Interview with Yousif of Team Secret



Mon 27th Jan 2020 - 8:29pm

Since winning the award for Best Multiplayer at the Game Awards, the Apex Legends developers have enjoyed a nice holiday break. Coming back from the holidays is never easy, and one can only imagine how much work they have to cover. We spoke to Ahmed "Yousif" Al-Dabboos of Team Secret to get his insight on what he thinks Respawn Entertainment should focus on post-break.

Do you mind telling us how you became a member of Team Secret?

Yousif: It took lots of networking. I also had to demonstrate my skill before I had the opportunity to play for Team Secret.

Which character do you main, and what about that character has made you attached to it?

Yousif: I play all characters necessary. It depends on who my team exactly needs me to play as.

Respawn has just come back from the holiday vacation and undoubtedly has a million emails and topics to address what are hoping to see from them in the coming days since vacation ended?

Yousif: I'm hoping for tons of new content and lots of bug fixes!

Skill-Based Matchmaking has been a hot topic lately in just about every big multiplayer game. Does this system belong in the Battle Royale setting?

Yousif: I believe it does yes. However, it needs a lot of tweaking and balancing. I wouldn't want new players to get stomped by a pro player or a competitive player that has played the game for a long time.

Do you think there should be a punishment system in place for players who leave a game before it ends and how severe do you think it should be?

Yousif: In pubs? Nah, it's just for fun. People like to hot drop. In ranked, however, there is already a punishment if people back out and it works fine.

On Reddit there’s a popular clip of Octane and Pathfinder running in a race. Octane using his Tactical and Ultimate finishes way slower than Pathfinder using only his Tactical. This revelation has caused the community to ask for nerfs and buffs galore. Do you think the outrage is justified?

Yousif: I, unfortunately, haven't seen the clip. Therefore, I can't justify it.

At the end of January, the Apex Legends Global Series starts. What are your thoughts on this massive event from this game and does this create a promising future for Apex in the competitive scene?

Yousif: It's for sure a step in the right direction. I just hope they have a great system in place to counter cheaters that would try to cheat their way to LAN tournaments.

There’s less than 30 days until Season 3 comes to an end. Do you ever think these seasons last too long and, if so, how do you think Respawn Entertainment could remedy that?

Yousif: Their seasons last three months, which is a long time. However, I don't mind it since they tend to add content in between like the winter express, etc.

Anything you’d like to conclude this interview with?

Yousif: Thank you for having me!

We'd like to wish Yousif and his team the best of luck in their journey to dominate the pro scene!