An Overview of Custom Game Options in VALORANT



Sun 21st Jun 2020 - 12:35pm

Custom games in VALORANT have improved significantly since its closed beta iteration. In the beginning, players could not even leave a custom game without cheats enabled or quiting the game entirely. Now, players can fly around, go under, and explore the Valorant maps without restriction.

Currently, custom games are reserved for practicing certain Agents. Players can learn different Sova arrows, experiment with Viper and Phoenix walls, or practice movement with Jett and Raze. But, there is so much more players can do in a custom game. Here is a guide to everything players can do in a custom game so far.

Custom Game Lobby

In a custom game lobby there are 12 slots for 10 players on two teams and two observer slots. Teams do not need to be balanced. A full team can compete against one other player or a lobby can consist of a two-vs-two battle with one observer.

So far, the only modes available are the classic Unrated mode and Spike Rush. All four maps, Ascent, Bind, Haven, and Split are playable in this mode.

Settings are standard for custom games when cheats are not enabled. Unrated and Spike Rush play exactly the same, just with player autonomy when it comes to side and team selection. Players cannot be the same Agent on the same team.

Observers have the option to watch through a player's perspective, cycling through each player by clicking either the left or right mouse button or the number keys 1-0. There is also a free camera option, the default bind is V, so observers are not only bound to the players.

Observer and player video options are the same as in Unrated or Spike Rush. The minimap and interface can be toggled on and off for players and observers for a more professional view of the action.


Cheats can be enabled in custom games that allow players to enter ghost mode and fly around the map, or have infinite credits, armor, or abilities. Cheats are best used when trying to practice specific abilities or interactions with Agents, or when practicing holding down different corners.

Ghost mode allows players to fly, go under, and clip through certain areas of the map. It also makes players intangible so they cannot be hit by bullets when enabled. This cheat is great for learning different Sova arrows and finding areas on the map that players reach without dying. Players usually die when the cheat is disabled when under, out, or on top of buildings on the map. Players can use weapons and abilities while in this mode, so shooting enemies from the sky or launching abilities from under the map is possible.

Pause match time is helpful when players want to practice a certain ability over and over again without the game ever switching sides or changing rounds. Auto-respawn is useful for the same reason when practicing with a friend so no one has to wait for the round to end to respawn.

Infinite credits, abilities, and magazines are pretty self explanatory. All three give players infinite use of their Agent’s abilities, guns and the ability to buy any gun in the menu. Players can also switch teams with cheats enabled, but there cannot be six players on a team. Players must switch to an observer and then to the other team if they are in a full five-vs-five lobby to create an empty roster spot.

So far, there is no way to have bots in custom games. If players want to practice coming around a certain corner or holding down a site, they will have to use practice mode with the generic bomb sites and robot trainers.

There are a few ways to break the game with cheats on. Sage can create player silhouettes, a duplication of an Agent that does not move or take damage. This involves auto-respawn with players being revived and switching teams. Players can also get caught in a death loop if auto-respawn is enabled and players use ghost mode to get into out-of-bounds areas. This is because auto-respawn instantly respawns players where they were killed, respawning players in an out-of-bounds zone.

Custom Games with Friends

This mode may be in its infancy, like most of VALORANT, but there are still fun adaptations that players can make for the game to be more interesting.

- A classic custom game mode variation is a play on the Halloween movie franchise, and now standalone game, Michael Myers. This game has one player against a whole team of five players. The team cannot attack the one player, who is roleplaying as Myers, and the solo player can only use a knife to eliminate the team. The team of five can either stick together and be chased around the map or hide and wait for Myers to find them. Myers can be played by any Agent, but is best when paired with Cypher, Sova, or Omen for enemy detection. This game is great to kill time and hone your footstep listening ability.

- Another game to play in a custom game is a VALORANT version of Micheal Myers with cheats enabled or in Spike Rush. This version has Myers gifted ghost mode and allows him to fly around and pick off enemies from the sky. The Spike Rush version adds a level of chaos to the game that allows Micheal’s victims to have more agency. They can now pick up orbs that inhibit Myers’ ability to find them or boosts that let them run circles around him.

- One last fun game is a sniper-only game with cheats enabled. The game can be set up like Michael Myers, or just with two teams of five. Either way, one player on each team, or the solo player on one team, has ghost mode enabled and an Operator as their weapon. The intangible sniper has to kill the enemy team before the match timer gets to zero.

The custom game mode in Valorant is great for creating cinematic shots of gameplay, practicing map or Agent specific set ups, learning the maps, or creating a fun game with a lobby of friends. The observer mode does need some work, just ask anyone who has tried to watch a professional match. But, it has a solid base of setting and cheats that can enhance gameplay and allows players to explore what every map and Agent has to offer.

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