Clash Royale League Europe - Week 1 Recap



Thu 6th Sep 2018 - 8:38pm

Match 1 - Set 1: Team Liquid (TL) vs Fnatic (FNC)

Surgical Goblin and DiegoB compose Team Liquid’s 2v2 team and face off against Dion and Lemon Tea, with both parties opting to ban Poison. Team Liquid bring out a strategy revolving around Graveyard/Freeze with a Golem to tank. This combo allows them to take down the first tower and defend for the remainder of the game to secure a 1-0 lead in the set.

Game 2 sees both teams utilise similar strategies that use the Graveyard and Freeze combo as their win condition lead by a Lavahound. Team Liquid leads in tower damage initially but Fnatic builds a strong counter-attack in the opposite lane. Unfortunately for Fnatic, their push gets decimated and they lose their tower in the process meaning Team Liquid leads the Match 1-0.

Match 1 - Set 2: Team Liquid (TL) vs Fnatic (FNC)

Azilys represents Team Liquid, looking to sweep the match 2-0. With Fnatic’s back against the wall, they look to Asuchini to win the 1v1 and take it to a third set. Azilys bans Valkyrie and Asuchini bans the Ewiz and unsurprisingly, considering the bans, both players pilot Royal Hog decks. Constant pressure on both lanes as Royal Hogs are split repeatedly and eventually a winner is determined as Azilys destroys a tower with 15 seconds left.

Azilys chooses to use the Royal Hog deck again and Asuchini counters with Splashyard. A well-executed Graveyard/Poison push establishes the lead for Asuchini. Asuchini snowballs this lead into a tower kill leaving Azilys with only one option. With 20 seconds left in regulation time, Azilys throws everything he has in an attempt to tie up the game but a well-placed tornado from Asuchini handles the Hail Mary push with ease.

Asuchini's Tornado defense

Game 3 leaves Fnatic in a do or die situation and puts a ton of pressure on Asuchini who elects to use the same strategy as he did in Game 2. Azilys predicts this move, counters with a Three Musketeers deck, and smashes a tower halfway into the game and wins the set and match for Team Liquid.

Team Liquid 2-0 Fnatic

Match 2 - Set 1: Team Queso (TQ) vs Misfits (MSF)

BENIJU and Saint Belikin from Team Queso ban Tornado and Poison is banned by Regue and #Peppe. Both teams bring a variant of Golem/Clone decks but Team Queso reigns supreme in the opening game. In Game 2, we seem similar decks except Misfits has swapped in a Pekka for a sturdier defense. Misfits is able to generate an insane double Clone push that is unstoppable and earns them a three crown victory and takes the set to Game 3. Team Queso switches it up in the final game and uses a Graveyard/Freeze combo that leads them to victory.

Match 2 - Set 2: Team Queso (TQ) vs Misfits (MSF)

Soking (TQ) faces ThatOneGuy (MSF), with the players banning Valkyrie and Inferno Dragon respectively. Soking uses Pekka Bridge Spam against ThatOneGuy’s Hog Cycle deck. The game is really even with minimal damage done to any tower until Soking manages to get a solid Bandit connection on the tower and finish it off with a small counter push.

ThatOneGuy falls back on X-Bow for Game 2, but matches up poorly versus Soking’s Giant Miner deck. As we delve deeper into overtime, ThatOneGuy finally manages to lock on to a tower but Soking is able to minimize the damage and spell cycle a tower kill before the X-Bow can.

TQ 2-0 MSF

Match 3 - Set 1: G2 Esports (G2) vs SK Gaming (SK)

The two brothers from Spain, Shir and Fei, kick things off for G2 and SK sends out Flobby and Morten. With Valkyrie and Rocket banned, we see Golem decks used by both teams. An intense and close game ensues but G2 secures the win in the nick of time with a pocket Flying Machine. In the second game, G2’s strategy relies on Lavaloon pushes and SK tries to counter with double Miner/Executioner/Tornado decks. However, G2 is still able to win and leads the match 1-0.

Match 3 - Set 2: G2 Esports (G2) vs SK Gaming (SK)

KaNaRiOoo from G2 bans Inferno Dragon and uses a Pekka/Miner/Poison deck. Matt_01 bans Battle Ram and opens with a Giant/Miner deck. KaNaRiOoo is able to decimate each Giant push and chip himself a win. Both players use a Royal Hog/Three Musketeers strategy in Game 2, but KaNaRiOoo’s variation has the Elixir Collector allowing him to generate more elixir and act as additional spell bait thus giving him the advantage and the win.

G2 2-0 SK

Match 4 - Set 1: Allegiance (ALG) vs Misfits (MSF)

Doberman and Donkey Kong represent the French team and Misfits keep their previous team Regue and #Peppe. With Poison and Fireball being banned, we see the Giant Skeleton make an appearance for both teams to help defend accompanied with double Royal Hog win conditions for Allegiance and Graveyard/Freeze for Misfits. A well-placed Magic Archer allows Misfits to destroy the first tower, Allegiance retorts with a double Royal Hog push but Misfits makes a crazy defense with an impressive Tornado. Both teams execute Graveyard/Freeze strategies but Misfits come out ahead and win the set.

Match 4 - Set 2: Allegiance (ALG) vs Misfits (MSF)

Valkyrie and Cannon Cart are banned by Loupanji and ThatOneGuy respectively, and we see two Royal Hog decks duke it out except Loupanji has Three Musketeers to accompany his hogs. ThatOneGuy predicted Royal Hogs, which is no surprise considering the Valkyrie ban, and attempts to counter with Bomb Tower. The Bomb Tower is no match for the damage output of Royal Hogs and Bats and Loupanji takes a convincing win.

Loupanji uses the same strategy in Game 2 and ThatOneGuy attempts a different counter. Royal Hogs have difficulty breaking the Mortar and Tombstone defense but ThatOneGuy has no opportunity to get aggressive and eventually the split push potential is too much and Loupanji takes the set 2-0.

Match 4 - Set 3: Allegiance (ALG) vs Misfits (MSF)

Coming in hot off his win the second set, Loupanji starts for Allegiance and manages to defeat JoseLC to take the lead. Regue avenges JoseLC in a Pekka Bridge Spam mirror match and then takes down Doberman’s Hog Rider deck with Pekka/Miner/Poison, leaving Misfits in the lead 2-1. Donkey Kong is the last player for Allegiance and comes out swinging, taking down Regue and ThatOneGuy in an incredibly close set.


Match 5 - Set 1: Fnatic (FNC) vs Team Queso (TQ)

In this set, Asuchini and Lemon Team take on the Queso boys Soking and Saint Belikin. With Valkyrie and Tornado banned, we see Fnatic’s Lavaloon defended by Team Queso who navigates their Golem/Balloon deck to victory. Fnatic sticks to their guns in Game 2 and Team Queso challenges them as we see both teams operating Lavaloon variants. Team Queso beats Fnatic at their own game and wins the first set 2-0.

Match 5 - Set 2: Fnatic (FNC) vs Team Queso (TQ)

In the 1v1 match, Dion (FNC) strives to keep Fnatic alive but will have his work cut out for him against the likes of Cuchii Cuu. Fireball and Valkyrie are banned once again and we see an interesting deck choice from Dion who brandishes a Graveyard/Poison deck with Cannon Cart and Furnace. Cuchii Cuu gets extremely valuable Poisons and wins off a counter-push after defending a Graveyard/Poison push from Dion.

With what may potentially be the last game of the match, Dion resorts to a Mega Knight/Royal Hog deck and Cuchii Cuu switches to Graveyard Cycle. Cuchii Cuu decimates Dion’s first tower before double elixir and deals serious damage to the King Tower. Dion responds with a tower kill of his own but Cuchii Cuu cleans up Dion’s remaining Princess Tower to win the set and match.

FNC 0-2 TQ

Match 6 - Set 1: Allegiance (ALG) vs SK Gaming (SK)

Donkey Kong and Doberman look to redeem themselves after their loss in the 2v2 match versus Misfits and Flobby accompanied by Morten are the team of choice for SK. Classic Fireball and Poison bans leaves the teams requiring alternate spells to complete their decks. SK takes an early lead with a Graveyard/Freeze push with a Lava Hound to tank. Allegiance responds with their own tower kill but struggles defending the counter push. The Frenchmen perfectly defend the next Lavahound/Graveyard/Freeze push and as they are about to take down SK’s tower, they lose their own from a Lightning + Rocket combo.

In Game 2, Allegiance sticks with double Royal Hogs and SK brings out the big guns, double Golem. Allegiance applies constant pressure trying to get a tower into spell cycle range but SK defends beautifully and wins the set off a strong Golem push.

Match 6 - Set 2: Allegiance (ALG) vs SK Gaming (SK)

An epic matchup unfolds replicating CCGS Europe as Loupanji from Allegiance battles Loay from SK Gaming. Loupanji bans Cannon Cart and Loay bans Fireball. Loay’s ban may have tipped off Loupanji as he beats Loay’s Royal Hog deck with Splashyard.

Game two Loupanji decides on Three Musketeers/Royal Hogs in the game that could win Allegiance the set. Loay puts his trust in the almighty Golem and a crazy scrappy game ensues. Loay squeezes out a victory with a pocket Golem and defending his King Tower to prevent the three crown. In Game 3, Loay pushes through Loupanji’s defense and punishes the Pekka Bridge Spam deck with his Three Musketeer and Royal Hogs.

ALG 0-2 SK