Keybindings and Settings Guide for PUBG



Sun 18th Feb 2018 - 12:00pm

PUBG has a lot of keys that are used in-game, which can make it kind of confusing to keep track of what every key on your keyboard does in-game especially for newer players. Some of the default keybindings that are currently in the game originate from the Arma 2 and Arma 3 Battle Royales, which sometimes had pretty clunky feeling keybindings. Settings in this game have a great impact on the game, not only FPS-wise but also vision-wise which you'll find out later on. This guide is aimed towards the players that want to dive deeper into the competitive side of the game and seek improvement outside of just the standard gameplay. With that being said, let's dive right in.

Useful Keybindings

There are a lot of useful keybindings in the game, but some take the cake for being especially poorly placed and could be improved by a very large margin.

The first keybinding we'll be covering are the two keybindings for increasing or decreasing the zeroing distance of your scope. On the default settings, these keys are bound to Page-Up and Page-Down but on normal keyboards, they're almost always on the other side of the keyboard to the side of your mouse. Zeroing requires a quick response time so it should be bound closer to the WASD-keys, for example, the F1 to F5 keys.

The second keybinding doesn't have a default setting since the developers of PUBG haven't put it in yet, providing you with a very large advantage over other players that don't have the keybindings set yet. I personally have set these keys (Use Bandage, use Medkit, use First-aid kit and the use Energy Drink/Painkillers) to 7-8-9-0 on my keyboard since they're not used at all and don't feel awkward for the hand positioning I'm used to. Remember to always at least use some keys for using your meds since they'll speed up the process.

Another keybinding is the Mark Current Position that is not yet used by many people. It's bound to the Insert key and instantly marks your exact position regardless if you have the map open or not. This can be very useful to inform your teammates about where potentially better loot is located if you can't take the gear with you or to mark an enemy when you're very close to him and don't really have time to open up your map.

Resetting your zeroing can be really annoying, especially without using the keybindings that were mentioned above. Not many people know/use this, but you can reset the zeroing instantly by just pressing your Scroll Wheel once, which may feel a little awkward at first. If you've bound the other keybindings for zeroing to F1 and F2 it's really easy to get used to resetting your zeroing by placing the keybinding on F3, but it's not necessary since you can just spam press the lower zeroing button until you're at your normal 100m zeroing distance.

Settings That are Just Right

Settings depend a lot on personal preference. Sre you able to sacrifice graphics quality to become more competitive in PUBG if it gives you a tactical advantage? Just like almost every other competitive game, graphics settings have a large impact on FPS and have a visible difference latency-wise. For example, the lower your resolution settings, the better response time your actions like shooting other players will have. With that being said, let's cover all the settings in-game quickly but thoroughly.

• Screen
           • Screen Mode: Fullscreen for more FPS but it's harder to Alt-Tab.
           • Resolution: Really sacrifices your graphics for performance, mostly stick to your native resolution.
           • FpsCameraFOV: Just put this on 103.
           • Brightness: No performance impact, but can be more useful for dark spots like Sosnovka Military Base on Erangel.

• Quality
           • Quality: Custom, otherwise all the other options in this tab have identical settings.
           • Screen Scale: Keep this at 100, the game's appearance gets a lot better but your performance will take a dive.
           • Anti-Aliasing: I prefer to keep this setting at High/Ultra since it distinguishes players a lot better and doesn't blend them with the terrain they're walking upon.
           • Post-Processing: Keep this at very low at all times, it just gives extra blur to terrain and tanks your FPS
           • Shadows: Very low or low, it just takes up more FPS and gives you a disadvantage against other players since they'll be harder to see.
           • Texture: Keep this at high or ultra to compensate for the other lower settings making your game a lot less ugly. This setting doesn't have a large impact on your FPS.
           • Effects: Very low or low, these are mostly just muzzle flashes, red zone explosions, or grenades. Especially in red zones, this can impact your FPS badly.
           • Foliage: This setting should always be very low. It hides grass and wheat when you're at a certain distance allowing you to see everyone who's prone trying to hide.
           • View Distance: Low or very low, even when you're sniping at 800 meters on the low setting you'll still be able to see everything and anything above that is a rare occurrence.
           • Motion Blur: Always off, this just gives you a disadvantage when looking around.
           • Vsync: Off if you don't mind screen-tearing or if you have a 120hz Monitor or up, otherwise keep it on.

My final tip for your settings is to right click PUBG in your Steam Library > Properties > Launch Options and type in -koreanrating for blue blood making it a lot easier to see your hits on enemy players.


For key bindings, it's not a fact what's better and what's worse since it comes down to personal preference like most aspects of this game. These different bindings can really help you elevate your gameplay when you're not getting better at the game itself (aim-wise etc.). Settings-wise this game really benefits from the lowest settings possible, even professional players don't use their native resolution just to get a tactical advantage in-game and you should at least try it out when you're trying to get to your peak performance. I wish you the best of luck on the Battlegrounds.

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