RIP and Tear: Is Junkrat Too Strong?



Sat 30th Dec 2017 - 1:02pm

Ever since Junkrat got a slight buff a few months ago, he went from being one of the worst DPS heroes in the game to being an absolute monster in terms of both damage and mobility. His Frag Launcher is still very inconsistent (unless you're really good at aiming his projectiles), but the addition of a second Concussion Mine charge gives him a source of burst damage that doesn't require a tremendous amount of skill to reliably land. While it's nice that Junkrat is finally seeing more play, especially at higher levels, he seems a tad bit overtuned right now.


Giving Junkrat an extra Concussion Mine was definitely a much needed buff, but it's also debatably overpowered because of how they never tweaked its damage. Right now, he has the ability to run up close to a target and deal 240 damage without even using his primary fire. Pair this with an older buff to Junkrat, which is the removal of self-inflicting damage from Frag Launcher, and you have a close to mid-range beast of a DPS hero.

While one can argue that he doesn't need to be tweaked any further, there's no denying that this is a lot of damage for something that takes very little effort. If Blizzard were ever to nerf him, they have a few options to do so without making him fade back into obscurity.


First of all, they can just straight up reduce the damage dealt by Concussion Mine. A fair way to do this would be to change it from 120 to around 80 damage. This way, he can still combo his primary fire with a mine for a solid 200 or so damage, which is enough to kill most of the cast in only two hits.

With this, his mine's focus would most likely shift more into mobility rather than easy two-hit kills. One downside to this is that it potentially removes his ability to perform cheeky Steel Trap + Concussion Mine combos, since the trap only does 80 damage. Since the mines' damage doesn't stack, he'll only be able to deal 160 damage with this combo.

It'll also reduce his potential to execute low-HP enemies, though that seems fair since he still has two charges to use.


Another change they could implement is to add some sort of damage falloff to his mines. Right now, he can get a free 120 damage as long as his target is within the splash radius. Adding even a slight falloff could reduce the number of cheap kills he'll be able to perform, while still rewarding skillful projectile aiming.

With this, he'll still be able to deal the same amount of damage he does now, but it'll require a bit more effort than just throwing bombs at the general direction of your enemies. Condisering that almost every other explosive in the game has reduced splash damage, including his own primary fire, this should be a fairly reasonable change.


While, in my opinion, RIP-Tire is fine in its current state, some people may argue that he charges his ult way too fast. It always has been easy to charge Junkrat's ult, but now that his tire's mobility received a huge buff, it's fair to ask for a bit of a nerf to compensate. Also consider that having an extra mine means more damage, which means more ult charge.


At the end of the day, we'll just have to deal with Junkrat in his current state until Blizzard rolls out another balance patch that involves him. He's still easily counterable by certain heroes, such as D.Va and Pharah, so he's not really an unstoppable force that stomps everyone.

What do you think? Should Junkrat be nerfed? If so, what changes would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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