Blast Away The Competition - A Brawler Blasters Guide



Tue 19th May 2020 - 5:20pm

Teamfight Tactics Set 3 has had a very turbulent meta thus far. From the dominance of Star Guardians to the annoyance of Mana Printer, the meta seems to shift nearly every patch. However, one composition has remained viable through it all, Brawler Blasters. If you are looking to learn to play a composition that will help you climb the ladder into high elo, then this guide is for you! But before we get started, let's take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of running this composition and some of the units that are viable in it.


Tier 1

 Xayah: (Opener) (Item Holder) - Amazing early game unit. Terrific at holding items for your Jinx.   

 Fiora: (Opener) - Useful when opening with Cybernetics.

 Leona: (Opener) - Same as Fiora.

 Malphite: (Key Unit) - An early Two-Star Malphite is terrific for preserving health and he is required for Brawler synergy.

 Graves: (Key Unit) (Item Holder) - Normally replaced by Miss Fortune late game. Have him hold her items.  

Tier 2

 Lucian: (Key Unit) - Getting an early Red Buff for Lucian allows you to win streak for a vast amount of the early game.   

 Blitzcrank: (Key Unit) - Singlehandedly can win rounds for you if opponent mispositions.   

Tier 3

 Vi: (Key Unit) - Usually targets enemy carry with her ability. Position next to Blitzcrank as they work well together. Potential user for Ionic Spark as well.

 Ezreal: (Key Unit) - Gives Chrono synergy with Blizcrank. Another potential user of Red Buff.   

Tier 4

 Jinx: (Key Unit) - The Crown Jewel of this composition. Jinx is our primary damage threat and has the highest consistent DPS in the game after proccing her passive.   

 Cho'Gath: (Key Unit) - As the only 4-Cost Brawler in the game, Cho'Gath serves as our strongest frontline. He uses Ionic Spark very well.   

 Kayle: (Item Holder) - In rare cases where you can't find a Jinx, you can opt to replace Xayah with Kayle until a Jinx is found.

Tier 5

 Miss Fortune: (Key Unit) - Late game secondary carry. Strongest AOE ability in the game.  

 Aurelion Sol: (Closer) - At level 9, you can opt for Aurelion Sol to get Rebel Synergy (usual choice). 

 Ekko: (Closer) - At level 9, you can opt for Ekko to get Cybernetics Synergy (rarer choice, better in Treasure Trove Galaxy).

*Opener units will be replaced after early game. Item Holders are replaced when the unit they are holding for becomes available. Closers are only used after leveling to 9.  

How To Play Early Game

In general, you are going to want to play your strongest board available to conserve health and potentially win streak. Look to open with either Cybernetics or an early two Brawlers and two Blasters. Strong early game units, like Xayah, are always great to have. Either way, you will want to focus on your Lucian and getting him a Red Buff. Slam items on your Item Holders and demolish early game. Make sure to hold off on rolling gold until late game.

How To Play Late Game 

Focus on getting 4 Blasters before 4 Brawlers. As this is a rush 8 comp, you'll be level 8 fairly quickly. Once you hit 8, you can begin to roll for your units. Focus on getting Jinx and Cho'Gath Two-Starred. After that, make sure the rest of your frontline is at least Two-Starred and you can begin to Econ again. You're going to either want to level for level 9 or start rolling for Three-Star Jinx and Two-Star Miss Fortune. Leveling to 9 is the better choice if you are winning hard or didn't have to roll down for Two-Star Jinx. If you hit level 9, you'll want to opt for either Aurelion Sol or Ekko.   


Placing Top Four with Brawler Blasters is going to require getting Two-Star Jinx and Cho'Gath as soon as possible. With this in mind, you are going to want to level to 8 quickly while also keeping proper Econ to roll for your 4-cost units after round 5-1. Listed below are my personal leveling preferences to consistently get ahead.

  • Level to 5 during round 2-6
  • Level to 6 during round 3-2 (you can level during round 3-1 if you need to maintain a win streak or have above 30 gold)
  • Level to 7 during round 4-1
  • Level to 8 during round 5-1 (you can also level at 4-3 for a faster level 8 rush)     


This composition is going to benefit greatly from Chain Vests, Bows, and BF Swords. Look to prioritize Vest in Carousel with Vest>Bow>Sword>Belt>Glove>Rod>Cloak>Tear as a general order of priority to follow. In terms of complete items, you are going to want to get a Red Buff on Lucian or Ezreal as early as possible. Red Buff with Blaster Synergy allows you to conserve health early and win streak. For Jinx, you're going to want 2 offensive attack speed items and 1 defensive item. For her offensive items, prioritize Giant Slayer>Last Wisper>Runann's>Deathblade>Rageblade>Red Buff. For her defensive item, look to get a Guardian Angel or Trap Claw. Miss Fortune serves as your secondary carry in the late game and she uses any Rods or Tears you get from PVE rounds well. MF is a great user of both Seraph's Embrace and Deathcap, but items like Morellonomicon, Spear of Shojin, or Jeweled Gauntlet can be of great value as well. Look to keep an Ionic Spark on either Cho'Gath or Vi for maximum damage. A perfect item game may look something like the chart below.


Positioning for Brawler Blasters is fairly simple. You're going to want to keep 1-2 titles space between your frontline (Brawlers) and your backline (Blasters). In the examples below, we will be going over some samples of positioning at different points of the game.

Example #1

In this example, we are opting to use Xayah as our Item Holder for Jinx. Our Graves is holding items for our future Miss Fortune, but we choose to bench him for now in favor of Ezreal so we can get the Chrono synergy from Ezreal-Blitzcrank.  

Example #2

In this example, we rolled an early Jinx and will field 4 Blasters for the synergy. Positioning Blitzcrank next to Vi is always ideal. Keeping Blitzcrank near Jinx allows her to easily get her first takedown, and proc her passive.

Example #3

In this example, we have hit level 7 and placed our Cho'Gath onto the field. Though we have a Malphite on our bench, we opt to maintain 4 Blasters instead of 4 Brawlers as the Blaster synergy is superior.

Example #4

In this example, we have hit level 8 and swapped out our Graves to add in Miss Fortune. With this, we now have the complete version of our comp!  

Example #5

In this example, we hit level 9 and opt for Rebel Synergy over Cybernetic Synergy. To take advantage of the Rebel's Synergy bonus, we position them together as seen here for maximum effect. 

Extra Tips

  • If transitioning to Chrono Kayle, roll down at 4-1 for the best results.
  • By equipping a Zephyr on a backline unit, while also having a Blitzcrank, you can effectively remove two enemy carries. 
  • Roll down to 0 at 5-1, after leveling, if you need to stabilize.
  • Rebel Spatula is amazing in the rare games you get it.
  • In Neekoverse Galaxy, save both "Neeko's Help" for Jinx for easy Two-Star.
  • In Lilac Galaxy, often going early Cho'Gath is better for win streaking than an early Jinx. 
  • Don't bother leveling to 9 in Superdense Galaxy, just focus on Three-Star Jinx.
  • Give Xayah or Lucian both items from Galactic Armory Galaxy.
  • If your playing with friends, you should try to plan to avoid contesting units.  
  • Always try to have fun!