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Mon 3rd Apr 2017 - 12:53pm

One of the more challenging skills in Overwatch is not just aiming, but positioning as well. We've all seen it happen too often: a tank gets caught and our defense is compromised, a support can't pop ultimate because they're dead, or DPS put themselves in danger. You're not dying because of your aim. You're dying, most likely, because your positioning is off. Here are some things that you should keep in mind to help you get better

1. Don't Die

If you should take anything from this article, take this. There's a hidden objective in Overwatch and many players often ignore it: stay alive. Some stay alive by killing first. But what edge do you have over someone who has better mechanics than you? Your positioning. Go into your games with awareness of how much you actually die. How many of those deaths could have been avoided? How many of those deaths were from your positioning? There are some unavoidable deaths, and you need to be sure to identify them and only accept those circumstances as the only time you will ever die. 

If you're a solo Mercy, be selfish with your healing. If you know you are safe, don't put yourself in danger by flying to the Reinhardt fighting. If you're a Soldier: 76, how can you deal damage while the enemy struggles to put damage on you? Stay behind your tanks or an obstacle. If you're a Reinhardt, be mindful of where your team is and position yourself to bring them all together. The closer you are to your team, the less likely it is that you will die. This doesn't mean to clump, however. 

2. Metronome Tanks

Perhaps one of the most positioning heavy roles is being the tank. Think of your tanks as the drummers to your band. They keep the tempo, pacing, and rhythm. A more aggressive tank player will need a team that follows his quick playstyle. A safer tank needs a team that can keep him alive and wait for the right time to push. A key thing to take away from this is to be aware of your tank and support or deal damage behind them. If you find yourself dying too much because you had a lot of exposure (check your kill cam) then you need to find your tank and fight behind them. Tanks are there to take damage for you.

3. Understand Line of Sight and Range

Become familiar with corners and which heroes have a ranged advantage. If the enemy has a Widowmaker, the farther you are from her does not matter. If the enemy has a Reaper, the distance does matter. This also requires you to learn your limits on range as well. If you're playing Soldier: 76, his range has a spread and may not be effective dueling at range with a Widow. That being said, keep in mind where Widow, or any enemy for that matter, can see you. Where on the map are you the most exposed? How can you create an escape for yourself if they push in with their ults? How can you create a choke to kill as many enemies as possible? Know your line of sight and the enemy's.

4. Know The Map

Aside from knowing which small pocket you can hide or make an escape route, know a map's high ground. Watchpoint and Route 66 often start off with the defense on high ground. Numbani's defense point A is a perfect example as well. There are four ways the enemy can push and the high ground makes it safe for the team to move their positioning simultaneously. If the enemy is approaching from the low ground, all the team has to do is drop down, fight, and reposition. If the hero you're playing is more isolated such as Tracer, Widow, or Genji, keep in mind the location of the health packs. Your supports can also count as health packs, but don't rely on your Mercy to fly across the map for you. 

5. Hero Positioning

Your hero has a lot to do with how you position yourself that goes without saying. Often times, when you feel like you're just not working out as Reaper because you can't seem to kill anyone, the answer is to switch to a hero with a different positioning style. Again, this ties back to knowing your range. Keep switching it up until you find a hero that lets you die less, do more damage, and fits the positioning of the rest of your team. 

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