PUBG's "Codename: Savage" First Impressions



Thu 5th Apr 2018 - 8:15pm

After 4 months we have a new map that's currently being tested to add more varying gameplay to the game and switch up the pace of your games. The map is twice as small and offers a new intriguing landscape which differs from the other 2 maps. We're going to give our first impressions and examine the map's locations and terrain, let's dive right into it!

Map Overview

The new map, as announced, is 4x4 kms in total size including all the water that's around the actual island. The main concern of players was the number of looting spots that were on the map and how the landscape would play out. We'll be covering the second point in a more detailed fashion, but for the first point made there's a short answer: it's been fixed before the map even came out for testing. As you can see, there are more than enough bridges that you can cross over and the distance you need to cross over water is actually quite minimal, at the cost of killing the purpose of boats/jet skis.

Main Dropping Spots

We've examined the map and dropped at all of the places that are named on the map, some were quite disappointing but compared to the other maps they're quite innovative. This map and its looting spots feel heavily inspired by the Arma 2 and Arma 3 Battle Royale jungle maps which isn't a problem at all, since those maps were very popular back in the day. Take note that these names aren't the actual names of the locations when the map will be finished, just like they did with Miramar when it was teased.

Abandoned Resort

Abandoned Resort is the located on the northeastern side of the map and currently features mostly untextured buildings but what we have made up from this spot and its buildings is that the larger buildings contain a large amount of loot. The larger buildings towards the northern side of the Abandoned Resort have Medieval Asian architecture and are easy to navigate through. The untextured buildings currently have looting spawns but PUBG Corp. has mentioned that the map isn't finished yet so the buildings and its loot spawns may be altered sometime later in the map's development process.

River Town

River Town is a medium-sized town with a central location on the map. There are multiple advantages when you drop at this location, them being that you'll almost be guaranteed to find a vehicle (land or water) and the choice of going wherever you want. The River Town is one of many connections between the two largest islands on Savage and has enough loot for around four players but I wouldn't recommend staying here for too long.

Bootcamp Alpha/Beta/Charlie and the Training Center

The 3 different bootcamps that can be found on Savage aren't actually too different from each other, only the positions of the military watchtowers and location on the map are different. There's enough loot for a whole squad in each of these but for now, the large watchtowers aren't accessible due to the singular door being barred off. Looting these bootcamps is fine but staying here for an extended period of time isn't recommended since the buildings aren't easy to defend due to the large windows making it easy to chuck grenades inside.

Training Center is the largest collection of compounds on this map but loots and looks exactly like the other Bootcamps.

Other Looting Locations Worth Mentioning

Swamp Temple feels like a new "school" for this map but remains completely untextured at this testing phase.

The Dock is a smaller version of Novorepnoye on the very south-western edge of the map.

Rice Farming Town and Coconut farm are just two ordinary farms with Rice Farming Town having a small town next to it. Don't drop at Coconut Farm since it has very little loot.


As mentioned in the article covering the March Update and parts of the Roadmap, it looked like there was some kind of terrain looking like a rice field mixed with the features of a tropical island and this has been confirmed with the release of the map onto the test client. But what else is unique about this map compared to the others? Are there similarities between the new map and Miramar or Erangel?

Tall Rocks

We've seen these rocks pop up many times in Miramar, but they're almost everywhere on this map. They're actually quite useful to drive around quickly to lose enemy players chasing since it's hard to spot someone making a U-turn immediately around the corner. These rocks are to be found in and around the water this time, which have personally caused me problems already when I was focusing on gunshots and crashed upon a rock in the middle of the river going right through the middle of the 3 islands.

Rice Fields

As predicted, rice fields are here! They are quite unique since they take a while to scale, maybe resulting in your death if you're too slow. The Rice Fields also act as a double-edged sword since it's very easy to not be seen when you're prone but that means that when your enemies prone you may lose them and get ambushed! Take note that the glitch that you can't see tall grass has been removed and the Rice Fields are quite large meaning that there could always be danger!

Shallow Water

In Rice Fields and at the Coconut Farm there's shallow water, which we haven't seen before in PUBG. You can prone in these areas and if you take off your backpack you'll be completely invisible. They'll probably disable going prone in the future for areas with shallow water, but abuse it while you can for some extra fun!

Hills and Trees... A Lot of Them.

PUBG Corp. listened to the community on this one, the whole map is absolutely filled to the brim with hills and trees except for the coastal areas near the edges of the map and the river. Due to the density of the 4x4km size of the map, you should think about your choices to take a vehicle or go by foot since vehicles like the Pick-up and the Van aren't suited for this rough terrain.

Notable Features

All of the vehicles and weapons that can be found on both Miramar and Erangel are on this map, even though some aren't viable to use on the new map.

Vehicles contain less gas than their counterparts on the other 2 maps, this is due to the smaller size of the map.

Currently, there are no new weapons or vehicles on the test server with the jungle map.

The weather effects have made a comeback! There have been reports of rain in-game meaning that fog could make a potential comeback to the game since its removal in the 1.0 update.


In our opinion, this map is great! It's not even finished yet and if they keep listening to their community and the feedback they'll be providing over the course of the multiple test phases there's hardly anything they can do wrong. These are only our first impressions since the map just came out and we'll keep you up to date with every major update that the map may receive in the future.

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