Teamfight Tactics Tier-List: Best Chosen Units (Patch 10.25)



Sat 2nd Jan 2021 - 3:51pm

With the introduction of Set 4 came a new in-game mechanic: the option to buy Chosen units. For those who are new to Teamfight Tactics, or TFT for short, let’s give a brief rundown on this new addition to the game.

A Chosen unit is a 2-star unit of any cost that counts as 2 units when applying a single trait to your board. Let me give an example. A Chosen Moonlight Lissandra coupled with a Diana will give your board access to the 3-unit Moonlight trait because the Chosen Lissandra counts as 2 units for the Moonlight trait. In addition, Chosen units cost the same amount as if you were buying 3 copies of the particular unit (a Chosen Lissandra will cost 3 gold while a Chosen Ashe will cost 12).

In addition to giving double trait bonuses, a Chosen unit also comes with bonus stats. Take a look at the chart below, I promise it’ll be useful when it comes to applying items to these Chosen units (such as not giving a Chosen Aatrox a Warmog’s Armor against a Giant Slayer stacked lobby).

So you get what Chosen units do? Great! Having a Chosen unit greatly increases your chances of winning a game or improving your final placement at the end of a game. You almost always want to have the strongest Chosen you can find on your board at any given point. Let’s move onto the question a lot of players have when it comes to this particular type of unit: Which Chosen should I buy?

Before we get into the tier-list of the best Chosens, allow me to say that this guide will not go over when to sell or buy a Chosen unit. Early-game to late-game comps will require different Chosens and there are so many strategies and different routes you can take with how you incorporate them, but this guide will focus solely focus on which Chosen units are the strongest. Think of it more as a supplemental brief to help you make your purchasing decisions.

The Tier-List

S: Yone, Zilean, Sett, Azir, Lee Sin, Warwick, Jhin, Ashe, Riven, Kayn

A+: Shen, Cassiopeia, Lillia, Ezreal

A: Aatrox, Morgana, Irelia, Kindred, Lulu, Teemo

B: Ahri, Sejuani, Lux, Katarina, Jax, Kalista, Yasuo, Talon, Nami, Veigar, Pyke, Sylas, Aphelios

C: Xin Zhao, Nidalee, Yuumi, Janna, Kennen, Evelynn, Thresh, Garen, Akali, Jarvan IV, Vi, Maokai, Nunu

D: Jinx, Zed, Vayne, Diana, Fiora, Annie, Hecarim, Twisted Fate

F: Wukong, Lissandra, Elise, Tahm Kench

Chosen Unit Champion Analysis (by cost)


Diana (D)

  • An early-game pseudo-tank and assassin. Diana works well if you can 3-star her along with another Moonlight champion and throw in a few assassins to the board, but otherwise, not the best pick up.

Elise (F)

  • A Chosen Elise can act as a decent tank, but that’s about it. The only other thing that will help you is if you can get Keepers or Cultists onto your board, but why pick Elise when you can just find a better Keeper or Cultist Chosen instead?

Fiora (D)

  • With recent buffs, Fiora has seen a bit more gameplay, but still lacks the damage and useability to carry you to the mid-game with enough health.

Garen (C)

  • One of the better 1-cost Chosens, Garen is one of the best early-game tanks that can deal damage as well. Sunfire will almost always make you stronger if used on this unit.

Lissandra (F)

  • Even if you can get Lissandra to 4-star with the Moonlight trait, it’s just not worth it.

Maokai (C)

  • Like Garen, one of the best early-game tanks, especially with Elderwood activated and a Sunfire cloak.

Nami (B)

  • Nami’s great... with one condition: You must be able to make a Luden’s Echo (Needlessly Large Rod + Tear of the Goddess) before Stage 3 or it’s not worth it.

Nidalee (C)

  • A decent backline damage dealer that helps with your transition into Warlords or Sharpshooters. As a bonus, she deals some crazy good magic damage if enemies are far away. 

Tahm Kench (F)

  • One of the tankiest early-game units, so Tahm’s great at filling up the front line. You have the option to activate the Fortune or Brawler traits, so he’s not so bad, but not good enough to keep for very long.

Twisted Fate (D)

  • A backline mage who deals decent magic damage. He can be used to transition into Mages or Cultists.

Vayne (D)

  • If you have at least 4 or 5 Vayne units early, try to slowroll and 3-star her since it’s almost always a guaranteed top 4.

Wukong (F)

  • A decent tank if the Vanguard trait is activated, but there’s no way you’re placing in the top 4 with even a 3-star Wukong. Look to sell in the mid to late-game for a better Chosen.

Yasuo (B)

  • A powerful frontline damage dealer who can get you a 1st place. Yasuo is unique in that the only way he can carry you is if he is 3-starred so if you do commit to him, a slowroll to 3-star Yasuo strategy is a must.


Annie (D)

  • Decent tanky mage if the Mage trait is active on your board. Look to use this unit to carry you to level 8 or more and sell. In the worst case scenario, sell between levels 5-7 for a better Chosen.

Aphelios (B)

  • Running 4-star Aphelios is the only way to secure a win with this Chosen unit so if you have the Moonlight comp up and running, go for it. This unit is nigh unstoppable in the late game.

Hecarim (D)

  • A more than suitable tank with Elderwood. Can help you transition into 6 or 9 Elderwood comps, but you should still sell at level 7 or 8 to find a better Elderwood Chosen.

Janna (C)

  • This unit is almost always a buy. With a reduced mana cost and Enlightened, Janna will grant your units infinite shields and attack damage to carry you to the late game.

Jarvan IV (C)

  • J4 provides decent frontline and a powerful crowd-control ability to stun the enemies’ backline. Upgrade for a better Chosen at level 8.

Jax (B)

  • Jax is a simple duelist who acts as a pseudo-tank with his dodge/stun ability. Wouldn’t recommend trying to 3-star this unit even though he may carry you, and just go for a 4 or 5-cost Chosen.

Lulu (A)

  • In my opinion, the best 2-cost Chosen in the game right now. Needs Elderwood and Mage trait to be activated, but once they are, this unit will carry you to levels 8 and 9 where you can find a replacement.

Pyke (B)

  • Decent damage-dealing assassin with a nice crowd-control ability.

Sylas (B) 

  • Sylas carry will not win you the game. I repeat, Sylas carry will NOT win you the game. It is a great option to winstreak into the mid and possibly late-game if you can 3-star him with the Moonlight trait.

Teemo (A)

  • The second-best 2-cost Chosen. Equip this unit with Rod items (almost any of them work), a Chalice, and you should be good to go.

Thresh (C)

  • I would put this unit lower on the tier list, but he gives you access to an early 4-Dusk composition which is pretty powerful in the early stages of the game.

Vi (C)

  • Another unit I would have liked to place lower, but she actually does decent damage with strong items or you can just use tank items on her to carry you to level 8.

Zed (D)

  • At last, the days of Zed terrorizing the meta are over. He’s still strong if he’s 3-starred but definitely not as strong as before. Use as early-game carry and try to replace before level 8 unless you are winstreaking.


Akali (C)

  • Powerful assassin who can use Blue Buff item perfectly. Not a bad option to help you out, but there are better ones.

Evelynn (C)

  • I personally would only pick this up if I haven’t found anything better and if it means Cultist is activated. Otherwise, it is a no-buy for me.

Irelia (A)

  • Gives access to Divine, Adept, and Enlightened traits. She’s a flexible unit who can help you run a few different comps and she’s just strong.

Jinx (D)

  • Even 3-starred, I tend to avoid this Chosen unless my board is perfect for her. What I mean by that is if you are running a Sharpshooter backline.

Kalista (B)

  • Kalista uses meta items extremely well (Runaan’s Hurricane, Giant Slayer, Deathblade, QSS), which is why she’s placed so high up on the list. You can also use her to get Cultist on your board which is never a bad idea. Replace at level 8.

Katarina (B)

  • If you are going a Warlords comp, Katarina will almost always be your carry. She runs on Hextech Gunblade, QSS, and another damage item or a Guardian Angel.

Kennen (C)

  • Kennen’s not so bad since he can activate the Ninja trait. Use in Keeper comps.

Kindred (A)

  • Kindred is arguably the strongest early-game and mid-game carry. The unit deals an insane amount of damage and will carry you to level 8 pretty smoothly.

Lux (B)

  • A great crowd-control mage with Divine running. She can possibly get you a top four, but that’s a bit iffy in high-elo territory. Sell at 8.

Nunu (C)

  • Decent tank who can help get Elderwood and Brawler going so your frontline is secure. He does pretty significant damage too, which is a nice bonus, but will be deleted quickly if the opponent is running Giant Slayer or Last Whisper.

Veigar (B)

  • A 3-star Veigar has the potential to carry you to 1st place. You need Hextech Gunblade, a tear item (Chalice or Blue Buff), and another damage item.

Xin Zhao (C)

  • A hybrid tank and damage dealer, Xin Zhao is honestly not as bad as everyone thinks. He’s a necessary addition to any comp running Warlords or Duelists.

Yuumi (C)

  • A Chosen Yuumi with Blue Buff is pretty damn good in terms of the healing your team will receive. Definitely a good Chosen unit to carry you to level 8.


Aatrox (A)

  • You won’t be seeing this Chosen unit most likely until level 8 and he must have Vanguard activated or he won’t cast his ultimate. That being said, under the right conditions, Aatrox can win you a teamfight with his ultimate

Ahri (B)

  • I think this unit should be placed lower but seeing as she’s a 4-cost unit, she could be worse. You need AP items on her, but you should probably sell her the next chance you get unless you’re running a Mage comp

Ashe (S)

  • Hands down one of the best backline carries in the game. Gives you access to Hunter and Elderwood, and is a unit that will help you fight for a 1st

Cassiopeia (A+)

  • Cassiopeia is a great utility unit with an extremely powerful cone-shaped stun that can wipe enemy comps if you have Dusk running. You should run this Chosen in Dusk comps and it’ll help you get Mystic on the board, too

Jhin (S)

  • Another great backline carry, Jhin is a Cultist Sharpshooter, but he works best in tandem with the Dusk comp. Run the usual Dusk comp and one or two Cultists to get that trait activated

Morgana (A)

  • Morgana used to be in heavy demand a few patches ago, but times have changed. I would only pick her up for a few rounds (probably just one, if I’m being honest), and look to replace her

Riven (S)

  • One of the best frontline units, Riven has the potential to hard carry you. The trait that you absolutely need on her is Dusk, so just keep that in mind when considering buying her. Oh, and she needs magic-amplifying and tanky items

Sejuani (B)

  • Put simply, Sejuani is just a good frontline unit. That’s it. Run her until you can find a better Chosen that fits your board.

Shen (A+)

  • Shen can activate Ninja, Adept, and Mystic. Almost always a buy in my opinion, but might have to be sold if he’s not cutting it for your team.

Talon (B)

  • Talong used to terrorize the meta too, but with some nerfs, he’s not as strong as he used to be. With the right items, he still has potential to get you a top four, but the chances are slim with so many better comps available.

Warwick (S)

  • Deathblade, QSS, Runaan’s Hurricane. I repeat, Deathblade, QSS, Runaan’s Hurricane. That is all.


Azir (S)

  • Azir provides so much. Some defense with his Sand Soldiers passive, some damage, and one of the best late-game crowd-control ultimates. If you find a Chosen Azir, do me a favor and just run it.

Ezreal (A+)

  • A powerful ultimate with a huge range that will buff allies and debuff enemies. He’s great in Elderwood comps or can be thrown in as a random Chosen 5-cost unit.

Kayn (S)

  • You’re probably noticing a trend with the 5-cost units: they’re all amazing. Kayn is no exception and is probably on the higher end of the spectrum for 5-cost Chosen units. He works well with Guardian Angel and some Tear and Rod items.

Lee Sin (S)

  • He can kick enemy units off the board. Buy him if you’re running a Divine comp or as a random plus one to your board.

Lillia (A+)

  • Lillia’s ultimate puts enemies to sleep, which is a pretty useful ultimate if the enemy doesn’t have QSS. She runs Dusk and Mage.

Sett (S)

  • Sett is hands down the best unit when you’re dealing with a tanky, heavy damage-dealing unit like Riven or a 4-cost Diana as his ultimate does percentage health damage. Can be run in almost any comp, really.

Yone (S)

  • Yone is broken. Even a 1-star Yone can do serious damage to the enemy team with his ultimate which decreases Armor and Magic Resistance by 60% and then his next few ults just kills them instantly. Did I mention he’s broken?

Zilean (S)

  • Zilean’s ult is like adding 2 or 3 Guardian Angels to your team. He’s a bit inconsistent since a lot of team comps can melt him before he gets his ult off, but when he does, it’s amazing.