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Wed 8th Mar 2017 - 11:02am

Skill is a very important part of leveling up in Overwatch. You have to be able to mechanically play the heroes well to win matches. However, something that players can undervalue at times is basic knowledge of the game—What heroes counter other heroes? What heroes are best for certain maps or game modes? What heroes combo well together?

In this article, we are going to look at some popular hero combos in Overwatch. These pairs are based on overall synergy, including ultimate combos as well as how they complement each other in team fights. A lot of players go into completive either queuing alone or with one or two other players. Knowing these synergies can help you and your teammates rank up in smaller queues.


1. Sombra/D.Va

Combining D.Va’s bomb with Sombra’s EMP can be extremely powerful, especially when trying to clear the point or get people off the payload. Sombra’s EMP disables shields and barriers that can block D.Va’s ultimate. Timing is everything with this ult combo because you want the enemy team set up on the point and not running from the bomb. Toss in D.Va’s bomb, and just before it goes off, pop EMP. This will shut down a Mei wall or Rein shield, leaving the enemy team completely exposed. Since D.Va has the ability to deal good damage and hunt enemies down, Sombra’s hack can leave the enemy team exposed. Coordinate Sombra’s hacks with D.Va’s positioning—that way Sombra has cover to get close enough to hack, then D.Va has the ability to get in, deal damage, and get out quickly.

2. Zenyatta/Tracer (or Genji)

Zenyatta’s ability are really good for divers like Tracer or Genji. Both of these heroes get into the other teams back lines, deal a lot of burst damage, and get out quickly. Zenyatta can cover these low-hp heroes with a harmony orb while targeting the same enemies with discord orb.

3. Soldier 76/Reinhardt

Soldier does well behind Reinhardt’s shield, and their ultimates also combine nicely. Soldier has the ability to support Reinhardt with healing if the Reinhardt needs time to charge his shield. One of the most important parts of this synergy is Soldier’s ability to break the enemy Reinhardt’s shield. Once that is broken, your Reinhardt can freely ult the enemies without worry of it being blocked.

4. Pharah/Mercy

Mercy is popular with Pharah because Pharah’s mobility can help Mercy to stay alive with the added verticality and mobility. At the same time, Mercy can damage boost Pharah—giving her rockets 156 damage with a direct hit and between 39-104 splash damage. Mercy’s heal also enables Pharah to play more aggressively against her counters.

5. Torbjorn/Symmetra

Torbjorn and Symmetra are the ultimate defense duo. With Torbjorn’s armor paired with Symmetra’s shield generator, these two can offer their team 75 armor on top of 75 shields. Torb and Symmetra have the ability to shut down a dive comp by eliminating flankers with their turrets. Symmetra’s turrets slow down flankers enabling Torbjorn’s turret shoots at a single target for longer.

6. Reaper/Lucio

Reaper can supplement Lucio’s AOE healing by consuming souls. Part of what makes this combo really good is that Lucio can reach Reaper on the flank without giving away his positioning. Coordinate when Lucio speed boosts so that Reaper can get in and out of the other team quickly. This added speed gives Reaper’s ultimate more mobility, allowing him to reach and eliminate more enemies.

7. Zarya/ Genji (or Tracer)

As we covered before, Tracer and Genji are divers. Zarya’s bubble protects them while they are rushing the enemy team while giving Zarya charge for her weapon. Their ultimates combo really well, but it’s important to understand their counters. Zarya/Tracer ult combo would be really good against a Zenyatta since Transcendence only heals over time and not against burst damage like Tracer’s bomb. Zarya/Genji would be better against a Lucio ult because Genji’s ult can deal 120 damage per swing over time and Zarya can supplement the extra damage.

8. Reinhardt/McCree

McCree needs to shoot from behind Reinhardt’s shield. With his limited mobility, especially while using Deadeye, Reinhardt’s shield offers him the protection he needs to get eliminations. Rein’s ult also combos well with Deadeye since he can stun enemies for 2.5 seconds. The synergy goes both ways since McCree has the ability to stun an enemy Reinhardt if they decide to charge your Reinhardt.

9. Lucio/Ana

This healer combo reigned over the Meta for the better part of Season One of the key abilities in this synergy is Ana’s Biotic Grenade. With her team grouped up, she tosses in the grenade while Lucio uses Amp it Up. If you can land this combo, Lucio heals 45 per second (compared to Mercy’s 60 per second). The big difference being Lucio can reach his entire team with AOE healing.

10. Roadhog/Ana

With the amount of damage Roadhog puts out right now, the sustainability Ana offers him makes this duo a dangerous combo. Roadhog is a huge target for Ana’s abilities and primary fire. She can sustain him with her burst healing, but she also supplements his self-heal with her Biotic Grenade. Ana’s ult paired with Roadhog’s ult is just scary. Roadhog takes 50% less damage with the potential of putting out around 7500 damage. Three letters, friends—R.I.P.

Bonus: Mercy/Bastion

With the Bastion 76 changes well on their way, players are expecting big things from this robot and his little bird. Put a Mercy with our new Bastion, and he is going to be nearly impossible to kill. Mercy’s 30% damage boost is going to make Bastion a damage-dealing machine, literally. Bastion’s new self-heal ability will not be interrupted by damage. Pair that with Mercy’s 60 healing per second, the other team is really going to have to focus Bastion together in order to take him out.

These combos can change at any time with developer updates. Although this list was not based off the meta, a lot of the meta heroes appear in this list—sometimes more than once. These heroes are really powerful in professional play, but that doesn’t mean you must play them to win. Sometimes pulling out a hero combo that players aren’t used to seeing is enough to throw them off guard.


What are some of your favorite hero combinations to use in Overwatch?

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