Three Must-Know Sage Walls For Each Map in VALORANT



Thu 30th Jul 2020 - 6:24pm

Sage walls are an important tool in Valorant. From stalling enemy pushes, cutting off flanks, or boosting players to a more favorable position, the ability is extremely versatile. The wall is a great resource to use creatively, but having a few stock placements can help players take or defend bomb sites more effectively. By knowing where to place a wall before getting to the spot, players can avoid the awkward deaths that can happen when the ability is out instead of their gun.

Here are three Sage walls for each map that every Sage player should know.


Wall 1 - Boost in B Main

This wall is pretty standard, but nonetheless useful for taking B Site as Sage. This boost allows players to see through both windows. The left window gives players full vision of B Site and the right window of the courtyard leading into the site. Sage players can use this when on the attacking side to boost allies or themselves into an advantageous position.

Wall 2 - One Way for Balcony

This wall creates a one-way vision advantage for the Sage who uses it. If the enemy team is trying to take A Site through Mid, they will fall into an extremely disadvantageous fight. Because the wall is off the ground, it allows players to see and shoot the feet of any enemy that tries to push through. 

Wall 3 - Boost in A Site

Mixing up angles is a basic practice for defending. This wall boost gives players a great mixup when defending A Site. By using this boost, players add another high angle that the enemy is probably not expecting. Sages who use this wall can also use the existing terrain as cover for the coming fight.


Wall 1 - Planting A Site through Showers

Many players already know the common rush plant on the new default for A Site through A Short, using a wall to cut off a corner of the Site for a plant. This wall does essentially the same thing, but just through Showers. This wall plant does require some practice, players will need to use the right mouse button to get the correct angle to block off the bottom corner of the site. But, it is worth it to have this attacking mixup for planting at A Site.

Wall 2 - Boost on B Site

This wall is for boosting on top of the shed in B Site from B Long. This wall can also block off enemies from Elbow, allowing allies to rush onto the site. By using this boost, players gain a higher angle to clear the Site when attacking, and is useful for holding it down post-plant.

Wall 3 - Counter Boost on A Site

This placement is perfect for countering the common A Site rush that Sages like to do, cutting off a section of the site their wall. Players can use this wall to boost themselves and allies directly above the default plant area to surprise enemies. Players can either stay on the wall and use the generator as cover, or jump over the generator and rush the enemy team.


Wall 1 - Boost in Back of B Site

Wall boosting at the start of a round is pretty risky, but this boost creates an advantageous angle for any player that is willing to use it. This boost is popular, but that does not reduce its effectiveness. Any enemy that peeks Mid Window should be dead if the player who uses this boost is quick enough with a Marshall or Operator.

Wall 2 - Doors Wall

Blocking off Doors on Haven isn’t an original strategy, but this wall creates an extra headache for the enemy team. If done correctly, this wall will require the enemy team to shoot through two sections, doubling the time it would normally take to get through a more basic placement.

Wall 3 - Blocking Off A Site through A Short

This wall is used for rushing onto A Site through A Short and getting off a quick plant. It effectively blocks enemy fire from the back of the Site and A Link. This wall can also be used as a boost to jump onto the boxes near A Short, as well as the boxes in the middle of the site.


Wall 1 - Boost on B Rafters

This wall is great for countering a rush on B Site through Garage. This angle is even higher than B Rafters, and has a perfect headshot angle for the entrance into the Site. Players can even use the structure in the middle of the Site as cover. The only drawback to this wall is players have to time how long they want to stand out on the edge before it breaks.

Wall 2 - Blocking Off Mid Top

Blocking off Mid on Split is an essential part of some defensive strategies on the map. This wall is a variation of the basic walls that are normally used to block off the entryway. If done correctly, it will block off entry into Ropes and B Heaven. It can be used on defense at the start of a round, or on offense to slow down an enemy retake.

Wall 3 - Boost to A Heaven

Pushing into A Site through A Main can be fairly easy with smokes and good communication. This wall adds an extra dimension to the push by creating an easy boost into A Heaven to completely take over the area. The wall can also be used to block off flanks by the enemy team.

Sage walls are a versatile tool in the agent’s arsenal, and if used optimally can win rounds easily. Most of these wall placements have multiple uses, blocking off lines of sight or boosting on top of terrain, and allow the ability to do more than stall an enemy push. Sage is the most powerful agent in the Valorant cast and can be used more aggressively and proactively than a healer with these walls.