What’s New With Valorant Version 1.04



Mon 27th Jul 2020 - 7:33pm


In the update released July 21st, Riot made many changes from improving characters to nerfing others and a few small weapon changes. Let’s start with the character changes.

Viper Ultimate Changes

Viper has received a substantial buff in all her abilities including the ultimate ability. First, having both the Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen in use across the map uses the same amount of fuel as having only one active. Now, if you need both the Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen up, it will last for the double the original time making both of these pieces of utility more useful and effective in competitive gameplay. Next, and possibly the best part of the Viper buff, is the change to her ultimate ability entitled “Viper's Pit”. Before, if you left the pit for 5 seconds, it would fade which would mean the enemy team knew you were somewhere within the radius.

Now, that time has been increased to 15 seconds making more room for strategies that play around the Pit to pick off enemies. Also, when enemies are in the Pit, their minimap is now obscured. This is a great and necessary change as before, when one enemy player saw you, the rest of the team just spammed based on Viper's location on the map. To make it even better, it is easier for Viper to see enemies that are inside Viper's Pit which was done by increasing the red glow around them. Finally, all her abilities decay is increased from 10 to 15 damage per second and stays for 2.5 seconds after exiting the smoke, screen, or pit.

Images courtesy of Click Heads

Ulitmate Abilites of Raze and Brimstone

Next, there were some small changes to the number of ultimate points required for certain characters. Due to how impactful and destructive the Showstopper Ultimate Ability from Raze and the Orbital Strike Ability from Brimstone were, they now require 7 ultimate abilities to use instead of 6.

Minor Character Ability Changes

Brimstone's Stim Beacon ability also got altered slightly. In the image below, you can see the Stim Beacon that your own teammates will see while on the right is the Stim Beacon that your enemies will see. So, with this update, they removed the glowing radius that emits from the Stim Beacon for enemy players. Thankfully, it no longer gives this ability to enemies and only teammates. On top of that, the effect radius of the beacon can no longer be seen by your opponents making them more likely to peak you due to them not knowing you will have a huge advantage. Best of all, Brimstone’s arms are now bigger. Talk about big guns! One more small change is now if you accidentally drop a Cyber Cage as Cypher, you can now pick it up but only in warmup.

Weapon Changes

The only weapon that got changed in this update is the classic. Unfortunately, jumping accuracy got reduced immensely so no more bhopping around corners to right-click opponents. However, there is now a 10% accuracy bonus while both crouching and stationary. Additonally, the buy menu has been updated to look better and include more detailed weapon stats such as run speed, reload speed, and gun specific features. This is definitely a bonus to first time players who may not understand the differences between the weapons and they can immediately get detailed weapon statistics to help them learn the weapon.

Bug Fixes 

Finally, there were some very annoying bugs that have been removed with this update. First, if you use an orb for healing if you are playing Reyna, you no longer have to look at it to keep healing which is a relief as you can better deal with enemies trying to trade fallen teammates. Sova mains can rest easy that it was not their monitor shaking when they were droning to max height and that bug has been fixed and unfortunately the perfect accuracy while walking with the Marshall was a bug and that has also been removed. Last of all, if you’ve been blaming Brimstone for missing smokes on Haven, apologize as there was a bug that offset smokes on the map causing them to miss on occasion.


With the character changes do you think Viper is a more viable character and is the Raze ultimate still overpowered now that it’s 7 points? Shoot me a message on Discord (Zain#4451) and let me know what you think!