The Amsah Tech: The Best Last Resort



Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 10:34am

When it comes to high level techs, there are many that fellow Melee fans are accustomed to: wavedashing, wavelanding, shield drops, etc. But, there is one Tech, albeit situational, that comes in handy in higher octane matches. The Amsah Tech is something that is rarely seen, but crucial when matches turn into a game of pinball.

What is The Amsah Tech?

The Amsah Tech, named after an old-school Sheik main from Europe, is a tech that allows you to tech onto the stage or platform when hit at lower angles or at a high velocity. The way to execute this tech is to simply direct your analog stick in a certain direction (DI) and input a regular tech utilizing the shield button while also tapping the C-Stick down (known as Automatic Smash DI or ASDI). This can be used in situations big and small.


Fox’s down-smash can knock you outward towards the left or right depending on where you are. While it can definitely launch you, there is a way to cancel any momentum and tech in a certain direction. In this scenario, let's say that Falco is being hit by a Fox down-smash towards the right on Battlefield. You can cancel the momentum by DIing diagonally towards your opponent and teching in place.

Another good example is in a higher percent scenario. Let's say that you are a Sheik at around 120% on the ledge of the right side of Final Destination and you get hit by a Captain Falcon Knee going to the left. Since Final Destination is quite a large stage, there is plenty of time to Amsah Tech towards the stage and keep you in the game.

Is the Amsah Tech Stage Specific to Final Destination?

Yes and no. While the Amsah Tech can be used on any stage given the right situation, it is the most useful on bigger stages like Final Destination and Dreamland. You can use it on Battlefield platforms if you are hit in the right way, but it’s unlikely.   

The Downsides of Amsah Teching

While this tech is useful and situational, it can be punished. Like in this clip from Ginger below, the Sheik in question tries to Amsah Tech a few frames too early and is sent flying, ending the match.

Other ways to punish an attempted Amsah Tech would be to use a move that can hit upward, such as Falco’s up-smash, since the Amsah Tech does not cover moves that hit upward.

Another downside to Amsah Teching is that it can be done incorrectly in a variety of ways. Players can forget to use the c-stick, forget to tech, or DI incorrectly. This can lead to disastrous, yet hilarious, results.

How Do I Avoid These Mistakes?

  • Practice! Practice helps you when trying to correctly utilize a tech
  • Keep trying it when you’re playing against a local friend or on netplay
  • Try and figure out when your opponent is going to put you in a position to Amsah Tech
  • Practice the individual parts of Amsah Teching
  • Use shield as a worst-case scenario

(Visual Credits to Super Smash Brothers Melee Tutorials, ThePrince, Mang0 and Ginger)

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