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Wed 6th Jun 2018 - 6:53pm

Erangel's southern island plays an important role in games on lower levels and on a professional level. The island has a wide range of cliffs around the southwestern and southeastern edges, two bridges that connect from the main island to the southern island, and many beaches that provide no cover when you've just arrived on a boat or jet ski. As such, it's important to get to the island quickly to avoid the bridge and shore campers. But when you've reached the Military Island, where do you go next? Let's find out!

Sosnovka Military Base

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The Sosnovka Military Base is the obvious choice to land for most people, but there are parts of the military base that aren't very useful if you come here later in the game. The image above shows the Command Center located at the northeastern edge of the runway, which is a good place to land but not worth considering if you've arrived later in the game due to the lack of cover around this compound.

The Command Center has great quality loot but sadly the loot isn't great in quantity so, if you're playing in a squad, just let one person loot this building and the rest should go north of the Command Center to loot the factory or the next buildings we're going to cover.

Three Two-Story Barracks built in a U-Shape


These military living quarters yield possibly the most loot out of all the buildings that you can find on the southern Military Island. They're easy to loot with doors that are relatively close to each other with a new loot spawn in every room that you open. But be careful, you'll not be the only one that's going for the loot in this building!

If you completely take control of these three buildings in a very early stage of the game, you can take the rest of the military base over with ease. If it's crowded and you don't want to take any risks, you can almost always find at least one or two vehicles next to the road just north of your position.

Note: There's a large metal structure just west of these three buildings that definitely makes for a great Snipers' nest!

Broken Airplanes


This place isn't a spot that you should be anywhere near to when you're landing at the military base. There's no loot in a 100-200m radius of this location.

So what's good about this specific location on the island then? Well, first off, it's near the fence that surrounds the entirety of the military base and going prone is one of the best strategies if you don't want to get seen at all and gain a swift advantage if an enemy has parked at a nearby looting spot.

The second good part of this location is obviously the planes' remains that are scattered on the grass field next to the runway. With the runway providing no cover for passing enemy players it's a great camping spot to rack up some kills from a surprising angle.

Make sure that you're camping between two of the planes and not only on one side of a plane leaving your back uncovered since that will leave you vulnerable. Also, avoid climbing onto the planes since that'll not benefit you due to the flatland around the broken planes.

Hills North of the Military Base

These hills are very important to contest later in the game if you're anywhere near the northern part of the Military Base. You have an overview of the Military Base with a very steep cliff on the opposite side of the road from the most northern edge of the Military Base, so enemies are forced to flank around the western or eastern fields that have little to no cover - while there are trees on the top of the hill protect you and your teammates.

High ground is especially important when fighting against skilled opponents which is always a roll of the dice when you're queuing for a normal game but this is an advantageous spot in every game where the play zone lands on the southern island!

Novorepnoye Radio

A sniper spot often occupied in high-level games since there's a large concrete building overlooking the road that connects the eastern bridge towards the Military Base and almost no risk of getting flanked from behind due to the rough terrain that's on the other side of the mountain.

I really like this spot since the area around the concrete building located at the lower altitude of the mountain is completely open with only a fence (the same fence as the one surrounding the Military Base) providing cover for approaching players. You also have an overview of the Military Base runway, but you need to be a seasoned sniper to actually kill those distant players.

Hill Located West of the Military Base

This hill gives you a great position if the circle shifts anywhere near the western part of the Military Island. Like the hill north of the Military Base, it has a steep slope that players can't cross easily if you're shooting at them but beware that it's very easy to get flanked by vehicles from the north and western side.

I wouldn't choose this spot over the other two spots previously mentioned (outside of the Military Base) but it's definitely a favourable spot if you don't have the other 2 as an option!


The Military Island is a great location for looting, camping and winning the game with the right knowledge. Having no vehicles here can be very punishing but that means enemy players face the same problem when they're up against you. Try all of these places out for yourself (if you haven't already) and analyze what spot gave you the best results. Good luck on the Battlegrounds!

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