RLCS World Championships Preview



Mon 4th Jun 2018 - 10:56pm

June 8th marks the start of the 5th semi-annual major Rocket League tournament named the Rocket League Championship Series World Championships. This LAN event sees the world's best teams meet in one place and play for the trophy, and their share of $250,000. This season's LAN takes place in the Copper Box Arena, London, England.

The tournament itself will consist of 10 teams: 4 from North America, 4 from Europe, and 2 from Oceania. North America showcases NRG Esports, G2 Esports, Cloud9, and Evil Geniuses. Europe is bringing Team Dignitas, Team Vitality, CompLexity Gaming, and Team EnVy. Oceania's two are Chiefs Esports Club and Tainted Minds. These teams will face off in a double elimination bracket as seen below:

The teams themselves though are the real story. Some are teams trying to rebound from awful seasons. Others are dominant powerhouses that cruised their way through league play. Let's dive into the stories behind the teams.


G2 Esports (#1)

Rizzo, JKnaps, and Kronovi found their chemistry this season and won the NA Regional Championship, seeding them #1 for the World Championships. Kronovi is a former World Champion (Season 1) and is looking to claim another title for himself. Rizzo has been in the competitive scene for a while, but before this season he hasn't really had the opportunity to make a title run. Rizzo is also a personality on YouTube and Twitch and is well-loved by the Rocket League community. Finally, JKnaps is the newest member on G2, but arguably the best mechanically, as he has the ability to completely take over a game. After this happened a few times, he was given the nickname "Knapsack" for his carrying sessions.

NRG Esports (#2)

GarretG was this season's NA MVP, posting incredible numbers. This was in part due to the rookie, JSTN, who was signed by NRG before the season, and who used his mechanical skill not only to score goals, but to set up goals for his teammates. Fireburner has been around since Season 1 and is one of the most consistent players in the game, known for his 50/50s, or "90/10s" (He is very good at them). 

Cloud9 (#3)

After storming into the RLCS in Season 4 and dominating, Cloud9 then saw some unexpected results. However, they saved their season by clinching a spot in the World Championships and going on a bit of a run in the NA Regionals to take the #3 spot. Squishymuffinz is arguably the most mechanically gifted player in Rocket League, and maintains a following on YouTube and Twitch because of it, as people come to see what crazy shot he will pull off next. Gimmick is instant offense the moment he hits the pitch, and Torment is one of the best third men in the world. When Cloud9 is popping off, you'd better watch out.

Evil Geniuses (#4)

In Season 4, CorruptedG and Chrome finished 6th in North America and missed out on the World Championships under FlyQuest. This season, after dropping SadJunior and signing Klassux, they finished 4th in league play, and also 4th in the NA Regionals, earning themselves the last North American spot in the World Championships. CorruptedG might be the most underrated player in the RLCS and can hit his shots from any angle. Klassux was actually dropped by Ghost Gaming after a breakout performance in Season 4. After being picked up by EG, he made sure Ghost regretted that decision by beating them in league play. Chrome is having a bounceback season and is playing a vital role in EG's defense.


Team Dignitas (#1)

After storming through league play and the EU Regionals, defending world champions Kaydop, ViolentPanda, and Turbopolsa were signed by Team Dignitas. Kaydop is as consistent a striker as a player can be, while ViolentPanda is more of a wild card, going up and making plays on offense or staying back on defense. The lovable Turbopolsa already has the most RLCS World Championship titles (2 Titles: Season 3 and Season 4) and is looking for another. Team Dignitas's chemistry really allows them to dominate and play as one.

Renault Vitality (#2)

Formerly known as Mockit Esports, Renault Vitality had a great run through league play and the EU Regionals. Paschy90, the "German Giant", has been around since Season 1 and has never stopped getting better at the game. Freakii was incredibly underrated going into Season 5 but has proved his worth as a vital member of Vitality. Fairy Peak is mechanically one of the best players in the world, and also Vitality's lone Batmobile player.

Team EnVy (#3)

Remkoe, Deevo, and Greazymeister were the Season 3 World Champions. After having a lackluster Season 4 and nearly being relegated to the RLRS, Remkoe and Deevo substituted EyeIgnite in for Greazymeister for Season 5 to try and shake things up. At first, the decision seemed to be the wrong one, but then EnVy rebounded, and made the EU Regionals. There, they went on a tear and upset Flipsid3 Tactics for a spot in the World Championships, and upset CompLexity Gaming for the #3 spot. That just shows why Team EnVy is a scary team to play when they are firing on all cylinders.

CompLexity Gaming (#4)

Mognus is insanely accurate when given space. Metsanauris is a defensive brick wall. And al0t is just al0t: cherry picking for the craziest redirects ever seen to man. CompLexity has one of the most unique play styles in the RLCS because of al0t's cherry picking and let it be said that is works. This team was the runner-up to Team Dignitas in last season's World Championships.


Chiefs Esports Club (#1)

Season 4 was the second season where Oceania was participating in the RLCS. There, Chiefs pulled off a massive upset in the lower bracket by knocking out NRG Esports, proving Oceania's worth in the RLCS. Torsos, Jake, and Drippay are coming back this season, and they mean business. They went undefeated through league play and the OCE Regionals, showcasing their dominance over the region. This June, Chiefs Esports Club plans to showcase their dominance over the world.

Tainted Minds (#2) 

Having competed at the World Championships before, CJCJ, Julz, and Kamii are back at it again. Julz popped off for TM in the OCE Regionals, pushing them past a tough DarkSided squad. CJCJ is the ever-consistent follow-up man, and Kamii is not only their solid third man, but also the only New Zealander in this year's World Championships.

After meeting all of the teams participating in the Season 5 RLCS World Championships, which teams are you rooting for? Which team do you think has what it takes to claim this season's title? We'll all find out for sure at the Copper Box Arena, London, England, on June 8th-9th.