How Heroes Stack Up Against Doomfist



Tue 1st Aug 2017 - 12:56pm

With the release of Doomfist upon us, you may be wondering how your main will do against him. Some heroes will be completely countered by Doomfist while others will counter Doomfist, and then there are heroes where it will come down to who is the better player.

First step to figuring out how to play againt a Doomfist is learning what his abilites are and how they work. So, for those of you who have not seen his abilities yet, I'll give you a brief explanation of what they are. Doomfist's primary fire is a shotgun that shoots out of his knuckles. Ammo is automatically regenerated for this, so there is no need to reload. The first ability Doomfist has is a charge up dash called "Rocket Punch". With Rocket Punch, Doomfist is able to charge up for a powerful dash.

If Doomfist hits an enemy hero with Rocket Punch, they will be knocked back and if that hero is knocked back into a wall, they will take extra damage. The second ability for Doomfist is called "Rising Uppercut". When this ability is used, Doomfist hits the enemy in front of him with an uppercut and that hero is knocked into the air. Rising Uppercut ties in with Doomfist's third ability "Seismic Slam". When Seismic Slam is used, Doomfist crashes to the ground and knocks enemies in a cone shape closer to him. Doomfist's ultimate ability is "Meteor Strike". With Meteor Strike, Doomfist launches himself into the air and then crashes down onto the ground and any enemy caught in its radius is knocked down, similar to Reinhardt's ultimate.

Finally, whenever Doomfist does damage to enemies with any of these abilities, he gains a shield thanks to his passive "The Best Defence". We have a bunch of heroes to cover so lets get to it.


Genji is very mobile so it is hard to Doomfist to land abilities on him, but when he does land a Rocket Punch it leads to Genji's death and your team being down a member. If playing as Genji save your dash if you know that Doomfist is around because it could come in handy for a quick getaway from a Rocket Punch or Rising Uppercut. Also make sure to take advantage of your wall climb so you can get the high ground and make it even harder for Doomfist to get to you. The only thing that can be reflected from Doomfist's kit is his primary fire.


McCree is a unique hero that can both be really good at sitting back and getting picks or being up close to Flashbang an enemy so his team can then focus them down. When playing McCree against a Doomfist, try and stick back far enough where you will not get picked but are not too far away so that you can come into the fight if you are needed. Conserve your Roll and Flashbang until Doomfist is ready to charge at your team or until Doomfist is picked off. When stunned by McCree's Flashbang, Doomfist becomes vulnerable to all of your team's damage, and your Roll can be useful to get close enough to Flashbang or it can be used as a dodge/disengage. Remember, it is better to hold on to an ability for a little longer rather than wasting it early and getting punished for not having the ability up anymore. 


Since Pharah spends most of her time in the sky, it can be very hard for Doomfist to land any of his combos on her. Pharah can be hit by Doomfist's shotgun but it does not deal enough damage to the point where you can be killed by a Doomfist that is by himself. Use your jetpack responsibly when facing a Doomfist, because things could take a turn for the worse if you happen to be in front of him with no fuel. You are also able to use your knockback when Doomfist is in the middle of your team to disrupt his engage. It would not be a bad idea either to stay in Mercy's line of sight (if you have one) so that she can fly to you if she is under fire.


Reaper can use his Wraith Form to get away from being hit by Doomfist's abilities. Shadow Step can also be used to reach high ground to get away from Doomfist and his ultimate. Since Reaper is one of the tankier offensive heroes, he is able to survive if he is Rocket Punched into a wall. If Reaper can get close enough to Doomfist, he will be able to kill him within a couple of shots and heal some health back as Reaper outdamages Doomfist in a 1v1 situation.

Soldier 76

With Soldier 76 usually being behind his team or on the high ground, it makes it easier for him to land shots and Helix Rockets onto Doomfist. But like when playing McCree into Doomfist, you will want to hold the Helix Rockets for when Doomfist is already in the fight. With the combination of your primary fire, the Helix Rockets, and your team's focus it will be pretty easy to eliminate Doomfist and stop the engage attempt. When using Tactical Visor, the only thing that can save Doomfist from your sights is his ultimate or using Rocket Punch to get away.


Since Doomfist needs to use his abilites to be able to engage in a fight or disengage, a Hack from Sombra can be devistating to him. Your Hack is on a low cooldown, so try to keep Doomfist hacked at all times. Keeping Doomfist hacked will also show when he has his ultimate. If Doomfist has his ultimate, your team needs to be careful because if you are grouped up, Doomfist will most likely try to Meteor Strike all of you and start a team fight. Getting hit with a Rocket Punch will kill Sombra, so be careful when walking in front of Doomfist. You can either keep your Translocator away from the team so you can get away if you get focused, or you can keep it with you and only use it when you are about to get focused.


Tracer does well against Doomfist as she can Blink around and be a pretty hard target to hit. But if Tracer is out of Blinks and gets hit by a Rocket Punch, she will be picked off. Conserving Blinks and Recalls can make for a quick getaway whenever Doomfist hits you with Rising Uppercut or he is about to use Meteor Strike. With Tracer's quick rate of fire and fast reload time, you are able to Blink around Doomfist and constantly be shooting at him. Also if you stick Doomfist with your Pulse Bomb, it will kill him even if he has his shields at max.


Bastion is not the best pick into Doomfist unless your team can protect you. Bastion spends a lot of his time in Turret Form, which makes him vulnerable to Doomfist if not protected. Upon receiving a Rocket Punch and a couple of primary shots you will die. But if you are protected by your team and Doomfist does not come after you, it becomes easier for you to eliminate him. If Doomfist is in the air when he is using Rising Uppercut his movement becomes predictable and, since there are not many obstacles in the sky to block your shots, you can shoot down Doomfist and save a teammate in the process.  


With Hanzo being away from the front line in most fights, he is not the main focus of Doomfist when he engages your team. That leaves you plenty of room to shoot at Doomfist while he is fighting your team. If Doomfist happens to be in the air, aim below him a little so that when he falls down he will fall into your arrow. Scouting out Doomfist with the Sonic Arrow can help your team see where Doomfist is and predict where he will engage you from. Doomfist can escape your ultimate with his Rocket Punch or Rising Uppercut, so use your utlimate when you know those abilities are down.


Like McCree, Junkrat is able to immobilize Doomfist completely for a short amount of time when his trap is triggered. During this time, it is very easy to kill Doomfist because he can not get away and he has no abilities to protect himself from yout team's damage. If Doomfist kills you by hitting you into a wall and he sticks around for too long he will most likely die to your passive ability. The Concussion Mine is a great ability to send Doomfist in some other direction, stopping his combo. 


Mei works really well against a Doomfist because once he dives your team with his abilities he will no longer have an escape and Mei will be able to immobilize Doomfist by freezing him solid. Being in Cryo-Freeze or putting up an Ice Wall in front of Doomfist can stop his Rocket Punch or Rising Uppercut and possibly save your team. Blizzard has a pretty big radius so if Doomfist is in the middle of it, he will have to use Rocket Punch to get out of it.


Torbjörn and his turret work great at defending an attack led by Doomfist. Rocket Punching a level 2 turret will not kill it, so Doomfist will be taking shots from the turret the whole time if he is trying to take it out. That leaves the opportunity for Torbjörn himself to come in and land a couple of shots to take Doomfist out of the fight. If Doomfist is close to the turret, you can Molten Core to make him back off or kill him. Keeping armor packs on your teammates can make the difference if they get Rocket Punched into a wall. That extra 75 health could keep a lower health offensive hero or support alive.


Just like Hanzo, Widowmaker is not in the front line when a fight breaks out, so if you keep your distance from Doomfist he will be easier to target. Throwing a Venom Mine in front of Doomfist before/during his dash can be a good way to lower his health before he gets into your team. Doomfist is one of the bigger targets in the game so he will be easier to hit. Two fully charged sniper shots will leave Doomfist with ten health if he does not have any shields, so you can finish him off with the machine gun if you think it will be easier to hit him that way.


D.Va's Defense Matrix is pretty much useless against Doomfist because he is mostly melee ability based, but D.Va is still a tank who can shred through Doomfist if given the opportunity. Doomfist has nothing to protect himself from your Self Destruct unless he wants to waste a Rocket Punch to get away. When out of your mech you need to be extra careful if Doomfist is around because a single Rocket Punch will kill you and even getting hit with a Rising Uppercut will deal a lot of damage to you.


Orisa was literally built to stop Doomfist in the lore so it makes sense that she counters Doomfist pretty hard. Orisa can use Fortify to stop any crowd control (CC) done to her, so that renders Doomfist useless against Orisa as he is very reliant on using his CC abilities. Fortify can be really useful for when Doomfist uses Meteor Strike, because while your team is down you are able to throw a shield and protect your teammates until they are able to get back up. Doomfist can also be dragged around by Halt, which will disrupt Doomfist's combos.  


Reinhardt is a slow-moving target and Doomfist's Rocket Punch goes through his shield making Reinhardt an even easier target for Doomfist to hit. Also, if Reinhardt is charging and Doomfist hits him with a Rocket Punch, they will both be knocked down similar to when two Reinhardts charge into each other. Landing a charge onto Doomfist and hitting a wall will kill him unless he has his shields at max. When Doomfist is using Rocket Punch to engage on your team, it makes him an easy target to hit with Fire Strike because he can only go one direction while dashing. Earthshatter can stop Doomfist also but make sure to kill him before he gets up so he cannot get away.


Roadhog may not be able to one-shot Doomfist with the hook combo, but he is able to disrupt Doomfist's movement which helps out a lot. The hook combo can get Doomfist low enough for one of your teammates that are close by to finish Doomfist off. When playing Roadhog, you are able to hook Doomfist out of the air just like you can with Pharah. You are also able to out heal Doomfist's primary fire but only heal if his abilities are down, because if you are hit with a Rocket Punch or Rising Uppercut it will end interrupt healing. Whole Hog can keep Doomfist away from your team if he tries to engage with his Rocket Punch and if you are able to get him in a corner or small room with Whole Hog, it becomes an easy kill. 


Winston is able to hop away from Doomfist's abilities and Winston also has a lot of health so he will not die instantly if he gets Rocket Punched into a wall like the non-tanks might. Since Doomfist is always on the move, Winston's Tesla Cannon is great to use on Doomfist as you do not need to aim to hit him. Winston's Primal Rage is also really good against Doomfist because with him being knocked around so much it will be really hard for him to land his abilities and build up shields, so he will either be killed or forced to disengage from the fight.


If Zarya can put her barriers on the right people at the right time, whoever has the barrier on them is able to take a Rocket Punch and the extra damage if they happen to hit the wall after. This is a nice way to build up charge on Zarya because Doomfist will constantly use Rocket Punch to try and engage on your team. Make sure to keep barriers on your teammates that are being focused by Doomfist. With the recent changes to Graviton Surge, Doomfist will not be able to dash out of it making him easy to hit.


Like some other heroes, Ana is great at taking away Doomfist's mobility with her Sleep Dart. If put to sleep and then focused by one or two other teammates, Doomfist will be taken out quickly and have your team up a member in the fight. With all the diving Doomfist is doing he will need to be healed most of the time. Your Biotic Grenade can stop the enemy healers from keeping Doomfist healthy. This may cause the enemy team to take more time to pick their fights because they now know that you will try to either sleep Doomfist or hit him with the anti-heal, and thats good because they are now wasting more time. At the same time, you may now be subject of focus from Doomfist to stop this. Be sure to move around so Doomfist will not know where you are when he tries to engage in a fight. 


Lúcio is great for knocking Doomfist around whether he is in the process of using his abilities or he has already used them. If you are able to boop Doomfist during his Rocket Punch or his Rising Uppercut, you have the potential to save a teammate and pick off Doomfist which can lead to a team fight win. Lúcio's ultimate can also be a lifesaver to counter Doomfist's Meteor Strike. As soon as you see the marker that Doomfist is about to come down, do not be afraid you use your ult. By the time the enemy team depletes your shields, you will all be back up again.  


If Mercy is not the main focus of Doomfist's attacks, she is fine. But, if she is the focus, make sure your team is nearby so they can help you with the fight or give a route to fly to safety. As mentioned earlier, if you are under fire from a Doomfist and you have a Pharah on your team, you can fly to safety with her as Doomfist cannot reach Pharah most of the time. Try sticking back if you know Doomfist has his ultimate. If your whole team is hit with Meteor Strike there is a chance that the team will be wiped out and then you will be able to get that clutch Resurrect that winds up winning you the game.


While Doomfist is dashing, Symmetra can latch her laser onto him and he will pretty much be killed if he misses the dash, even more so if Symmetra has turrets damaging Doomfist as well. Doomfist can also have his mobility slowed if he is being hit by these turrets. If playing Smmetra while facing Doomfist, it might be a good idea to place your teleporter/shield generator somewhere high up so Doomfist cannot reach it as easily. If he chooses to focus your ultimate, he will take longer to destroy it because his primary fire does not do as much damage as other heroes like Tracer or Soldier 76.


Lastly, we have Zenyatta's matchup against Doomfist. As soon as Doomfist engages on your team, throw a Discord Orb on him so that when your team tries to kill him he will go down quicker and you will have one less threat to deal with in the fight. If you see the Doomfist is using his Meteor Strike like Lúcio do not be afraid to use your ultimate. Zenyatta's ultimate is special because when he is using it he is CC immune like Orisa is when she uses Fortify. So even if your whole team gets knocked down by Doomfist, you are still able to keep them healed up until they are able to recover.

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