PUBG Essentials: Fight Preparation



Sun 13th May 2018 - 1:13pm

In PUBG, you probably had so many different gunfights you don't even remember the rough amount. Going back into your replays and watching your fights and what exactly happened can really help you since you've probably made a critical mistake while preparing yourself for the fight or by not even taking the time to prepare! Let's go through the most important factors of preparing for a fight to increase your chances of both survival and winning!


Positioning is very important. When we're talking about positioning, we can talk about standing at the same spot, for example, holding an angle, flanking enemies to hold new angles, or setting yourself up around a building. Always talk with your squadmates about your own positioning and theirs frequently and thoroughly since it's important to frequently update your teammates with useful information in the middle of a fight - a great start only makes it better.

Getting to the high ground is always advantageous since you're the party that decides when to peek down to the lower ground. Just make sure you don't make your peek patterns too obvious, as they will just hard-scope you and shoot you in the head.

Patching Yourself Up!

You've got to have a game plan on how you want to heal up later in the game when you're freeing up space while looting, which is pretty early into the game. Later in the game, you want to heal yourself up but not waste too much time in certain situations, thus making first-aid kits and "boosters" (energy drinks and painkillers) a lot better than bandages or a med kit. This is because you can use boosters once and then mid-fight, you don't have to waste any time healing if you're on the 3rd/4th bar allowing you to run away from your enemy faster as well.

These are the most important consumables in my opinion, with the bandages and adrenaline syringe being left out due to the amount of time it takes to get the effects off. If you have enough time, every single consumable is viable though!

Keep in mind that this is very important to do before you engage in a fight because if you don't and you get pushed by an enemy that has lit you up for at least 70% of your HP, chances are that you'll lose almost any fight if he pursues you.

Standard Routines

I've seen so many players, even professional players, not watch the amount of bullets that they have in their magazine. Before going into a fight, please swap through your weapons and reload all of them so you're not stuck mid-battle with 18 out of 40 bullets.

The same goes for medical items but this fortunately something that doesn't occur with professional players. Leaving someone hanging without any first-aid kits or boosters will already put you one player behind because, if they get downed, you also need to spend time asking him if he has a first-aid and dropping it while your teammates are still fighting hard.

Make this something you do before almost every task in-game, from looting buildings just after the first few in the beginning to the final gunfights in the last couple of circles. Just remember to spend less time and attention to it the later you get into the game.


Whenever you have the time to prepare yourself for a fight, take a look around the terrain that you're currently at and the terrain your enemies will potentially be near. You should always look for the best options that allow you to easily move away from possible grenades and/or flanking enemies, who can corner you if you only have a single object to hide behind.

If you're inside a building peeking at a running enemy player, determine if he knows that you're there first and act upon that information. Preparation can also be done while you've already spotted your enemy, because the element of surprise will be removed if you shoot someone that just runs around a corner instantly and you may possibly miss those shots.

When you're traveling, you should also think about the terrain and buildings around you and decide whether it's better to take a vehicle or go on foot. Determine the distance that you need to travel and the terrain that's at your destination, since it's hard to stay hidden while prone if you've arrived in a UAZ.


Listening and watching patiently is a very important skill in PUBG, gaining information like where your enemies exactly are, what gear they have, and who they're shooting is absolutely crucial into making the ultimate battle plan with your squad. Knowing what kind of guns you'll be facing is extremely important so you won't be caught off-guard by a shotgun or SMG.

Distinguishing different kinds of weapons is extremely important before you go into a fight.

Take weapons and gear with you depending on what you're planning on doing. If you're likely to take a compound and want to hold it, a close-quarter weapon like a shotgun or SMG might come in handy instead of the standard two AR set-up


There are many ways of preparing for a (possible) fight, but they should eventually just become routines that you go through with little to no problems, almost feeling natural. Making it less of a hassle will both save you time and have a better experience in fights overall, so make sure you don't die due to mistakes you can avoid!

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