Executing on Bind - VALORANT Map Guide



Sat 10th Oct 2020 - 11:14pm

The most unique map in Valorant is Bind. The use of tight corridors along with teleporters that whisk you across the map make for quick decisions to outplay your opponent. Not only that, there are long lanes on the map to allow you to have an optimal duel with the Operator. Bind has everything! Below I will discuss agent compositions and strategies for attacking and defending.


Looking at the agents in Valorant there are a few that excel on Bind. For this map we want agents who can lurk such as Omen, Phoenix, and Reyna, while also having ones that can defend well and delay pushes like Brim, Viper and Sage. 

Sage: Sage works well here due to her ability to slow down pushes and heal or revive allies. Her Ice Wall can instantly stop a push on A Short or block off Truck to get a quick Spike plant. Using her Slow Orbs can also limit the speed of attackers pushing onto site allowing for rotations to come in.


Viper: Viper’s buffs have made her a force to be reckoned with on many maps. Her Toxic Screen ability can cut off all entry points to site and she can even create one-way smokes for her team to catch the enemy off-guard. Her Snake Bite and improved decay/vulnerable passive can chunk the opponent’s health if they decide to push through her poison abilities. Viper’s Pit can also isolate a site, making for a great defense on one of the bomb sites.

By lining up your crosshair by showers, the screen can travel through the teleporters and help defend both sites. You can also play around with the placement so it can block B Long or stop in Hookah (this example shows it going to B Long).

Brimstone is a great supporting agent to have on Bind. His Sky Smoke ability makes him adaptable to many changes and allows him to smoke off the various choke points around the map. His Molotov can isolate enemies or stop a push and his combat stim helps when pushing onto sites to give your teammates the edge with a higher rate of fire. Omen is another good pick on this map for his lurking potential and his ability to smoke a variety of spots on the map from far away.

Reyna/Phoenix/Breach/Raze: Our 4 “offensive” agents are being grouped together due to their similar effect on the map. Three out of the four agents have flashing abilities that are excellent in close quarter combat and have good kits for lurking and solo pushing around the map. These are your playmakers and when set up effectively can make a huge difference for your team.

Cypher/Sova:  Likewise, these are our information gathering agents and have their uses around the map. Sova with his Recon Bolt and Owl Drone can gather information from far away while Cypher can utilize his Tripwire, Camera, and Smokes to gather information about the enemy’s whereabouts.

Overall, the best agent composition would be: Sage, Brimstone, Cypher, Breach/Raze/Phoenix, and Omen.

If we look at some recent pro Valorant tournaments we can also identify what agents work well together on Bind. From the Faze Clan Invitational the most picked team comp on Bind was Brim, Sage, Raze, Cypher, and Sova. In Pop Flash However Phoenix, Omen, Cypher, Sova, and Jett were the most picked team comp. Finally, at the Blast Valorant Invitational Breach, Omen, Raze, Cypher, and Sova were the most picked team composition. 

Most picked team comp for the Blast Valorant Twitch Invitational (September 11th-13th)

Most picked team comp for the FaZe Clan Valorant Invitational (August 6th-10th) 

Most picked team comp for the Pop Flash Valorant Invitational (August 26th-30th)

As you can see there are a few variances from what I recommended to what the pros are playing. My composition focuses a little bit more on solo carry potential as that is most of the time what the ranked experience is in Valorant. The professionals utilized Cypher and Sova a lot on their comps due to the information abilities that they bring to the table. This is good to have and recommended at high elo, however I opted to go for agent comps that you can carry on or support with.


Bind’s special map effect is in the use of teleporters that can send you across the map in a blink of an eye. It is important to listen for the sound from them as the attackers or defenders could be using them to surprise you. For example, if you are attacking on A Site, the B Defenders can run through the B Long teleporter and catch you out in Showers. The same goes for the Defenders if the attackers are executing on B and you need to quickly rotate you can run through the one on A.

You can also use them to outsmart your enemy on rotations too so, if the opponent has called for a rotation on B and you are left in a 1v X situation you can run through the teleporter and plant A. This wastes more time for the enemy who then must run to A Site and clear it out again which lets the Spike tick down even more. Those are just a few ways the teleporters can be used strategically on this map as there are a plethora of other tactics that can be devised around them.

A Site Strategy

The two entry points for A Site are Showers and A Short. It is important that these entry points are being covered so you do not get shot in the back. Having a Sage wall ready for A Short or a smoke ready will help in delaying the push onto site. For Showers, having either a smoke or Molotov ready can help stop the enemies pushing from there. There is also the ultimate orb in here, so it is important to contest for it. For attackers, you can wait outside of Showers until the defenders go up and take it then challenge for the orb catching the defender(s) by surprise.

For attacking A Site there are a few things that you can do. Covering off Heaven is crucial if the opponent has an Operator or else you will be easily picked off by them if you try to take the duel. Other smoke points are U Hall and close to truck if you are coming from A Short, or the two openings between Truck and the boxes on site then by the teleporter so you can quickly get a plant down. It is also important to have someone lurking towards B and watching rotations just so the opponent does not catch you from behind and ruin the execute.

Various Brim Smokes for A Site. As well if you smoke on top of Truck it will cover Heaven which is shown here, this saves a Heaven smoke if you are low on utility.

For post-plant positions, getting into CT-Spawn and up by Heaven is important to catch rotations by the Defenders and to have vision over the entire site. Other places are in Showers if the Spike is planted for there, U Hall, and around the teleporter (like in the cubby spot across from it).

B Site Strategy

Like A Site there are 2 entry points onto B, from Hookah and B Long. It is important to keep these smoked off to delay the enemy from pushing in. Hookah is especially important because there can be rushes up Ramp and from the A teleporter, so it sees a lot more action than B Long. Using Cypher’s Camera here will let you know if the Attackers are heading into Hookah or on B Long so you can focus your efforts on other places on the Site. You can usually put 1-2 agents on B depending on who is in your composition but having 1 person focusing Long and the other at Hookah is a good strategy.

This Camera spot from lets you place a Camera behind the wall, giving vision into Hookah and on Ramp.

When aiming for the Camera you can jump up and down and when you come down, you are able to place the Camera higher, and this is a view from that position. 

Attacking, what you need to do is cover important chokepoints on the site. If you are heading up B Long, there is an ultimate orb to contest, or you can hold and wait for the Defender take it then peek out or walk up and grab it. You need to be wary about someone who can see you from on site, and any Cypher Camera that is around. When heading into Hookah, it's also important to bait out any utility from the enemy, which lets you know who is there but also weakens their defense. If they have a Sage wall on the entrance, the Defenders will not have a Wall for the rest of the round, which decreases their ability to defend and hold the site. Important angles to smoke off when attacking will be Elbow and the 2 gaps on either side of the tunnel in the middle of site. This makes a smoke wall allowing you to plant the Spike closest to you. If you want to take more control onto the site, you can cover the entrance from B Halls and Elbow then plant on either side of the tunnel.

Brim Smokes without B Hallways smoked off

Brim Smokes with B Hallways smoked off

For post-plant positions you want to be in Elbow/B Halls to watch rotations, then Hookah and B Long by the teleporter depending on where the Spike has been planted. You can also hold around the tunnel and in the two cubby spots on site to create a crossfire for anyone coming in. If you have any remaining utility remaining, use that on the areas that would create the most impact so you can isolate a few angles you need to hold rather than all of them. Smoking off Hookah and B Halls are just a few that you can cover during post-plant.

That is my guide on executing on Bind. I hope this helps in your matches so you can execute better and win more rounds. Do not forget to follow us on our socials and join us on our discord!