Lúcio: Tips & Tricks for Playing One of the Most Impactful Heroes in Overwatch



Tue 7th Nov 2017 - 9:48pm

Lúcio is one of Overwatch's most beloved heroes and also one of the most picked. His AoE speed boost is essential in team compositions like the Dive Comp, a team composition consisting of fast heroes. Lúcio is kind of easy to learn, but extremely hard to fully master. This guide will try to improve your Lúcio gameplay by providing tips and tricks using Lúcio and his abilities on different maps. Let's dive right in.

~ Use the map and its environment. On some maps, using Lúcio's speed boost is an essential attribute to have in your team, making him a very important pick. Lúcio's wall riding potential is great on maps like King's Row or King of the Hill (KOTH) maps. Climbing up high walls can be done easier by wall climbing in a corner where 2 walls meet each other. Wall Ride's cooldown resets itself when you walk on the ground or ride onto another wall.

Using Soundwave (right mouse button) can be more useful on KOTH maps due to environmental kills. Good strategies to employ are wall climbing over the enemy and using Soundwave from behind to knock the enemies into your team or off the map.

~ Know when and how to use your Soundwave! So many Lúcio players don't know when or how to use Soundwave by using it too much or too little. If there's no direct result from the Soundwave and you only use it to damage the enemy hero faster, stop doing that. The best ways to use Soundwave is by protecting your second support from the opposing Winston since heroes like Zenyatta don't have the mobility to protect themselves from those kinds of heroes. Soundwave deals 25 damage, so if you are chasing an enemy hero that's very low but he's too hard to hit with your left click (like a Genji using his double jump), you can use your quick melee (V key) and Soundwave directly after to do a 55 damage combo.

~ Positioning with Lúcio. Lower level Lúcio players wander off alone and don't optimize their healing or speed boost by staying around their team. Lúcio is best positioned around a second support or behind tanks but always try sticking to places with walls around you. Only wander off from your team if an enemy is very low on health and doesn't have healing supports around them.

~ Assault and Payload maps. There are many things which can go wrong here, including mistiming abilities. If you're on a Payload map on the attacking side, and when the game starts and the door opens, don't use Amp it Up for the speed boost since it doesn't give you any value. It can backfire pretty quickly when your team needs extra healing because of an early attack from the enemy team and you wasted your Amp It Up right out of the gate. On all Assault maps, you have to deal with chokepoints. Using Lúcio's speed boost and Amp It Up can give you a big advantage at most choke points on Assault maps if you time it right.

~ Spread out your primary fire. It's normal to use your primary fire as much as possible, but move your crosshair a lot while you're shooting because it shoots 4 separate projectiles. Predicting where the enemy will go and trying to utilize your primary fire as suppressive fire can help you improve your weapon accuracy.

~ Optimizing the effect of Sound Barrier. Sound Barrier has an animation that makes Lúcio jump from the ground to slam his Sonic Amplifier on the ground. When you're using Sound Barrier try to use it towards an area that's higher ground than the current altitude you're standing on to trigger the Sound Barrier effect faster. For example, you can use Sound Barrier on the ground and with the animation jump onto the Payload to reduce the interval between the animation and the effect.

The other trick you can apply is when you're distributing the Sound Barrier effect to your teammates who are in line of sight, you have a time window of around a second to give the effect to teammates that aren't in your line of sight until the green wave animation fades.

~ Good heroes to combine Lúcio with and why. The meta of the past months had one team composition that ruled called the "Dive Comp". This composition of heroes showed that when you combine all mobile heroes like Lúcio, D.Va, and Winston you can overwhelm the enemy team solely by using speed. This also showed that Lúcio is a very good hero to be combined with all of those, but those aren't the only heroes he's good to combine with.

Another team composition consisting of 3 offense/defense heroes, 1 tank hero and 2 support heroes also benefits more from using Lúcio as one of their supports since he heals in an area of effect, its effect is more useful on lower maximum health allies.

In conclusion, Lúcio is an easy hero to learn, but hard to master. He's one of the key heroes in Overwatch and the 2nd most picked healer after Mercy in the current meta. Using Lúcio with some of the tips shown in this guide, can really make the difference. Good luck in your future games playing Lúcio!

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