Where to Loot in PUBG's Miramar Map



Tue 2nd Jan 2018 - 8:50pm

Miramar is the second map that has been added to PUBG, and it has a lot more places to loot than the previous map, Erangel, had to offer. The fact it's a lot bigger and loot is randomized in this game can make it hard to discover where to find the best loot and the most. There is a new "School" on this map where around 12 to 18 players drop each game, we'll get into that looting spot and many others in this guide. Let's get into it.

Hacienda del Patrón (Cartel Mansion)

We're starting off by talking about Hacienda del Patrón, the new "School" on PUBG's desert map. This looting spot is relatively small, north of the map's center and east of a larger city called San Martin. The great features that this place has is that it has a lot of military loot (this map has the highest spawn rate of level 3 gear and spawns 6 to 12 primaries every game) and that it actually spawns very close to each other, allowing you to loot very quickly and move on to other looting spots. Be careful since this spot is very well known and you'll have to fight at least 1 player every time you drop here. If you think you have enough loot be sure to leave as soon as possible since you'll be pushing your luck if you want to kill everybody in Hacienda del Patrón.

Good spots to go after you've looted here include:
• All nearby "villages"
• Water Treatment
• Minas Generales
• Junkyard

Bad spots to go after you've looted here include:
• San Martin (except for when you've seen few people land there, otherwise it's very dangerous)
• Graveyard (Bad loot overall, ignore this place except if you've got no other place to go)
• Power Grid (Most times at least 1 team lands here and moves on quickly, you'll end up with no extra loot.)

Prison (The tropical place you wait before you're taken into the plane)

The Prison on Miramar is quite different from the one prison on Erangel, having a lot more loot inside and there are no flight paths that takes the plane directly goes over it. The Prison on this map is surrounded by water on 3 different sides and located on the southwestern edge of the map. The Prison has very high military loot and it's not too far apart from other areas so you don't have to run far to get to a new loot spawn. There are some players that go here but it normally doesn't happen. That brings us to the only downside of this place: the fact is that you absolutely need a vehicle to reach this place in time since the play zone will seldom land on the part of the map where the Prison is located.

There are really no good or bad spots to go after you've looted here since you mostly need to move to the zone almost directly after looting the Prison. But just in case the zone has included the Prison in it or anywhere near it, go east to Los Higos or go further east to the small island for the safest loot. Note that Minas del Sur boxes you in due to its few exits and the high ground around it like the Prison on Erangel.


Pecado is a small town that's currently the second most visited place after Hacienda del Patrón and is located just 200 meters southwest from the center of the map. This town has flats that are full of loot, features a big two-story Casino right in the middle and a three-story gym in the northern part of the town. The Casino is a place that has a large amount of military loot and you'll most likely have to fight someone for the loot on top of the roof or once you fall through the giant hole that's in the roof. The Gym has even more loot but is also twice as dangerous. When you try to land at the gym you should do so through the holes that are in the roof to make sure you're the very first player that has arrived there. Pecado also offers many hiding spots when you've acquired your loot but it's kind of far from any other town.

Pecado is almost always in the zone so you have enough time to move to different towns and where you go should be almost entirely determined by where the circle has landed.

Campo Militar (Miramar's Military Base)

Campo Militar is Miramar's version of the Military Base, located in the far northeastern corner of the map and it could be compared to the Sosnovka Military Base on Erangel. The loot here is kind of split up but there's a lot of it so it's good to loot this place when you're playing with a full squad but I wouldn't recommend landing at Campo Militar when you're playing solo. There's probably enough loot for two full squads here but it's so far away from any other town and also has very few small "villages" next to it. Be careful as very few vehicles will spawn in this area and you have very little chance (an even lower chance than when you go to Prison) of having a zone that actually includes the Military Base in it.

If you do land at the Military Base while solo, going to the eastern side of the Military Base is recommended since the loot there is a little closer to each other than the other parts of the Military Base.

Puerto Paraíso

The small coastal town Puerto Paraíso is a medium-sized town on the southeast edge of the mainland. Most people don't even consider this town as a good landing spot, but that's what makes it so great. You can gear a squad pretty decently here and will usually fight no other players for the loot. This town also has a lot of vehicles that spawn including Jet-Ski's and Boats that offer easy getaways. Loot spawns aren't too far away from each other in Puerto Paraíso but the only problem is that it's a spot with an extreme amount of terrain without any good looting spots around it where everyone can see you walking, so a vehicle is absolutely essential.

Beware that Puerto Paraiso goes uphill including all of the buildings so when you go on top of roofs a lot of people can see you due to the high ground.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment is a pretty decent looting spot that's located just north of San Martin and Hacienda del Patrón. Earlier in this guide under the Hacienda del Patrón section, we mentioned that it's a good looting spot to go after Hacienda del Patrón but if you're with 2 or 3 people you can also go straight for Water Treatment since it has a large amount of mid to high-level loot. The loot is pretty split up for a solo player, but it's very doable compared to Military Base. The most loot is located in the pits of the water treatment plant and the white buildings on the south side.

Water Treatment is located in the center of the map and close to 2 other good looting places, making it a hotbed for action that leaves you vulnerable when leaving Water Treatment.

Crater Fields

The 2 Craters that are located in the northwestern part of the map are a decent looting spot for solo and duo gameplay. The amount of loot is decent enough here since there are quite a lot of buildings to loot and almost nobody will try and drop here. I had to face while dropping here were four players in duos over the course of twenty games. The most loot is located in the eastern crater due to the number of buildings that are located there and how close they're to each other compared to the western crater.

The Crater Fields are relatively safe but always beware since there are 2 very active spots near it:
• El Pozo, one of the biggest cities just southwest of the Crater Fields
• La Cobreria, a large town where two teams will drop. This is the best option to go to if it's in the play zone.


Since Miramar is still a very fresh map, we don't exactly know where the best looting spots are. We have a pretty good vision for now when we're talking about the spots mentioned in this article, but go and explore for yourself since the map has around twenty percent more land than the original map Erangel. Miramar has the tendency to have play zones in the northern part of the map so take that and your own safety into account when choosing a place to land or continue your looting routine. Good luck finding yourself the best loot and try to go for those chicken dinners in Miramar! 

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