Examining the Noble Origin in TFT



Tue 6th Aug 2019 - 7:33pm

TFT had its Beta release less than two months ago, meaning that the in-game Meta has had enough time to settle with patches here and there. One of the few 6-piece sets that are currently in the game is Noble. At the very start of TFT, people thought that this Origin was "Broken" and "Unfair" but, with time, some evident counters seemed to appear throughout different builds. Will the Noble Origin be able to withstand the test of time or will it continue to fall in popularity? We were eager to find out and decided to analyze the Origin's buff, the individual cards, and the potential that 6-piece sets have in TFT. Let's jump into it!

Noble Buff

The Noble buff is a defensive buff that'll allow one Champion (or all of them) to get 100 extra armor (which mitigates Physical Damage, not Magic Damage) and heal 35 hitpoints with every physical hit that is dealt upon an enemy.

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If you have three different Noble Champions, one random Ally (doesn't have to be a Noble Champion) will gain +100 Armor and heal 35 hitpoints per attack. If you manage to get all six different Noble Champions, this buff will affect everyone in your party including extra non-Noble champions. For example, having two Vayne's won't be beneficial for your team. She won't count towards the six total champions required because they need to be a unique character in your composition.

A major downfall of virtually any 6-piece set is that it leaves a lot less room for synergies. It's also not the best set buff in the game when you can't get that last Champion that you need in the late-game, for example, Leona or Kayle. A backup plan is recommended when you're fully going for the Noble Origin buff.

Noble Champions

In this next section, we're going to cover every character that's included in the Noble Origin. These won't be in order from best to worst, but rather be in the order of their cost. Let's start with the one-costs:


First off we have Fiora, which is by many considered to be the worst Noble Champion in the game. She's best utilized as an off-tank next to Garen and starts off with 0 mana. Fiora excels in the early game but falls off heavily the longer the game goes on. This is due to her relatively low ceiling that items can't seem to fix. We would call her a "Jack of all Trades" but not perfect in any way either. She's also a Blademaster, which doesn't strengthen her case at all being one of the least utilized classes currently in the game.

Her active Ability is called Riposte, which triggers at least once every round except if she dies instantly. This makes her immune for a very brief time and deals magic damage to the closest enemy (Her A.I. can hit someone else at random). This is a decent ability but has a very small chance of changing the outcome of the fight.


Garen's up next, being one of the best one-cost Champions in the game. He has decent damage with a mediocre attack speed at best, but he makes up for it with his tanking ability. Garen is the best choice for the early-game and is, in our opinion, the best one-cost Noble character in the game. His best items include Hextech Gunblade, Warmog's Armor, and Frozen Heart.

Garen's Active Ability, Judgment, is extremely good against certain compositions. It grants immunity to magic damage while dealing a lot of AoE magic damage at the same time. This ability makes Garen a soft counter towards setups that rely on spells, making him one of the best tanks upfront. Hextech Gunblade is amazing with this ability, as it'll heal for 33% of all damage dealt to every single character that's caught in Judgment.


Vayne is the last one-cost Noble minion that we're going to cover and she's unique compared to the others we've already examined. Vayne is a Noble Ranger, with Ranger being a great class to have due to the chance it gives to double your attack speed when you have two or four Rangers in your composition. She's mediocre without items but excels when she gets her hands on items that grant attack speed. The best items for Vayne include Guinsoo's Rageblade, Rapidfire Cannon, and Runaan's Hurricane.

Vayne has a passive ability instead of an active ability. This means that she doesn't have to rely on any mana and doesn't get countered by Demons. Runaan's Hurricane is an amazing item on Vayne because of the Silver Bolts passive ability, her "Mirror" will also deal extra damage based on the maximum health of the enemy Vayne's focusing.

Vayne can be built as an ADC in TFT but can also just be left alone. It depends on the opposing compositions that you're going to face off against.


Lucian comes in as the two-cost Champion of the Noble set. He's seen as the best ADC that Noble has to offer and is classified under the "Gunslinger" class, making him a good combination with Greaves or Tristana in the early game. The best items on Lucian are Spear of Shojin, Sword Breaker, Rapidfire Cannon, Red Buff, Cursed Blade, and Statikk Shiv.

His Active Ability, Relentless Pursuit, is a great ability all around. With a bit of luck, he can dash out of spells like Varus' Piercing Arrow and deal some quick damage. Spear of Shojin speeds up the process, so that'll likely increase Lucian's chances of dodging hostile attacks.


Leona is probably the worst character out of the 6 included in the Noble Origin set. She costs 4 gold and is quite rare to re-roll, making her an unreliable pick with not much reward either. Guardian is the worst Class currently in the game, due to both Braum and Leona being very unpopular picks among many players. Don't build any items on Leona, she just doesn't utilize them well enough in general.

Leona has a decent active ability called Solar Flare. She deals a small amount of magic damage while slowing enemies at the same time. The enemy that gets caught in the center will be stunned for a long duration. The problem with this ability is that she mostly stuns tanks and not damage dealing champions that sit in the back. This makes Leona the most underwhelming 4-cost character in the game.


Kayle is the Legendary Noble character. She's classified as a Knight and considered among many to be one of the strongest champions in the game. Her class automatically synergizes with Garen, who's also considered a Knight, automatically ignoring 20 damage from every single physical attack that they endure. Keep in mind that every Legendary character in the game is extremely hard to re-roll and very hard to upgrade to Level 3.

Divine Judgement is an insane active ability. In a normal/ranked game Kayle can make two Champions immune to all types of damage for three seconds (Since level 3 isn't a feasible goal in the slightest) making her a very good support character. Never skip over a Kayle when you're trying to build Nobles!


That's all we have on Nobles for now. Keep in mind that you can combine the full Noble set with any type of Champion that requires two or less of those types. Examples include Imperial or Blitzcrank which are great options to have on the side.

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