Wave Dashing: A Rocket League Guide



Sat 12th May 2018 - 7:20pm

Wave dashing is one of the most important mechanics in Rocket League to learn. This is due to the fact that is can be used in many different situations found commonly in Rocket League matches. Follow this guide to learn how to wave dash and add it to your game.

To wave dash all you have to do it jump in the air and pull down the joystick slightly, and then press the joystick forward quickly and flip forward. The only thing you have to worry about is waiting until you are extremely close to hitting the ground after your jump to flip forward. If you wait too long, you will land on the ground and miss the opportunity to wave dash. If you flip too early, then your car will just do a 360 flip as normal. If you wait just until your car is close to hitting the ground, then the front of your car will slam into the ground and you will put on a quick, short burst of speed. You are able to wave dash in any direction, as long as you angle your car in the opposite direction of the direction you want to dash in (Example: If I want to wave dash right, then I slightly air roll my car to the left so I am able to slam my car down to the right.)

The first way in which you can use wave dashing is faking out opponents. If you and an opponent are converging on the ball, but you have the slight advantage in distance from it, you can wave dash when you near the ball to quickly dash into the ball, change its direction, and psych out the opponent.

Below, Kageinator jumps to pop the ball up and over the first defender, and then, just before he lands, angles his car and flips to the left, stopping the ball and juking the last defender.

You can also use a wave dash to gain speed without boost. If you successfully wave dash three or more times in succession, then you can get to supersonic speed and outpace your opponent. 

In the clip below, Squishymuffinz is out of boost, but still has no problem blowing past his opponent and (almost) scoring, thanks to a flurry of wave dashes. He even makes his opponent forfeit due to it.

Now, go into Free Play Training and practice some wave dashes for yourself. Once you get the simple technique down, try some consecutive wash dashes like Squishy, or try doing it in different directions. After reading this guide and practicing, you will be able to add wave dashing to your growing arsenal of mechanics.

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