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Mon 8th May 2017 - 11:30am

We sat down for a chat with the newest Team Dignitas streamer, EmQill, to gain insight to who she is as a streamer and her future aspirations with streaming. EmQill is primarily a Counter Strike: Global Offensive player who has possible plans to delve into other titles such as League of Legends. Read on below to find out more about her.

How long have you been streaming for and at what point did you decide that this is something you want to take serious and do frequently?

Emqill: Been streaming for around a year, I spend most of my free time playing games so I though why not stream while doing it? I made a lot of new friends and enjoyed it so I started steaming frequently.

How did you get in touch with Team Dignitas as one of their streamers?

EmQill: I really have PterodactylsFTW to thanks for getting me involved with Team Dignitas since she has hosted me and helped me and I guess that’s how they found me. I was really lucky Team Dignitas asked me if I was interested in joining, I was SO hyped!

How did you get into streaming in CSGO in particular?

EmQill: I already played CSGO before I started streaming, it was my main game and I love it. I Can play it all day without problems. I did try different games when I started but didn’t enjoy it as much, so I stayed with CS. I feel it's important to enjoy the game you stream.

Would you ever consider completely switching games or in other words, were there any games that peaked your interest as of recent?

EmQill: I have been considering to switch it up for a while now, but wouldn't switch it up completely. I need a game I can play if I tilt. Maybe try out PUB or start with LoL again.

Do you have any streamers in particular that you enjoy watching and draw inspiration from?

EmQill: I watch Loltyler1 but can't say he’s my inspiration but he makes good content. I also watch PterodactylsFTW, Reckful and pro CSGO players.

What does a typical day look like for you? Do you have a stream schedule?

EmQill: No stream schedule at the moment, I try to stream everyday but what time depends on studies and hobbies. I've been planning on making a schedule for the summer and try it out. Heard it really helps the stream and since I will be working I have to.

How do you handle situations involving tilt or rage when streaming?

EmQill: Yea…. I tilt a lot, maybe I’ll slam my desk a few times and get really loud but that’s it. I might go and get something to eat or drink to untilt... food solves everything, right? 

What do you do in your off time?

EmQill: When I’m not streaming, I study, play guitar, draw and play other games. I also live with 4 other people which I enjoy watching series and movies with.

Do you see yourself doing anything else besides streaming within esports? Or do you only see yourself as a streamer for life?

EmQill: I want to join a CSGO girl team sooner or later, would be fun to try but I would keep streaming.

What do you believe you can still work on as a streamer to ensure continued growth as an entertainer and personality?

EmQill: Improve the quality of the stream with stuff like new audio equipment and new pc parts to make the game run smoother for stream. Also work on stream artwork and overlays, got something new coming soon. :*

Do you have any shoutouts or final words?

EmQill: Shoutout to my viewers, mods and Team Dignitas' sponsors for making this all possible! :D


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