10 Tips to Win More Games in TFT



Mon 14th Sep 2020 - 11:14pm

TFT Set 4 is right around the corner. Ranks will be reset, and everyone will have to start their climbs again. Lucky for you, we have some general tips that will help you improve regardless of what set it is. Apply these to your games and enjoy the free Elo. Let's get started!

Tip #1: Play your strongest board

Let's say you are playing a Brawler Blaster comp. You just got your Jinx, and you can finally replace that Tier 2 Xayah that has been holding Jinx's items. However, you should stop to think if it's worth it to replace Xayah yet. If you aren't getting Blaster 2 or 4 from switching them out, then Xayah is objectively stronger than Jinx Tier 1 for winning early. Knowing what units will help you win, regardless of your intended comp, is a big step towards winning more games.

Tip #2: Be Flexible

Being flexible is one of the best traits to have as a TFT player. Certain High-Elo players don't even settle on a comp until level 7 or 8. While I wouldn't recommend trying that, I would advise keeping your options open. That Lucian with Red Buff could go to a variety of comps, not just Brawler Blaster!   

Tip #3: Do your research in the loading screen is the TFT equivalent of for League of Legends. If the four out of the eight players in your lobby force Star Guardians every game, it would be best to steer clear of that comp. Likewise, if you know one other player will force the comp you are running, you might choose to roll earlier than normal to grab up units.  

Tip #4: Don't ignore Giant's Belt

Too often, people ignore Giant's Belt on the Carousel, even though Giant's Belt builds into some of the most potent early game items. Zephyr, Warmog's Armor, and Red Buff are absolute game-changers for winning early rounds.

Tip #5: Turn movement prediction on

This is a little known tip and is very helpful for those that play on higher ping. Movement prediction is an option in settings and can help you get to an item in Carousel before your opponents. Try it out and see for yourself!

Tip #6: Scout!

Knowing what comps your opponents are running gives you a massive benefit on knowing whether to commit to a comp. It also can help your positioning for avoiding Blitzcrank hooks and Zephyrs.

Tip #7: Buy opposing units late game

Buying away the enemy 5-cost units so they can't get it to rank two can be huge in the late game. That rank two 5-cost could be the difference-maker in close games.

Tip #8: Level up Correctly

This can change heavily, depending on the comp. Here are two variants for you to try.


  • Level to 5 during round 2-6
  • Level to 6 during round 3-2 
  • Level to 7 during round 4-1
  • Level to 8 during round 5-1

Rush 8 (Note: DO NOT ROLL!)

  • Level to 5 during round 2-6
  • Level to 6 during round 3-2
  • Level to 7 during round 3-4
  • Level to 8 during round 4-3

Tip #9: Don't roll without purpose

Everyone has been guilty of this. You aren't getting what you need, so you decide to roll a few times. Sometimes you get your unit, and sometimes you roll all your gold. Either way, it's not efficient! Always get to the proper level for your comp before rolling.

Tip #10: Positioning 

Look up proper positioning for your comp to give general guidelines to follow. Though, correct positioning can change from game to game. Base the way you are positioned based on your opponents. It takes practice, but the ability to position correctly on the fly is potentially the most significant thing separating a good TFT player from an extraordinary one.

Bonus Tip: Take a break

Take a break between climbing to avoid burning out. Any game that has even a little RNG can get frustrating when things aren't going your way. Taking breaks can improve your mental and even make the game more enjoyable. Remember to have fun!