7 Custom Games for Overwatch



Wed 8th Mar 2017 - 11:04am

The Update

Blizzard announced that the server browsers are in the PTR. For those of you who don't know what a server browser is, here's Blizzard's explanation of it: "Starting today, every player can create their own, unique Overwatch experience and share it with their friends, their teammates, or the entire world. Introducing the Server Browser." Basically, people can now join custom games that other players create. So, if you're bored with the usual quick play or need to take a break from competitive, this is a great way to goof around and have fun. 



  • Widowmaker, McCree, Soldier: 76
  • Headshots only
  • 3v3 or 6v6
  • Increase 500% damage
  • No ultimates

For those of you who want to really give yourselves an aiming challenge or practice, this is a fun and intense game mode to play. It mirrors Counter Strike: Global Offensive as best as it can. Headshots-only game modes may not be for the casual player. This definitely caters towards players who have confident aim and love the competition. Because abilities are not restricted, this may be a good time to explore the map and find creative ways to flank and surprise your enemy. Widow's grapple gives you height advantage, McCree's flashbang requires close range so flanking may be fun and challenging, and finally, 76's sprint creates for a quick paced movement throughout the map. AlexACE playing CS:GO

Lucio Racing

  • Lucio only
  • Preferrably Numbani
  • Max everything, reduced cooldown, reduced damage received

At this point, you can do anything in custom games. Got a need for speed? This game mode is the total opposite of the intense headshots-only game mode. The goal is not to kill nor is there any objective for that matter. This game mode is open to wall riding around the map as fast as you can or have a set timer and set number of laps for the Lucios to complete. It's pretty fun wall riding as fast as you can. It almost feels like you're flying! With this amount of Lucios, there's a 100% chance of maximum chill. MXC playing Lucio Racing


  • 3 Soldier: 76s and 1 Sombra
  • 3 rounds
  • No health regens.

The set up for this game is very specific. On the 76 side, they can only have .75 HP and their movement speeds are reduced to .85. Be sure to take away 76's abilities to sprint and heal. Sombra on the other hand, receives 2.75 HP, 2.22 Move Speed, 2.0 Projectile Speed, .15 Stealth, 2.0 Translocator, and 2.5 EMP. All of her abilities are enabled. If the 76s survive for long enough, Sombra is then revealed. When all of this set up is finished, get ready for an intense survival game. Sombra has to kill all three 76s in order to win and the 76s have to survive until the time is up. It does feel like a survival game. Knowing me, I'd be a bit terrified of an invisible enemy that's out to get me. This was all influenced by the movie Predator. Good luck! Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel playing Predator

Attack on Titan

  • Genji, Hanzo, Widowmaker vs. Winston, Roadhog
  • Ilios Elimination
  • 2v6

This game mode is open to a lot of changes or customizations. The core rules for both teams are: increased 300% move speed, no health recovery. Garrison rules are: Widow does not have her venom trap, Genji cannot deflect, and Hanzo has no abilities. Titans obviously get more HP. Roadhog cannot heal and Winston cannot drop a shield down. This is a pretty fun game mode if you're a fan of the anime. If you're not, it's still fun to run around with insane speeds and fly. FalseProof playing Attack on Titan

Omnic Crisis

  • 3 Reinhardts vs Bastion
  • Eichenwalde

The Reinhardts must have reduced cooldowns, quicker ult charges, and more health. The Bastions also get faster ult charge, with a little bit of extra health and movement speed. You can relive the tragedy in Eichenwalde with this game mode. The Reins must defend their castle while the Bastions try to move the payload. Pretty simple run down of the objectives. It's the easiest to set up. Let's hope the Reins can defend and prevent the destruction of Eichenwalde from happening again. JuliPlays playing Omnic Crisis

Ana Paintball

  • Only Ana
  • Preferably Lijiang

In this game mode, Ana can't heal with her grenade or health packs. You may set this to one shot, one kill. This game mode is fun overall. It isn't too challenging and it shows of Mama Ana's sick moves. Give everyone increased damage and movespeed, the usual insane settings. This game mode can be easily customized. Some people like to have a Hanzo in mix, but Ana only is equally as fun. ScottJAw playing Ana Paintball

Boss Fight

  • 1v6 Elimination
  • Reinhardt, Winston, Roadhog

Classic 6v1. Brings me back to some RPG classics. One boss is completely jacked with health, cooldown reduction, and damage increased. All three tanks get their abilities except Winston cannot ult. Makes sense since he would just be an unkillable monster. This can be played on any map, but I prefer night maps. Night maps create that spooky vibe. FragManSaul playing Boss Fight


This is just a short list of game modes that can be played on the server browser. Of course, you can set your own rules and tweaks. Maybe even create a game mode of your own! There are hundreds of custom games and they're all different. Bring your friends or make friends in this new way to play Overwatch. Have fun!

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