DIG CSGO in ELEAGUE Minor Open Qualifier



Sat 14th Oct 2017 - 8:00pm

Counter-Strike fans will have heard about it: the next Valve Major will be hosted by ELEAGUE in Boston, MA, USA. The long road to qualification has already begun: this week's open qualifier will lead into a closed qualifier to the Minor in Bucharest. Aside from earning prize money, the best teams there will also be awarded with spots in the LAN Qualifier to the actual $1,000,000 Major.

We began our journey in the open qualifier this weekend: 512 teams competed for the top8 spots starting Friday at 20:00 CEST. We defeated many opponents, and after 13 hours of play faced off against Team5 in our last and deciding match. The best-of-3 did not go our way, denying us any chance of qualifying for the ELEAGUE Major.

- Bracket



Team Dignitas CS:GO

Single Elimination
Round of 16: [1:2] vs Team5
Round of 32: [2:1] vs Dark Passage
Round of 64: [16:12] vs Unluku
Round of 128: [16:08] vs HAVU Gaming
Round of 256: [16:04] vs PopcornPlokker$
Round of 512: [16:02] vs The gatekeepers