VALORANT Release Date Announced as June 2nd With a New Map, Game Mode and More!



Thu 21st May 2020 - 10:18pm

Big news was dropped today at 11 AM on Geoff Keighly’s Summer Games Fest twitch stream when it was announced that Valorant would be released on June 2nd of this year. Both Executive Producer Anna Donlon and Game Director Joe Ziegler were somewhat cagey outside of stating the release date for what other content is coming later in the year, however, a few new items can be gleamed from the discussion.

First, the promised release of 12 agents at launch has now been scaled back to 11 agents. Ziegler stated that one agent that was being worked on was not up to snuff but would still be on the table for coming out at a later date. One new agent will still be released at launch.

Next the new map, referred to as Ascent or Venice, has been confirmed as well for the June 2nd release date. As of yet only the layout and a few screenshots have been leaked, with more information about the map not being given. It looks to retain the traditional four square design of both Bind and Split, and most likely will feature a unique gimmick that has yet to be revealed. Along with that it maintains the highly angular and maze-like design of every Valorant map released so far.

Somewhat unsuprisingly, both a Battle Pass as well as new Weapon skins have also been announced. However, there was no specific mention of any agent skins, so it seems that, for now we will still be playing in our defaults, with new interesting gun designs to sate us.

Along with these teased items, it was revealed that there will be a new game mode also launching with the full release. While few details were given, Ziegler said that the mode would be a shorter game mode that could be played in between the longer form competitive games that currently exist. Team Deathmatch was confirmed to not be the game mode, leaving many to wonder what the mode would feature. Most likely it will be closer to the “casual” game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Overall, this was an exciting announcement for the Valorant community at large, both those lucky enough to be in the Closed Beta, and those still waiting to experience the gaming phenomenon of the summer.