Spirit Slow Roll: A Guide on Spirit Composition



Fri 5th Feb 2021 - 2:44pm

Welcome to the successor to the Moonlight Diana composition - Spirits (Slow Roll)! If you haven’t guessed by now, we’ll be doing two things in this composition: Buying Diana and Slow Rolling. If you need additional tips on Slow Rolling be sure to check out my previous guide on the topic!

Composition Overview

The purpose of this composition is to Slow Roll for Diana and Nasus to hit a fantastic early game power spike. This ideally makes it much easier to catch up in levels later and hit your stronger end game units. The ideal composition setup when you reach the late game will include Diana, Nasus, Teemo, Janna, Yummi, Morgana, Talon and Samira for your units.

When should you build this composition? Like it’s predecessor, you definitely want to build this composition when you get a Chosen Diana.


Early Game

During Stage 2, you won’t be leveling up at all and you’ll be trying to horde as much gold as possible. This of course is affected by your early rolls and HP bar. Should you get in danger early, like taking serious damage, you can opt to spend some gold to roll for copies of units or change compositions.

You’ll want to prioritize buying Diana and Nasus as they are your early game core. You can fill out the rest of the board with any other units you find, but Teemo and Janna are recommended in the ideal version of this composition.

Mid Game

During Stage 3, you’ll hopefully be hitting 50 gold (if you didn’t need to take any evasive maneuvers to not die). Now you can begin Slow Rolling for Diana and Nasus to hit your 3-star copies. If you’ve had to deviate from the plan, you can employ the 20-50 gold strategy - Stay above 20 at all costs but feel free to roll excess. This isn’t the best way to do it as your econ and rate of starring up units decreases, but at least you can stabilize. 

You’ll also be looking to find Morganas at this stage, but Vladimir is also a good choice to run in her slot if your Vlad RNG is better than your Morgana RNG.

Late Game

Before stage 4 you may experience some growing pains, as you’ve mostly been an early game composition. From stage 4 and onward is where we hopefully gain back our dominance. Ideally you’ve hit your 3-star copies of Diana and Nasus (other units are bonuses) and can begin catching up in levels.

Your three late game units that you really want to hit are Talon, Morgana and Samira.

- Talon is a great assassin and backline threat. He
gives Diana a low level assassin buff which adds some crit damage and chance. Nothing to scoff at, plus the added backline pressure is always good.

- Morgana is amazing because she and Nasus complete the Syphoner buff. Which allows Syphoners to heal 100% based on damage they’ve dealt and 25% for all other allies. This will keep your team healthy and hopefully let your assassins go crazy. Vladimir is a great stand-in during the mid game, but you really want to phase him out for Morgana as she’s just generally a better unit.

- Samira is, in my humble opinion, the most broken unit in TFT right now. She dashes, shields herself, has auto attack buffs… basically she is as frustrating in TFT as she is in the base game. She’s a huge threat that hits hard and is difficult to kill, and that’s alone. Now imagine her with the buffs your team is giving her.
Carries and Items

Diana is the primary carry, as such she gets priority with items.

- Infinity Edge: Crit chance and Crit damage, amazing for an assassin who is also boosting their chances and damage passively.
- Titan’s Resolve: Grants the holder resistances based on number of crits (stacking up to 25 times). This will make Diana tanky and no one wants to see that, well except for you.
- Quicksilver: Immunity to crowd control effects for the first 10 seconds of combat, need I explain?

Morgana is your secondary carry/support, she’ll get second priority for items.

- Guardian Angel: She’ll soak hits, die and drop enemy targeting, then come back and help the team again.
- Morellonomicon: Spells burn the target for 25% of their max HP and reduce healing by 50%. This makes Morgana a great tank buster and counter to any lifesteal compositions - Ironically making her a good counter to herself and Syphoners.


Additional Notes

- If you find a Chosen Assassin Diana, rather than a Chosen Spirit Diana, replace all non Assassin and Spirit units with Assassins and Spirit units.
- Talon is also a good carry if you end up being able to craft a second Infinity Edge or Guardian angel
- Especially true if you roll a Chosen Assassin Diana: in this scenario it’s even worth it to make him the secondary carry and not focus on Morgana’s items.