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Sun 26th Nov 2017 - 1:06pm

PUBG is a game you can play in many different ways, but the two main ways are playing aggressive and playing very passive. Even though you shoot less people while playing passively, you need to know how to aim to survive most situations in game. This guide will try to make you a player that wins most of those situations, even with the smallest amounts of changes in your playstyle. With that being said, let's jump right into the guide.

~ Utilizing the map and your minimap. Both maps that are in-game are very important to adjust your zeroing distance for longer range shots and exactly pinpointing how far away the enemies are that you spotted.

The white lines on the minimap and the normal map when you zoom in, indicate 100 meters per square. When you check the minimap, you can see that your character is positioned exactly in the middle, meaning that the edges of your minimap indicate 200 meters from your position.

The yellow lines on your normal map when you are both zoomed in or zoomed out on the map, indicate 1000 meters per square.

Yellow lines indicating 1000 meters and white lines indicating 100 meters shown on the map image above

~ When to use hip fire and when to aim down your sight. Most people switch to aiming down the sight immediately when someone is in their range, but you need to really consider which weapon you're using when deciding to use hip fire or aiming down your sight.

With short range weapons, you should almost always use hip fire except for the scenarios when you need to shoot someone that's too far away for you to accurately spray with hip fire. This is not recommendable since most short ranged weapons don't have the ability to have scopes on them.

Medium range and long range are different. The weapons that have the ability to go full automatic are a toss up if you want to use hip fire or aiming down sight. It's your personal preference. Long range weapons like bolt-action rifles and semi-automatic snipers are almost always useless while using hip fire compared to aiming down your sight.

~ Using scopes and sights to your advantage. You can't always use the same scopes, since it's entirely random which ones you'll find. But prioritizing weapons with the right scopes is essential for your aim.

It is important to note that you need to always put your crosshair on the enemy you want to shoot before aiming down your sight.

With the 2x and 4x scopes, it's very useful to also look around the scopes while aiming down your sight to use them like binoculars. These two scopes are the most important scopes in the game since they drop more than the 8x scope and they're useful for almost every weapon they can be put upon. When you're using the 2x or 4x scope to shoot someone at medium range, don't spray them but rather tap with your weapon.

The Red Dot Sight and the Holographic sight are also very useful and are the most common attachments for the top of your weapon in the game. These sights should be put upon your low to medium range weapon and be used as backups for your scopes. Currently, the Red Dot Sight is a prefered pick since you can see more while aiming down the sight with the Red Dot Sight rather than the Holographic sight.

The 8x and 15x scope are the scopes that are mostly used for the Bolt-Action rifles and the Semi-Automatic rifles. These rare scopes cannot be used to look around the scope and use them as some kind of binoculars, but do have some other usages. The lines under the reticle that you aim with indicate how far the bullet will drop with each line indicating 100 meters of extra distance with your current zeroing.

~ Practice, practice, practice. No one will be a professional aimer without practice of course. Grabbing different weapons at spawn that you never get to play with is a good thing to be doing rather than standing still. When you grabbed a weapon and want to shoot with it, shoot on moving players to get some practice in, rather than shooting on people that are standing still since you don't learn anything from shooting at them.

While in-game, you don't always meet other players to shoot at and the game still has no offline practice range or anything that fits the bill, but shooting at random targets for me seemed beneficial. I got a lot better at shooting players just by practicing on distant barrels or other objects.

~ Predicting where the enemy will go. This is pretty straightforward but absolutely essential to have better accuracy. Most people will run unpredictably when they're being shot at, but shooting at their current location is utterly useless when you're shooting at someone at medium range or above.

When people are being shot at, they will track where the bullets come from and find the nearest object that protects them from the side they're being shot at.
When you're shooting an enemy, you need to know where he is going to run and shoot in front of him by predicting the bullet travel time and what he is going to hide behind.
Shooting at vehicles is kind of the same but it's best to not shoot at them in most situations, except when you have too many bullets.

~ High, stable framerate and why it's so important for your aim. Most people have a decent framerate but frame drops in their gameplay. Going to lower graphical settings can benefit your gameplay since swapping to your scope and going back to the normal camera angle (Both in third-person and in first-person) is very important to keep looking around you and also switch quickly when you see someone to shoot at them.

Aiming in PUBG isn't the easiest thing to do, and it's definitely not easy to master. These tips cover the general parts of aiming and improving those, but things that are based on your personal preference like mouse sensitivity, crosshair color and multiple other features in the game can help you a lot as well. I hope this guide will improve your aim and kill to death ratio, and I wish you luck on the Battlegrounds.

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