Overwatch Maps and You - Lijiang Tower



Mon 9th Apr 2018 - 5:00pm

Different maps in Overwatch can lead to different types of comps and playstyles. Today I'm going to be talking to you guys about one of Overwatch's control maps, Lijiang Tower. Lijiang Tower, like all control maps in Overwatch, is split into 3 separate maps. Each map leads to a different type of composition and variety of characters. I'll be discussing with you what types of characters you should look to play on these maps for each role.

Contol Center

Control Center usually has some very set picks that players decide to put in their comp. The fight usually begins in the Server Room to the left of the map and will continue around it and the control point as the map goes on. When it comes to picking a hero on this map, you are going to want someone who is good at close quarters combat or can do a lot of AOE damage. 

Tanks - For tanks on this map, you can run quad or triple tank. However, there are two tanks that I would say are necessary when it comes to playing on Control Center. You are going to want to play Reinhardt if you are the main tank player. Your shield is a huge asset in blocking incoming damage from Zarya and Junkrat grenades when you are fighting in close quarters combat. You are also going to be able to do a lot of damage and disruption with your hammer. Alternatively, if you are an off-tank player you can pick Zarya. Zarya is able to gain a lot of energy from her barriers due to being in such a confined area during most of these fights. The opposing team is most likely not going to be able to dictate whether or not you can gain charge as the damage will be coming in all around you. If you time your barriers correctly, it can add up to a huge amount of energy, which in turn gives your team more damage and gives you a faster percentage to your ultimate. 

DPS - For DPS, my biggest recommendation would be to play Junkrat. As Junkrat, your AoE damage coming from your grenades as well as your mines can pump out a lot of damage. You are also able to do this from a relatively safe position from the back line. The only thing you should be worried about when playing Junkrat on this map is that if the enemy does indeed have a Zarya, you will be feeding her a lot of charge. The payoff can be worth it though if you get a few lucky bounces with your grenades onto the enemy squishies. As for another option, it is okay to play whatever you are comfortable with. However, with the upcoming (or present depending on when you read this) buffs to Reaper, he is also a good decision to shred through the opposing enemy tanks. 

Support - AoE is the name of the game so far and when it comes to healers on this map you have a couple of options. Moira is obviously one of your best bets as she can do a crazy amount of healing with her orbs and healing spray. She also has quite a bit of self-sustain so she can handle herself in those brawls that happen often. Coalescence is also an ultimate that can keep your whole team alive if used correctly, or can dish out the damage if needed. The other support is Lucio, the original AoE healer. The movement you can give to your team, as well as the AoE healing, makes you a huge asset to your team. Not to mention you are pretty slippery yourself so you can stall the point and then get away from enemies unless they hard focus you.


Garden is a very open map besides the control point itself. The starting fight usually will break out in front of the spire control point past the bridges and from then on will devolve into brawls either inside the spire or outside. Since the map is very open you are going to want characters who can use those long sightlines or hold their own in a fight. 

Tanks - As we've seen in competitive play, dive is still a very strong comp when it comes to Overwatch. The amount of damage you can dish out onto a single target if you are coordinated enough is an insane amount. The best combo for dive is Winston and D.Va. If you and your D.Va are going in together on the enemy support, you can instantly kill them and turn the fight in your favor. Also, D.Va's versatility as a hero being able to use her Defense Matrix to block incoming Pharah Barrages or being able to take out the inevitable Pharmercy you will see on the other side.

DPS - With Garden being a very open map with easy access to the skybox, Pharah is a great pick for this map. You can do a lot of uncontested damage with your rockets raining down onto the enemy tanks and supports. You also can get very high up into the air, preventing the enemy from consistently damage you. One of the things I would be wary of with this pick is that you almost always need a Mercy with you. If the other team ends up having a Pharmercy and you are playing Pharah solo, the enemy Pharah will most likely be able to kill you before you can kill them. If the Pharahs are doing too much damage to your team and you are playing a no hitscan hero, it might be good to switch over to Soldier 76 if you are good at tracking. A few well-placed shots can clip the wings of the Pharmercy and the other team will lose a large amount of their damage and healing.

Support - As I mentioned before, if a player on your team is playing Pharah it is almost always a good choice to pick a Mercy to go with it. Mercy and Pharah have been one of the best combos since the characters were released. Even if you aren't the greatest Mercy player, tethering yourself to your Pharah and letting them be free to do a lot of damage will work wonders. That isn't to say you shouldn't help your team at all but your main goal should be to make sure your Pharah does not die. If you're looking for a different support or Mercy is taken perhaps thinking of switching to Zenyatta. Zenyatta's discord orbs are great at helping try to kill the Pharmercy combo. Your ultimate can also counter Pharah's ultimate if timed well enough, leaving the Pharah open to being focused by the rest of your team while she is in her ultimate animation.

Night Market

Night Market is the most versatile map out of the three maps on Lijiang tower. Almost anything can be played on this map with success. It is sort of the amalgamation of both maps. There are a few open spaces but there is a cramped area on the point where a lot of the brawling can happen. 

Tanks - As mentioned in Control Center, Reinhardt can be that frontline tank that your team needs to take the win. If you're confident enough in your supports to heal you and in your own abilities as a tank player, you should be able to wreak havoc on the enemy team. Your enemy team will most likely be very grouped up allowing you to gain massive amounts of ult charge with fire strikes and hammer blows. Never be too scared to let you earth shatter fly in team fights. If you are confident enough on a Zarya, you can play her but it won't be as easy to gain charge as it was on Control Center. A better decision might be D.Va, not only does she have the versatility I mentioned before but she also can boop people off of the edges of the point.

DPS - Almost any DPS can work on this map. The biggest thing to look out for in this situation is counter picking. Pharmercy can be something that shows up on this map but really the thing I would recommend most would be to play what you are comfortable with. McCree, Soldier 76, Tracer, Genji, can all work well if they are your comfort picks. 

Support - For support on this map, Lucio is almost essential. The amount of mobility you have due to your wall riding as well as being able to give your team AOE heals will make you a menace to the enemy. You are also great at controlling the point once your team is on it. If the opposing team does not respect your boops they will end up off the map and most likely have to reset. As for a second support, Moira is a good choice overall and can help with the healing output using her healing orbs to bounce around the crowded area of the control point. 

Hopefully, these Hero picks will allow you to take a few 2-0 victories in your ranked games. Always remember though that the best option for hero picking in this game is to be flexible in what you can play. Always try to be flexible with your teammates and work together with them to get yourselves the victory. But hopefully, I gave you guys a little bit of insight on what you can switch to and what you can look to counter. Until next time! 

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