First-Person and Third-Person - What Perspective Should You Use In PUBG?



Mon 5th Feb 2018 - 7:43pm

When you're on the lobby screen inside PUBG, you may wonder what the difference is between TPP and FPP, what the differences in-game may be, and why people would prefer for example FPP above TPP. This and more will all be explained in this guide, with it going into detail about every subject. With that being said, let's get right into the guide.


Third-person is the mode that the most players start with since it's the default selection that the game has when you've just booted it up or when you re-enter the lobby from a previous game. Third-person is generally perceived as the easier and more "casual" game mode, but that doesn't mean that players that play the TPP game mode require no skill to win a game. Let's go through the advantages and disadvantages that the Third-Person perspective holds.

• It's easier to play especially for new players.
• Less aim-heavy since hip firing is easier to use.
• You can manipulate the camera to look around corners.
• Leaning to the left/right is a lot more effective.

• The skill cap at which you can max out is lower due to it being a more accessible mode.
• Other players can manipulate the camera as well so your deaths may seem unfair.


First-Person is the game mode that requires a lot of skill due to the FoV (field of view) of the game being much smaller in this mode than in the third-person variant. You have to use keys like Alt to look around you and vehicles are a lot harder to drive but you'll get used to it for sure. Almost every high-level to professional player exclusively plays FPP due to it being more like a competitive shooter rather than a casual shooter. 

• You'll mostly play against players that have a minimum skill level already, allowing for higher quality games and better practice.
• It's more aim-based than Third-Person since you can't use the camera around corners without showing yourself.
• There's a red indicator when you hit a wall in front of you in both modes, but in FPP it's easier to see where your gun is actually positioned.

The red indicator that's mentioned above.

• For new players, it's not recommended to play this game mode right from the get-go.
• You have to do more work to actually win and position yourself differently.
• The size of the FOV may feel claustrophobic and limit your abilities at first.

Tips and Tricks

There are still tips and tricks that are bound to each respective perspective. It may sound weird but in every Battle Royale game that you'll ever play, the camera is the most manipulated tool to construct the path to that sweet chicken dinner.

For third-person, you should really use prone whenever you can later in the game (around the top 20). The camera has been nerfed but it's still really overpowered compared to the first-person variant. Always make sure you hip fire and never aim down sight when you're lying in the tall grass.

The camera positioned while prone with an overview of the road while it's very hard for other players to see you.

It's easier to siege buildings in third-person, but it's even easier to defend a building because you can look over the top every obstacle that may block the enemies' bullets. When you are on the first story or even have an enemy that is approaching you downhill, you'll have a great vision advantage.

Bushes are a great way to mask yourself and still be very deadly. They essentially provide cover that is penetrable but is still effective. Pressing X to holster your weapons allows you to be nearly invisible while positioned inside a bush.

In first-person, jumping and looking around you while you're in mid-air allows you to keep on moving but still look around yourself like you would in third-person games.

Personal preference

When you're deciding which of the two you're more comfortable with, think about your own experience in games that you played before you started playing PUBG.

Are you used to FPP because of certain games like CS:GO, or are you more used to third-person games?

Do you have experience in shooters and especially with ones that have realistic bullet drop?

Do you want to approach this game competitively or casually?

If you play with friends, what do they prefer and why?

What are you better at?


Both game modes have their ups and downs respectively, and that's fine. You should really decide for yourself what you should play the most but having a balance between the two is great fun to play casually but delivers worse results when you're looking at it competitively. Whatever you do, be satisfied with what you play and don't force yourself to play something you really don't want because it won't help you grow as a player.

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