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Sat 29th Jul 2017 - 1:49pm

In our latest CSGO interview, we had some time to talk with Mounira "GooseBreeder" Dobie. Goosebreeder is the youngest player on the female roster and sits on a solid 1.03 HLTV 2.0 rating. We talked about the differences in female and male counter-strike and the female scene overall.  

There is a considerable break between events for your team. How do you stay in so called “shape” without playing many official matches?

Goosebreeder: We practice 5 days a week for about 5 1/2-6 hours; we do different things to stay sharp; demo reviews in our own time and together, aim training etc... Besides that we play ESEA matches, I'd say about two matches a week. I think setting goals also helps you stay sharp and motivated when there are no upcoming events. 

On a more controversial topic: What are the difference between female and male teams? Why can’t female teams compete on the same level as male teams?

Goosebreeder: In my opinion there are a few factors but I think it mainly comes down to numbers, there are far less women in the competitive CS scene in comparison to men; there is just bound to be more talent where there are more people to select from. To answer the question the main difference to me is skill due to the pool female teams have to choose from. We can compete with male teams just not teams of high skill (professional teams etc).

Is the team going to attempt to compete more for open qualifier spots for bigger tournaments or will you stick to invite tournaments for now?

Goosebreeder: We actually already play in a lot of qualifiers, we play in as many that we can. It's a good way to play against some teams we may not normally have the chance to scrim against & challenge ourselves further.

What is your opinion on the current state of the female scene?

Goosebreeder: I see growth in the community; more specifically the NA community. I think it's a good thing to see more and more women taking this game seriously & trying to compete. I believe female tournaments are doing a great job at encouraging this growth & would love to see it continue.

There is currently a lack of female teams in the top50 scene, what do you think needs to happen for female teams to step it up and compete with top tier teams?

Goosebreeder: I think more women need a taste of LAN, more specifically for the moment female tournaments. Where there was one NA team there is now 4 and probably more; and I think it starts with getting a taste of LAN or being in a position to attend/ compete for a spot at a tournament.

How would you think to inspire the next generation of professional female CS:GO players?

Goosebreeder: By doing what we are now, competing and showing that it is possible to play competitively. I'd only like to better my skill to show we can achieve even more great things.

What is the number one thing you would recommend to any starting out player to avoid?

Goosebreeder: Overwhelming yourself with goals, pick something you need to work on, one at a time and get good at it. To tie into that answer I think staying humble is an important step if Improving.

Are you happy with the current state of CS:GO and if you could change one thing about CS:GO what would you change?

Goosebreeder: for the most part I'm quite happy with the game, I can't think of a change I'd 100% want.

Any final shout-outs you would like to make?

Goosebreeder: Shout outs to all of our sponsors for making our dreams a reality, as well as everyone who supports us! It really means a lot to be apart of a community who wants to see you succeed.


Thank you to Goosebreeder for the interview!


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