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Wed 10th May 2017 - 11:53am

A very successful week three has brought our team up from last place to 6th. A split series with NiP and a 2-0 win against Godsent has put us back on track to a top four finish. Last week showed us that Mirage is a solid choice for the team and that they can bring about many surprises and have enough firepower to take down the Swedish teams. This week we'll need the said firepower as Team Dignitas goes up against one of the main LAN spot contenders, the French super team that is G2 eSports.

The good news coming into this matchup is that the French team has been struggling to live up to its 'super team' name. The bad news, we are still going up against the likes of Kenny "KennyS" Schrub, Nathan "NBK" Schmitt and Richard "Shox" Papillon. Our team will have to bring its A-game this week to make a statement that the 16-2 win against NiP was not a one off match, that even up against the lions of the tournament, they can bring the fight. A 1-1 tie will be enough to create a safety net for us incase we fail to gain any points versus Astralis or Faze Clan, a 2-0 win would put us into heavy contention for a LAN appearance. A 2-0 loss would set us back heavily from a top four finish.

Tenzki and Cromen will be standing-in for Pita and Maikelele

Game Preview and Predictions:

Last week the team showed character and fighting power taking three out of the four available wins, this week it's only two and they are going to be tough. The first map played will be Train chosen by G2. G2 are known for being a very strong Train team and to top it off it is a very strategy heavy map, unlike Cache which is the pick of Team Dignitas. If Joakim "Jkaem" Myrbostad and Jorgen "Cromen" Robertsen will be able to reproduce the form from last week in addition to Ricardo "Fox" Pacheco being on form, it will not be an easy matchup for G2 and there is a lot of upset potential that Team Dignitas can do.


Train will be a tough task for our team as they will be going up against a team that has a positive record (past 3 months) on the map with 6 wins and 4 loses, this statistic is deceiving, however. Despite the team having four losses on the map, G2 has showed fighting power only losing to top tier teams like Gambit, Faze and Astralis. In each loss, with the exception of the 16-5 loss to Team Liquid, the team has reached double digits, showing that they are able to grind out the game and keep it competitive. 

A run and gun tactic will prove obsolete on this map as it requires a lot of teamplay and effective utility usage. The team has shown sparks and ability to play together but still lacks enough time to become efficient, especially playing with two stand-ins. The AWP duels will be something to watch out for as Fox will have to compete and outplay one of the world's best AWPers in KennyS. A key in the entire match up, and not just on Train, will be the performance of Shox. If he plays to his fullest potential there is little that can be done to stop him, especially with the little amount of time that Team Dignitas has had to practice. 

Team Dignitas will have to rely on playing with flashes in order for them to push out through one of the five choke points on the map. Without too much preparation and practice on Train, the team will most likely show an aggressive playstyle in order to never allow G2 to setup and get comfortable. Explosive plays, refragging and flash bangs will be something the team needs in order to have a fighting chance against G2 on Train.


Cache, on the other hand, favours more basic, loose strategies and more individual play. This is what our team is most likely counting on, their ability to aim and outaim G2. Middle of Cache will be an important point in the map as it will allow either team to wrap around which ever site they wish, splitting the defence. This map will be truly momentum based and the team that gets their footing on the CT-side and managed to dig in will have the higher chance of winning.

While being the least played map (past 3 months) for G2, they have shown the ability to play on the map and a big part of that are the skilled individuals on the team. However, statistically speaking, Team Dignitas currenty has a 100% (with one game played and one win) win rate versus G2s 57%. KennyS will be the person to watch out for on this map as he will attempt to play aggressively and establish confidence in his awping. If Fox will be able to out AWP him, or infact any other player on Dignitas will be able to shutdown KennyS, then the team will have a much easier time playing on the map and far more freedom. 

This will be a far more explosive game from both sides and it will be the more exciting map to follow as it will be based more on individual play than teamplay. Team Dignitas will have a good chance at winning this map if they do not let G2 get rolling and they shut them down early. G2 is a roster that is emotional and momentum based, if the team manages to keep G2 from gaining momentum, especially on T-side, then they will bag the game. 

You can watch the game on Thursday on Youtube at 21:00 (CEST).


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