Ceiling Shots: A Rocket League Guide



Sun 6th May 2018 - 2:09pm

This is a comprehensive guide on how to execute game-changing ceiling shots in Rocket League.

To pull of a ceiling shot, one must learn how it must be done mechanically. To start, hit the ball up a side wall so that it rolls up it smoothly. Then, follow the ball up the wall and, while staying on the wall, hit the ball out into the middle of the pitch. After this, continue up the wall quickly by boosting, and go onto the ceiling. Your momentum will keep you attached to the ceiling for a certain amount of time, so use this time to position yourself in line with the ball. Then, jump downward off the ceiling so that you fall down to the height of the ball. From here, you should press your joystick forward and then press the jump button, which will flip you into the ball in midair, generating a massive amount of power. 

In the video below, you can see that Squishymuffinz uses a ceiling shot to put in a clutch goal against Method. He really demonstrates how dangerous a ceiling shot can be if used correctly.

The reason Method was so befuddled by Squishy's ceiling play was how many options he had available. He could've passed to a teammate, put the ball off the backboard, or taken an earlier shot. Instead, he decided to fake out the first defender and shoot later rather than sooner, beating the whole Method defense. However, Squishy could've decided to pass to a teammate, which would've been likely to result in a goal as well.

Here you can see me performing a ceiling shot, but instead of taking a shot on net, I decide to pass to a teammate. The result is an unblockable goal to tie the game with 15 seconds left.

You have probably seen by now that the most vital part of pulling off a ceiling shot is the decision-making aspect. Reading the situation you are in and adapting to conquer it is what sets apart a great Tarzan Swinger from a good one. When in game, try to have the vision to see and know where all the players on the field are. Even if some players aren't on your screen, you can still know where they are.

In the snapshot above, you can see three players other than me on the pitch: an opponent positioned in the middle of the pitch, a teammate heading toward the goal from the opposite side of the pitch, and a teammate boosting toward the middle of the pitch. From this I figured that the other two opponents and my other teammate were in the bottom left corner of the pitch. Using this knowledge, I decided that since my car trajectory was angled toward the middle of the pitch, and that I had little boost to change my path, I would go for a pass to the teammate boosting toward the middle. This pass was away from the bottom left corner and away from the other two opponents, which made it almost impossible to be stopped by them. This decision worked out perfectly, as the opponent in the middle of the field was in no position to jump backward and block my pass or my teammate's shot.

After reading this guide, you now know the necessary skills needed to hit nutty ceiling shots in Rocket League matches. To practice ceiling shots, I would recommend going into Free Play Training to get the muscle memory down. After getting the muscle memory down, you will be able to do ceiling shots without even thinking. Learning how to ceiling shot will help you take your play to the next level, and create some montage-worthy moments in the process.

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