the change in more distinctive noises when landing I think it's a good change; I've never really had too many complaints in the sound department anyways & I think this will only better the sound overall.


What about the big one, the return of Dust 2? What is your opinion on the map? Acilion, from the CS:GO male team, critised it for only getting a graphic update rather than any major map switches.

Goosebreeder: I was never a huge fan of D2 however I don't hate this change; I can see where Acilion was coming from as I thought the same thing when I saw the pictures they released; I always thought D2 was a bit stale so I was interested to see how they would mix up the map a little. I think there are minor changes that might change up strategy. Overall I like how open the map feels now in comparison to the old D2 where I felt it was quite cramped. 


Now that dust 2 is moving back into the game which map would you like to get an overhaul and why?

Goosebreeder: It's hard to say but personally I think as a competitive map Cobble would probably be the top of the list I think. It's a map that favours the T's and can be quite difficult to control as a CT especially with low utility. From long CT rotations to doing a B exec out of spawn while being able to beat the CTs out crack at the same time can be quite strong. It's not a map that I hate; I actually enjoy playing it but I think it's one of the more imbalanced maps.


With the release of CS:GO Perfect World in China, how do you think this will affect the scene overall?

Goosebreeder: It should only mean good things for the community; a growing player base is always good. Asia has a history of producing legendary gamers across all sorts of games so I'm interested to see what kind of talent will come out from the region.


Do you think this will have any significant impact on the women’s scene?  

Goosebreeder: I think there's a potential that this will have a significant impact on the women's scene. With a player base that massive there's bound to be more talent out there. I'm hoping to see some star players come out from the region.


To wrap things up, you just came back from Twitchcon, how was it and what's your fondest memory of the event?

Goosebreeder: This was my first TwitchCon; I only went for Saturday but I still enjoyed myself none the less. I saw a lot of awesome artwork & met a lot of our fans which was fun. My fondest memory was just getting to meet a lot of cool people. Besides that there was a carosel that had chairs that would swing quite high; that was awesome.


Would you like to make any other shout-outs?

Goosebreeder: As always shout out to the 76ers & our sponsors for giving us the means to try and be the best at what we do aswell as our fans for showing never ending support.


Thank you to Goosebreeder for your time!