Match Preview: Team Dignitas versus Fnatic & Astralis



Mon 15th May 2017 - 10:11am

After a rough result versus G2 during week 4, it doesn't get any easier for our CS:GO roster. Team Dignitas will be playing against Fnatic (16th of May) and Astralis (17th of May) during week 5. Last week's 2-0 loss against G2 has put a lot of pressure on the upcoming two games, especially versus Astralis. In order for the team to have a chance of finishing in the top four, they will have to now do the unlikely and overcome either Astralis or Fnatic while still not losing points versus the other teams. This week they will need to win two out of the four available maps in order not to fall into the relegation zone. Four maps would put us up there into LAN contention. 

Tenzki and Cromen will be standing-in for Pita and Maikelele

Game Preview and Predictions:


Our first game of the week will be against the arguably strongest Swedish team, Fnatic. This time last year, there would be little hope of taking one of the two available maps but after breaking apart and coming back together, the Fnatic roster is not as hot as it was. Team Dignitas has a good chance of picking up not just one but both of the maps. Fnatic has always been a team that uses raw aim as opposed to slow methodical play, which allows the team to play more freely against Fnatic and not worry too much when it comes to fancy executes. 

Fnatic's most obvious choice for a map is perhaps Train, as they have seen us play on it twice in the past week and lose both times. They could also choose Inferno, as it is their second best map win percentage wise, but they have seen our roster beat Godsent on it and play more on it in general. The third map they could pick would be Cache, on which they also have their best win percentage at 75%. However, this map would be contestable. 

Mirage would be the best map for Team Dignitas to play on, as it is the only map Fnatic has a win percentage lower than 50 on and it is a map our roster is relatively comfortable on. The team could also pick Nuke as a surprise pick, as Fnatic has not played Nuke a single time in the past three months.

This should be a very close match and be one of the more interesting games this week, as it will have two teams that have good aimers and a lot of the situations will come down to said aim. 


A day later, Team Dignitas will be facing the world's best team, Astralis. The Danes have both aim and strategy behind them which makes them lethal. Although it will be a tough game, that does not mean Team Dignitas won't be bringing their best game plan.

Train has been one of Astralis' weakest maps while Overpass and Mirage have been some of their strongest followed by Inferno and Nuke. As Overpass and Mirage have been their strongest maps and as they have played fewer games on them, they may choose one of the two in order to not reveal too many of their strategies on their more played maps. In any case, both Mirage and Overpass have been successful maps for our roster, we would stand a better chance aginst them on these two maps, but will be the underdogs regardless. 

For Team Dignitas, the best map would be Cache which has been the weakest one for Astralis. It would force more aim duels which would level the playing field. If everyone on the roster brings their very A-game then this can go in our favor.

You can catch the games on Tuesday and Wednesday on Youtube at 19:00 (CEST).


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