Stand United - A Protector Mystic TFT Guide



Thu 25th Jun 2020 - 7:53pm

Teamfight Tactics Set 3 has been reinvigorated by the latest update. Whether you are a diamond veteran climbing back up or a new player looking for guidance, this guide has everything you need to learn how to play a simple, yet reliable, comp to try out in ranked. Meet the Protector Mystic comp, a comp that is both relatively uncontested and can place in the top 4 in many games. Let's get into the details of the Units, Positioning, and more.

Tier 1

 Jarvan(Key Unit) - Jarvan is pretty unremarkable, but he is a protector, and his Attack Speed buff is nice to have.

 Leona: (Opener) - You can open with Vanguards if you get a lot in your shop.

 Poppy: (Opener) - Same as Leona.

 Xayah: Opener - I recommend running a Xayah early to provide the damage your early game Protectors lack.

Tier 2

 Rakan: (Key Unit) - Rakan can be great unit that deals good damage and has excellent CC. Having said that, other units need his items more. Consider putting Thief's Gloves on him. 

 Xin-Zhao: (Key Unit) - Xin-Zhao is the most essential unit in this entire comp. Xin-Zhao will be stacked with defensive items making him near unkillable. An early Warmog's Armor can make him very powerful early on. Always focus on getting him Three Stars.

Tier 3

 Bard: (Key Unit) (Item Holder) - Bard is somewhat overhyped in terms of his XP generating ability. Regardless Bard can be great for getting extra XP if given a Spear of Shojin. This works out well since Lulu replaces him in the late game and also uses Shojin well.  

 Cassiopeia: (Key Unit) - The newest Mystic can be quite powerful, and some Protector Mystic comps even use her as the carry. Cassiopeia's ability deals damage over time and shreds shields. In Treasure Trove, consider giving her a Blue Buff, and if you manage to get 2 Protector Spats, always give it to Cassio as she casts her spells a lot.   

 Karma: (Key Unit) - Karma can be an underrated unit that helps your other units win fights. Opt to run her instead of Bard if you want to win streak.  

 Neeko: (Key Unit) (Item Holder) - Neeko is a Protector that can use Urgot's items well until you get him. In the rare scenario where you can get Neeko to Three Stars, you can forgo Urgot entirely and focus on Neeko. 

Tier 4

 Soraka: (Key Unit) - Soraka is the last healer left after the Mid-Set update. She is also our only Tier 4 unit and will be given the task of keeping the front line alive. 

Tier 5

 Aurelion Sol: (Key Unit) - Asol is the critical piece to one of the variations of this comp. Getting him a Protector Spatula and Gunblade can make him 1v9 games. Try it out and enjoy the easy wins.

 Lulu: (Closer) - Lulu is a great late game Mystic for your team. Her long-lasting CC can give Urgot more time to use his ability, which is critical. The best part is you can have Bard hold items for her.  

 Urgot: (Key Unit) - Urgot is a lot of fun and has one of the best abilities in the game. While this comp is flexible with who to give items, Urgot is usually a good choice no matter what.   

*Opener units will be replaced after early game. Item Holders are replaced when the unit they are holding for becomes available. Closers are only used very late and aren't required. 

In general, try to conserve health as much as possible. Play strong boards and focus Two Star Units over synergies. Xayah can help in the first couple of rounds to avoid hard losses. I recommend considering Snipers instead of Mystics if you want to try to win some earlier rounds, then replacing them later on. Zephyr is another great item to win early on. Remember that, while something like a Frozen Heart is less ideal than a Bramble Vest on your Xin-Zhao, it is better to slam serviceable items and preserve your health than to hold out waiting for the perfect item.


The late game can be very powerful with this comp. Asol and Urgot both can carry games on their own, but getting them to Two Stars is critical for this to happen. Ideally, Xin-Zhao and Rakan should also be Three Starred if you want a shot at First Place. Very rarely should you try to level to 9. Instead, I would focus on rolling your gold to get your units appropriately leveled at this point in the game.

This composition is going to benefit greatly from all the defensive items. These being: Chain Vests, Giant's Belts, and Negatron Cloaks. Look to prioritize a Giant's Belt in Carousel as a Warmog's Armor for Xin-Zhao is the top priority. The general order of priority to follow is belt>spat>vest>cloak>tear>sword>glove>rod>bow. Spats are critical, so you can complete a Protector's Chestguard, which is a win condition on your Aurelion Sol. In terms of complete items, you are going to want to get a Warmog's Armor, Bramble Vest, and Dragon's Claw on Xin-Zhao if possible. Spear of Shojin is a great item on a lot of your units. Urgot, Neeko, Rakan, Lulu, and Bard all use it extremely well. I recommend a Shojin, Rapid Fire Cannon, and Titan's Resolve on Urgot. Aurelion Sol uses Hextech Gunblade to great effect, but any spare rods can go on him too. The best part about this comp is items can be very flexible, making it very easy for new players to use it.

Placing Top Four with Protector Mystic is going to require getting Urgot and Aurelion Sol as soon as possible. With this in mind, you are going to want to level to 8 quickly while also keeping proper Econ to roll for units. Listed below are my personal leveling preferences to get ahead consistently.

  • Level to 5 during round 2-6
  • Level to 6 during round 3-2 (You can roll down here if you want Three Star Units over a level 8 rush)
  • Level to 7 during round 4-1
  • Level to 8 during round 5-1
Positioning is something that should be flexible and change when playing a Protector Mystic comp. But are a few possible boards you may have in the late game. Look over them and be on the lookout for a future in-depth guide on flexible positioning.
Example #1
Example #2
  • If you can't get a protector spat, a celestial spat can be used instead.
  • Zephyr is an underrated early game item, consider building one.
  • Frozen Heart and Titan's Resolve can be nearly as good as Bramble Vest if not better in some scenarios.
  • Play your strongest board early!
  • Remember, it's early in the new patch, so don't be discouraged if you don't have a feel for the meta yet.
  • Have fun.