Interview with World's #42 and Jigglypuff player, 2Saint



Sat 8th Sep 2018 - 7:33pm

In a game dominated by Fox players and Marth slayers, it's rare to come across top level Jigglypuff mains aside from Hungrybox. Toussaint "2Saint" Turner however, seeks to change this narrative. Rapidly rising up the ranks of #100th in the world, to #42nd in the world, 2Saint is showing the world what his puff play can do in tournament.

With his big showing at Smash Summit, along with his recent 13th place performance at Shine 2018, 2Saint has established himself as a serious competetitor. We caught up with 2Saint shortly after Super Smash Con 2018 to hear about his opinions on the game of Melee.

So 2Saint, what was your very first personal memory with Melee as a game?

2Saint: I tend to think of this one particular moment a lot. I was maybe 5 years old at the time this happened. But I was by myself in the living room playing Melee at 3 in the morning because I had a nightmare earlier in the night. All of the sudden the screen flashes and a siren warning comes out. A shadowy silhouette and a challenger approaching title appears. It was Mewtwo and I can’t describe to you how scared I was in that moment.

When/what sparked the drive to pursue Melee as competitive venture rather than just a fun pastime?

2Saint: So there’s a lot of different moments that really cultivate where I decide that I wanted to truly be a competitor. However, I think the most important one was when I attended my first major CEO Dreamland. I decided that was going to be my last tournament. Of course it wasn’t but it truly felt like it was going to be my last hoorah as I took a 25 hour bus to Florida for this. I ended up getting 13th beating Gahtzu 3-0 which was hype but this wasn’t the reason why I stayed. I stayed with the game because I had a bit of a bad encounter with my one of my favorite players of all time Hungrybox. Me and him are good friends now but at that time he just wasn’t what I expected to be. That moment fueled me and to this day pushes me to try and become the best player in the world.

What pulls you in more as a fan of Melee? The competition and drive to win, or the hype and excitement surrounding the scene?

2Saint: This is a tricky question. The competition and drive to win fuels my own hype and excitement of the scene because I tend to become more of a fan of myself and I love to see my own personal growth.

What made you choose Puff as a main? Has choosing Puff given you a different perspective of the game?

2Saint: I chose Jigglypuff because my training partner found his own character which was Marth. I was originally a Zelda main who then became a Fox main. Kami (my training partner) learned the chain grab on fox and looking for answers I figured out Jigglypuff could duck Marth's grab which was my biggest gripe with Marth, so essentially I switched to beat my friend. Jigglypuff hasn’t really given me a different perspective of the game though.

What’s your opinion on the current meta as compared to the 2015 tier list? (last available tier list)

2Saint: Jigglypuff being 5th best in the game is hilarious to me.

In order to beat you and other high level Puffs, do you think your opponents should grind out the Fox/Falco matchup, or play different characters? What gives them the best chance?

2Saint: I think they should just learn the matchup with their character.

What gives Puff the ability to, in your words, “Have no losing matchups”?

2Saint: In theory she is the safest character in the game while at the same time needing the least minimal effort to do so while still applying pressure. She still however has losing matchups but in my opinion I don’t think having losing matchups is a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

What is your favorite aspect of Jigglypuff?

2Saint: She has a crown costume!

What advice can you give other Puffs to improve their tournament play?

2Saint: Play the game, and play it a lot. Gather as much information as you can and don’t be afraid to push yourself to get better.

What’s one mechanic in Melee you LOVE?

2Saint: I love wavedashing.

What’s one mechanic in Melee you HATE?

2Saint: I hate wobbling.

As a spectator of Melee, what is your favorite moment in its competitive history?

2Saint: Apex 2015 Leffen vs Chillindude salty suite. That was the first time I was ever exposed to competitive melee and I am so glad that it was. Starting out with a fire diss track and then him losing was just amazing, additionally Mang0 then challenging Leffen to a 1000$ money match was just insane to me.

Congratulations on your 13th place finish at Shine! What do you think lead you to placing so high at this major? What did you do differently?

2Saint: I didn’t practice that much but I think the insane amount of friendlies I played with Armada the week before at Super Smash Con was still with me. The thing I did differently was just focus on having fun and man I had a lot of fun for sure!

Do you still think Zelda has “Unlocked potential”?

2Saint: I still do actually but I don’t plan on being the one to bring it out anymore.

What’s your favorite non-tournament-legal stage?

2Saint: Onnett, only because of the music.

What controller layout do you use? (What button to L-cancel, jump, etc.)

2Saint: I use the normal way to play. No real variation to anything that I do.

Who is the absolute worst character in your opinion?

2Saint: Probably Ness.

Are you looking forward to Smash Bros. Ultimate?

2Saint: I am but not really. At this point I see the other smash games as more of a novelty.

Do you think you have what it takes to be Top 10?

2Saint: Easily.

Where can readers follow you to keep up with everything 2Saint?

2Saint: Twitter!


Thanks for taking the time to agree to an interview. Meeting you at Super Smash Con was a blast, and hopefully we’ll see you in top 8 at a major soon! Keep pushing the limits with your puff play!